Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 358

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Chapter 358: Chapter 358 - Magma River

Chapter 358 Magma River

From the looks of it, it’s because of Lost Country’s appearance that “Trajectory” vanished . Since the Godfiend Era can produce a Life Soul, the other three Primordial Energy Arts should be able to condense a Life Soul as well . Zhou Wen planned on spending some time to condense the remaining three Primordial Energy Arts’ Life Souls .

Lost Country can truly teleport . I wonder what the remaining three Life Souls will be capable of? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and planned on starting with the Ancient Sovereign Sutra .

Why did he decide on starting with the Ancient Sovereign Sutra? That was because Zhou Wen was still unable to figure out the other two Primordial Energy Arts .

It was difficult to understand the profundity of Dao Sutra . Apart from recovering his Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen had yet to discover anything special . It was probably not simple for him to gain insights into its true underlying principles .

The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra was related to the body and six senses—sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and mind . Zhou Wen was momentarily unable to think of a good way to raise it .

Comparatively speaking, the Ancient Sovereign Sutra seemed to be a little more direct . It greatly augmented his strength and it also had fire-elemental attributes . Zhou Wen felt that it wouldn’t be difficult for him to figure out some fire-elemental powers .

He looked at the current game dungeons he had in possession, and there weren’t many dungeons with fire-elemental dimensional creatures . Only the Fire God Platform had them .

However, he had already tried many times with the firebirds . He failed to gain any new insight, so he planned on changing locations .

Dragon Gate Grotto didn’t have any particularly powerful fire-elemental dimensional creatures . Mount Laojun and Ant Nest were places without fire . Similarly, Tiger Cage Pass had none, while Pool City was practically an ocean .

The majority of Zhuolu battlefield creatures were poison-type creatures—there weren’t any fire creatures there either .

There aren’t fire-elemental creatures in the game instance dungeons I have! Zhou Wen had no choice but to try getting a new one . He searched for the dungeon information available to Sunset College on the Intranet, hoping to find a dimensional zone with fire-elemental creatures .

If he really couldn’t find it, Zhou Wen planned on experimenting with the chick . After all, it was fire-elemental too, so it would likely be of some use . Teasing it and letting it spew out fire probably wouldn’t be difficult .

However, the chick’s flames were a little terrifying . He had no plans on touching it unless he had no choice .

It wasn’t difficult to find a fire-elemental dungeon, so Zhou Wen soon found one . Furthermore, it didn’t need any special entry passes . Zhou Wen immediately got up and planned to visit it . He would first seek out the tiny palm symbol and download the new dungeon .

The place Zhou Wen was going to was called Magma River and it was underground . However, it was different from dungeons like Pool City . There was no city there, only an underground magma river . There were several fire-elemental dimensional creatures nearby .

As the Magma River’s value wasn’t high, most fire-elemental dimensional creatures possessed the ability to survive in magma . Hunting them was relatively difficult and nothing much was to be gained . Apart from students and tutors who needed fire-elemental Primordial Energy Skills, the typical person seldom went there . Naturally, no one monitored the area .

Zhou Wen encountered several students on the way, but they were all heading to other dungeons . When he got near the Magma River, he didn’t see anyone .

From afar, he felt heat waves hit him . Thankfully, Zhou Wen’s physique was already extremely strong . If it were any other ordinary person, they would be covered in sweat . If they stayed here for an extended period without any water, they would easily get dehydrated .

Red magma slowly flowed out from an underground cave . The scarlet glow formed a stark contrast with the nearby black rocks . They illuminated the underground cavern, so it wasn’t dark at all .

Before Zhou Wen could approach the Magma River, he saw a person squatting by it . The clothes were probably the school’s uniform .

“Gu Dian, what are you doing here?” Zhou Wen walked closer and took a look . Although he could only see his back, he recognized the person .

It was inevitable as Gu Dian’s figure was huge and stocky . It was difficult not to recognize him .

“Fishing . ” Gu Dian turned his head to glance at Zhou Wen and only said one word . Then, he turned his head and continued staring at the magma river .

“Fishing? Here? What fish are you trying to catch?” Zhou Wen walked to Gu Dian’s side and looked down . Gu Dian held a rope that was as thick as a thumb . It was snow-white and crystalline, looking like it was woven from silk . The rope drooped to the magma below but it wasn’t burned by the magma . It likely wasn’t ordinary silk .

This place was about three to four meters from the magma, but the heat was intense . Yet, Gu Dian didn’t break a sweat as he stared expressionlessly at the magma river .

“Goldfish . ” Gu Dian spat out one word again as though his words were very valuable . It was as though he was afraid of losing out if he said too much .

“There are goldfish in such a place?” Zhou Wen didn’t believe that there were any goldfish here . He had only heard sightings of Fire-Armored Crocodiles and Magma Worms here .

If a crocodile was considered a fish, it could be said that there were fish here . However, the Fire-Armored Crocodile was black and had fiery patterns that resembled magma . It wasn’t golden .

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“Yes,” Gu Dian replied with certainty .

“Then take your time . I’ll head elsewhere to see if there are Fire-Armored Crocodiles . ” Zhou Wen was about to follow the magma river to see if there were any tiny palm symbols nearby when he suddenly saw the rope in Gu Dian’s hand shake violently .

Gu Dian’s hands gripped the rope tightly as his legs stood rooted to the rock . The rope was taut and extended straight into the other end of the magma, but it kept moving as though something was pulling at it from inside the magma .

Zhou Wen was attracted by Gu Dian’s situation and couldn’t help but stop walking to observe .


The rock beneath Gu Dian’s feet shattered as his legs sank deep into the rock . His entire calf sank in .

What immense strength . This fellow should be at the peak of the Legendary stage, right? Zhou Wen had always been curious about Gu Dian’s strength .

He had once defeated Gu Dian, but later, he realized that Gu Dian’s strength wasn’t only limited to the level back when he defeated him . However, as the two hadn’t had another chance to fight, Zhou Wen didn’t know Gu Dian’s true strength either . From the looks of it, it definitely isn’t just the tiny bit that he had shown back then . Gu Dian had probably held back . At the very least, his Strength is at around 20 points .

Despite Gu Dian’s strength, he still couldn’t hold onto the rope . This was because the force from the rope was too strong . Gu Dian’s legs were like plowing the ground as he created two ditches . He was on the verge of being pulled down into the magma river .

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Zhou Wen hurriedly moved to Gu Dian’s side and grabbed the rope with both hands, helping Gu Dian pull it up .

Although his Strength wasn’t as high as his Speed, it was at 32 points . With his pull, he instantly stopped the rope from being pulled downwards . However, when Zhou Wen tried pulling the rope up again, he found it abnormally heavy . It was as though he was facing a heavyweight candidate in a game of tug-of-war . He couldn’t budge it .

“Relax when I relax, pull when I pull,” Gu Dian suddenly said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen kept track of Gu Dian’s use of force . When Gu Dian exerted his strength, he exerted all his strength . When Gu Dian relaxed, he also relaxed .

After about half an hour, Zhou Wen felt the strength on the other end of the rope weaken . Gu Dian suddenly roared, “Pull!”

Zhou Wen hurriedly used all his strength and pulled the rope with Gu Dian . The rope was pulled out of the magma, and on the other end was a golden-scaled fish, with a tail resembling chiffon, jumping out of the magma . Its body was still burning with golden flames .

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