Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Chapter 357 - Lost Country

Chapter 357 Lost Country

It’s not speed… It’s not space control… It’s the trajectory of space… Zhou Wen seemed to realize something as a force burst out from his body . The force contained the power of the Godfiend Life Providence, as well as Zhou Wen’s essence, vitality, and spirit . The strange power warped space and burned like a transparent flame .

The transparent flames eventually condensed into Zhou Wen’s left middle finger, forming a strange ring on his finger .

The ring looked very strange . It appeared to be forged from black iron and had no luster at all . It didn’t look gorgeous, not even exquisite .

A simple metal ring had a ghostly face appear on it . However, the ghostly face was very strange . Half of its face looked extremely ugly, like a devil’s, while the other half looked beautiful .

While Zhou Wen looked at the strange ring on his left finger, information seemed to enter his mind . He immediately knew the name and use of the ring .

Lost Country? Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled . Why was the Life Soul condensed by the Godfiend Era a ring? Furthermore, its name was Lost Country . It had absolutely nothing to do with the Godfiend Era Primordial Energy Art, nor the Godfiend Life Providence .

Feng Qiuyan’s saber did not give him time to think carefully . The swift saber had already slashed in front of him .

Zhou Wen was momentarily distracted looking at the Life Soul ring, Lost Country, that he had condensed . By the time he snapped to his senses, the saber was already in front of him .

Seeing that Zhou Wen had not dodged, Feng Qiuyan was also taken aback . He wanted to retract his saber, but he had struck out too quickly . It was almost reaching Zhou Wen’s clothes, and there was no space for him to retract the saber at such a short distance .

Wei Ge, who was standing by the door, was alarmed as well, believing that Zhou Wen was about to bleed .

However, in the next second, they saw Zhou Wen vanish into thin air in front of Feng Qiuyan . When the latter slashed down, he touched nothing .

Feng Qiuyan couldn’t help but be taken aback . Zhou Wen had really vanished . It wasn’t just a false impression due to excessive speed . No matter how fast one was, one would still leave trajectory, but he didn’t see Zhou Wen’s trajectory . He had no idea where Zhou Wen had gone .

Feng Qiuyan stopped and looked around, only to see Zhou Wen standing less than a meter behind him . He had no idea how or when Zhou Wen had arrived there .

“Coach, you also condensed a Life Soul to advance to the Epic stage?” Feng Qiuyan asked in delight . From his point of view, it was only natural for Zhou Wen to advance to the Epic stage by condensing a Life Soul . However, he had forgotten that Zhou Wen was actually around his age . It was indeed rather astonishing to be able to condense a Life Soul at this age .

Outside the training room, Wei Ge had already closed the door . He stood with his back against the wall and his eyes closed . His breathing was heavy like a beast’s panting .

17 years old… They should only be 17 years old… They actually condensed a Life Soul… The scenes of Zhou Wen condensing a Life Soul kept repeating in Wei Ge’s mind . He couldn’t wipe them from his mind .

Wei Ge suddenly felt that all the efforts he had spent in the past were for naught . He questioned the meaning of his hard work .

If he could condense a Life Soul when he was seventeen, no—even if he could do it now, there was no need for him to do so many things . A student like him who could condense a Life Soul to advance to the Epic stage during his university days would be a hot commodity . The school would even take the initiative to request that he remain in school .

If they can do it, I can do it as well . Wei Ge clenched his fists as he opened his eyes, his eyes shined .

He suddenly came to a realization . Over the past two years, he had spent too much effort on managing his social connections, but he had forgotten how he had managed to get admitted to Sunset College or what he had relied on to become the president of the student council .

Genius… I’m also a genius… Wei Ge recalled the time when he had just enrolled in Sunset College by being first in his city . In just a year, he had relied on his passion and drive to defeat many competitors before becoming the president of the student council .

However, after he became the president of the student council and came into contact with things that he had not been able to interact with before, he learned a lot of new things .

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Power and wealth had a strong influence on the world, making him feel lost for a period of time . He yearned to get close to power and wealth, and gradually forgot his roots .

But today, after seeing Zhou Wen condense his Life Soul to advance to the Epic stage as well as Feng Qiuyan having similarly advanced to the Epic stage, he suddenly woke up .

Without a foundation, no matter how hard I work, I can’t enter the center seat of power and wealth . I don’t have a background like Li Xuan and An Jing . All I can rely on is myself . But what have I done in the past two years? I’ve actually wasted my most precious things in exchange for a tiny bit of pity from those people high above… Wei Ge’s fists clenched tighter and his gaze became sharper .

After some time, Wei Ge’s eyes gradually calmed down . He turned around and took a deep look at Zhou Wen and Feng Qiuyan, who were once again sparring in the training room . Then, he calmly turned and left . Wei Ge was still as relaxed and confident as before, but he seemed to be somewhat different from before . There seemed to be something additional in his eyes .

Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan, the next time I push open the door and stand in front of you, that person will definitely not be the present me . Wei Ge walked to the entrance of the training grounds and happened to see the vice-chancellor enter . He greeted him politely like usual, but he didn’t stay long . After greeting him, he walked out of the training grounds .

Zhou Wen was in a good mood after condensing the Godfiend Era’s Life Soul . After practicing the entire morning with Feng Qiuyan, he had already figured out the Lost Country’s powers . Furthermore, Lost Country’s introduction in-game was much clearer than Slaughterer .

Lost Country (Primordial Body): The condensation of spatial energy, the ability to change spatial trajectories .

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Simply put, the Lost Country’s ability was achieving true instant transmission . Zhou Wen could use Lost Country to teleport to any spot within a ten-meter radius . However, he could only use Lost Country’s teleportation ability once every twenty-four hours .

However, this wasn’t the main point . Zhou Wen believed that as the Lost Country grew, the distance of teleportation would increase, and the interval between uses would also become shorter .

Zhou Wen, who was already extremely interested in escaping skills, was very satisfied with the Lost Country’s ability . However, this was only a manifestation of Lost Country’s powers . The other powers needed Zhou Wen to develop them himself .

What puzzled Zhou Wen was that behind his Speed stat, the “Trajectory” had gone missing while the remaining three postfixes were still there .

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