Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 359

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Chapter 359: Chapter 359 - Fire-Armored Crocodile

Chapter 359 Fire-Armored Crocodile


After the goldfish leaped out of the magma, it violently flicked its tail and landed back into the magma, nearly dragging Zhou Wen and Gu Dian in .

The two of them used their strength together . But with a snap, the rope, that was made of white silk, broke .

Gu Dian pulled the remaining white-silk rope up . As for the magma river, there was no trace of the goldfish . The magma gradually returned to normal .

“What level is the goldfish? Why is it so strong?” Zhou Wen asked .

They had failed to pull the goldfish up despite their combined strength . It had to be at least a top Epic creature, but if it was really an Epic creature, how could it leave without counterattacking?

“Epic . ” Gu Dian put away the rope and got up to leave .

“Are you just leaving like that? Aren’t you going to continue fishing?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled .

“The rope’s broken . There’s no bait . ” Although Gu Dian was a man of few words, he was thankfully able to express himself clearly .

“What bait is needed to fish for this goldfish?” Zhou Wen planned on trying to catch such a goldfish when he downloaded the dungeon later .

“Ice Silkworm . ” Gu Dian left after saying that .

Zhou Wen had never heard of Ice Silkworm, but it sounded like a dimensional creature .

“Is there any special use for fishing this thing?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“Cat food . ” Gu Dian’s voice drifted over from afar, stunning Zhou Wen .

Catching an Epic creature to feed to cats? Zhou Wen really didn’t understand what was on Gu Dian’s mind .

After Gu Dian left, Zhou Wen followed the magma river, but he didn’t find the tiny palm symbol . Instead, he saw a Fire-Armored Crocodile lying on the bank .

The Fire-Armored Crocodile was nearly four meters long . The magma-like scales were covered with dark red magma patterns . Although it was only a Legendary creature, it could spit out scorching flames . Furthermore, it was very powerful, making it a top Legendary creature .

The Fire-Armored Crocodile discovered Zhou Wen before he could even get close . It opened its mouth and spat out a flame, spraying it several meters away like a flamethrower .

Zhou Wen didn’t dodge a flame at this level . Wearing the armor manifested by the Stone Chi, he circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and threw a punch at the flames .


The flames were immediately blasted apart as magma at its core splattered in every direction . Such flames were unable to injure Zhou Wen at all .

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The Fire-Armored Crocodile spewed out flames once again . Since Zhou Wen didn’t kill it, it kept spewing fire, allowing Zhou Wen to use the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s powers to blast through the flames . This allowed him to sense the profundity in the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s fire-elemental powers .

But soon, Zhou Wen realized that apart from the heat, he couldn’t sense any profundity in the flame . It only had a high temperature .

After this continued for some time, Zhou Wen didn’t feel anything, but the Fire-Armored Crocodile was so exhausted that it couldn’t spit out any flames . It turned around and fled into the magma river, swimming into the distance .

Perhaps the flame isn’t strong enough . Let’s see if I can encounter a Magma Worm . It’s an Epic fire-elemental creature . Its flames should be much stronger than a Fire-Armored Crocodile . Zhou Wen didn’t chase after the Fire-Armored Crocodile . Killing a Legendary creature was now meaningless to him, so he couldn’t be bothered to .

He walked as he looked for the tiny palm symbol, but to no avail . Instead, he encountered a group of Fire-Armored Crocodiles on the banks .

A Fire-Armored Crocodile’s flames aren’t strong enough . Perhaps a dozen of them is enough? With this in mind, Zhou Wen rushed into the group of Fire-Armored Crocodiles .

Li Weiyang wasn’t in a good mood right now . She had planned on inviting a few of her friends from the Weiyang Club for an activity, but to her surprise, one of them had brought her boyfriend .

It wasn’t a big deal bringing a boyfriend, but the person was somewhat annoying . Li Weiyang originally planned on hunting some Mortal-stage Demonized Soldiers, but this person insisted on coming to Magma River .

The members of the Weiyang Club were basically at the Mortal stage . Li Weiyang had recently advanced to the Legendary stage and her stats had not been raised .

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It was meaningless to take them to Magma River . The lowest level dimensional creature here was the Fire-Armored Crocodile . It was a very strong Legendary creature, one that even Li Weiyang found it difficult to fight, much less her friends who had yet to advance to the Legendary stage .

However, the man did his best to suggest that they go to Magma River . Together with his girlfriend helping, Li Weiyang and company didn’t want to embarrass her, so they reluctantly went to Magma River .

Thankfully, the dimensional creatures never strayed too far from the magma river . Although they were no match for the creatures, as long as they didn’t approach the magma river, they wouldn’t be in any danger .

Although they didn’t need to worry about safety, Li Weiyang had originally organized a hunt . Now, all they could do was watch the man fight the Fire-Armored Crocodile . Apart from his girlfriend, Sulli, who was constantly praising her boyfriend, the others felt bored .

Zheng Tianlun killed a Fire-Armored Crocodile and was lucky to have a Strength Crystal drop . He returned to the girls’ side and handed the Strength Crystal to his girlfriend, Sulli . He said, “Sulli, this Strength Crystal is for you . ”

“That’s inappropriate, right? I’m still at the Mortal stage . Isn’t using a Legendary crystal a waste?” Although Sulli said that, she couldn’t hide her delight .

“Take it . Killing Legendary creatures isn’t difficult for me . It’s very easy to obtain Legendary crystals . Today, I’m just here to have fun with you . Anything that drops is yours . ” Zheng Tianlun stuffed the Strength Crystal into Sulli’s hand, but he couldn’t help but feel his heart ache .

Zheng Tianlun had only advanced to the Legendary stage in recent months, so killing a Legendary creature wasn’t as easy as he claimed . The reason he had brought Sulli and company to Magma River instead of somewhere else was that it was relatively safe here . Furthermore, he had a Snow Snake Companion Beast . The Snow Snake Saber it manifested was the nemesis of fire-elemental creatures, so killing a Fire-Armored Crocodile was easier than killing other Legendary creatures . Li Weiyang found it very boring . She wasn’t a beggar who needed others to provide her alms . Besides, this didn’t meet the objective of training . If it wasn’t for the sake of her friends, she would have turned around and left .

Zheng Tianlun led them forward, but for some reason, the Fire-Armored Crocodiles, which were commonly seen on the shore, were almost nowhere in sight today .

There was one in the magma river, but Zheng Tianlun didn’t have the ability to enter the magma river to kill it .

Zheng Tianlun led them for a few miles without finding any Fire-Armored Crocodiles by the bank . He muttered to himself awkwardly . That’s strange . Why are all the Fire-Armored Crocodiles in the river today?

“They probably ran into the river after knowing that you came to kill them,” Sulli said, in consideration of his feelings .

Zheng Tianlun laughed out loud when he heard that . “Then they are really smart . ”

“There seems to be something up ahead,” a girl suddenly pointed ahead .

Li Weiyang could no longer continue to listen to the couple . When she heard that, she looked ahead . Indeed, she saw a figure walking by the magma river . She could vaguely tell that the person was wearing their school uniform .

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