Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: Chapter 355 - Regicide

Chapter 355 Regicide

I’ve really advanced to the Epic stage? With a thought, the saber flew to Feng Qiuyan . He reached out to grab the hilt, and once he held the saber in his hand, he was certain that he had advanced to the Epic stage .

Zhou Wen immediately felt envious . It would be great if his Life Soul was so obedient .

“Congratulations on advancing to the Epic stage . ” Zhou Wen was genuinely happy for Feng Qiuyan . He believed that now that Feng Qiuyan had advanced to the Epic stage, there was probably no reason for him to disturb him while he was gaming again, right?

As Feng Qiuyan held the Life Soul Saber, his eyes gradually became resolute . He looked up at Zhou Wen and said, “Thanks to you, Coach, I was able to advance to the Epic stage at 17 years old . It’s almost three years ahead of my plan . Please continue guiding me in the future . ”

“I didn’t guide you at all . It’s all because of your talent . It has nothing to do with me . There’s nothing I can teach you in the future,” Zhou Wen hurriedly said with a shake of his head .

Feng Qiuyan didn’t argue with Zhou Wen . Instead, he held his Life Soul Saber and said, “Coach, I’ve just advanced to the Epic stage . I’m still unfamiliar with the power of my Life Soul . Can you spar with me?”

Zhou Wen originally wanted to refuse, but on second thought, he agreed and went to the training grounds with Feng Qiuyan .

Although he wasn’t interested in fighting Feng Qiuyan, Zhou Wen was thinking about the other four Primordial Energy Arts he had . If he could use the typical methods used to advance to the Epic stage, he needed to comprehend the true meaning behind the Primordial Energy Art . It would be a win-win situation to spar with Feng Qiuyan .

When they arrived at the training grounds, Zhou Wen thought for a moment and switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Godfiend Era . Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques were fast, and he had advanced to the Epic stage . Although his stats hadn’t increased, his saber speed would definitely become even faster with the augmentation of his Life Soul . Zhou Wen’s other three Primordial Energy Arts didn’t significantly increase his Speed . Now, Zhou Wen’s highest stat was Speed . With the Godfiend Era Life Providence that increased his Speed and gave him levitation abilities, he believed he could probably battle Feng Qiuyan .

Feng Qiuyan’s Life Soul belonged to a combat type, so it could be used as a weapon . Feng Qiuyan held his Life Soul Saber and slashed forward .

This strike was completely different from the last time Feng Qiuyan sparred with Zhou Wen . Back then, Feng Qiuyan needed to slowly increase the saber’s speed with every strike, but this strike was so fast that it was almost indiscernible . It was as though it had vanished from his sights .

If he hadn’t advanced to the Epic stage and raised his Speed stat, he probably could only have a chance at dodging the strike with Ghost Steps . However, things were different now . Zhou Wen’s Speed stat had increased to 36 points . Feng Qiuyan had just advanced to the Epic stage and was likely only at 21 points of Speed . The difference was still huge .

Without using Ghost Steps, Zhou Wen took a step forward and his speed soared to an extreme . He followed up with Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, dodging Feng Qiuyan’s attack in an unfazed manner .

“Coach, you have to be careful . My soul is known as the Regicide, and what I’m sensing is that it’s unmatchable . ” Feng Qiuyan didn’t guard against Zhou Wen at all as he shared his Life Soul’s name and ability .

The Life Providence and Life Soul were the greatest dependence a person had, so most people wouldn’t easily let others know about their Life Providence’s and Life Soul’s ability .

Regicide? Why does it sound a little inauspicious? My Life Providence has the word ‘King . ’ Doesn’t regicide mean killing a king? Zhou Wen made connections .

Feng Qiuyan had mastered his saber techniques, and he had showcased the standards with his first strike . It exceeded the speed his body could control—the standard back when he delivered more than a hundred strikes .

If he continued slashing, his strikes would become faster . Having already exceeded his physical limits, Feng Qiuyan shouldn’t have been able to control such speeds . However, he was using the Life Soul Saber . It was almost one with him, greatly enhancing his control . This allowed each strike to exceed his limits, thus becoming stronger and faster without losing control .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen’s Speed stat was much higher than Feng Qiuyan’s . With the Godfiend Era as his foundation, it wasn’t difficult for him to dodge Feng Qiuyan’s swift saber .

However, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but praise Feng Qiuyan . If Feng Qiuyan didn’t die because of a mishap, he would definitely be a great saber expert in the future .

His Life Providence as Swift Saber Heavenly King allowed him to have a talent of having no upper limit when it came to saber speed . Now that he had the Regicide Life Soul, it gave him a saber that was most suitable for him . In addition, with his innate concentration and perceptivity towards sabers, no one could stop him from advancing as long as he didn’t die . Perhaps he might one day really advance to the Mythical stage .

Feng Qiuyan’s saber was getting faster and faster, and becoming more and more dangerous . His saber techniques were no longer like the past, deliberately seeking out perfection . One could see many flaws in his saber techniques, but all of them were concealed under his swift saber’s speed . Even though Zhou Wen could see through the flaws, Feng Qiuyan was too fast . Seeing it but not being able to act on it was equivalent to not having any flaws .

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In the past, Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques had some commonplace triteness, and he had deliberately pursued the limits . Although he wasn’t as perfect now, he had some of the traits of it being all so natural . The triteness was gone, and there was some finesse . At first, Zhou Wen didn’t feel any pressure . After all, his Speed was much higher . However, slowly, Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques made him feel pressured . It was a saber technique that exceeded the limits . It had infinite possibilities, but it also required Zhou Wen to give him an opportunity to showcase it . Otherwise, Feng Qiuyan wouldn’t have any infinite possibilities if he was defeated in the first strike .

Under the swift saber that could kill in the blink of an eye, Zhou Wen was as graceful as an immortal, dodging the saber strikes repeatedly with his feet not touching the ground . While fighting Feng Qiuyan, he also sensed the characteristics of the Godfiend Era and Godfiend Life Providence .

The Godfiend Era Primordial Energy Art was unpredictable . The Godfiend Life Providence gave Zhou Wen the ability to control space . With the Godfiend Life Providence, Zhou Wen could treat the sky as flat ground . To him, there was no such thing as direction . Wherever he stood, the infinite worlds were beneath his feet as the ground .

With such an ability, Zhou Wen had a lot more choices than the average person when using movement techniques . Zhou Wen could easily do something that many others could not .

In the past, Zhou Wen had only used the Godfiend Life Providence to provide him with the ability to control space, and he didn’t think too much about it . However, after carefully sensing the Godfiend Life Providence, he realized that what he could do was far more than he imagined .

Just like the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . With the Godfiend Life Providence, there were many moves that required him to leverage himself on some other object to continue . However, he could exclude all of that because he didn’t need any leverage to directly fly through the air, saving him a lot of time and Primordial Energy .

He did not need to take a breath in places that usually required it .

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It was just like how humans swam under the water . They would need to surface to take another breath after some time . However, if humans could breathe underwater, why would they need to waste time to surface and get another mouthful of breath?

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