Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: Chapter 360 - Escape

Chapter 360 Escape

“He should be a student from our college . Let’s head over to take a look . ” Li Weiyang felt bored . Upon seeing a schoolmate here, she suggested that they head over .

Everyone agreed . Zheng Tianlun was a little unhappy . He had been the only blade of grass amidst a bed of roses; if the person up ahead was male, wouldn’t there be an additional blade of grass that would share in his glory? However, they were bound to meet if they wanted to continue moving forward; therefore, he didn’t object to it .

Li Weiyang sped up as she led everyone over . Soon, she recognized the person who was walking slowly along the river bank to be Zhou Wen .

Li Weiyang was delighted as she shouted at Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, what are you doing here alone?”

Zhou Wen had long heard their footsteps, but he couldn’t be bothered about them at all . Therefore, he didn’t look back . Only when he heard Li Weiyang’s scream did he stop and turn around . “What else can you do here?”

Li Weiyang came in front of Zhou Wen and said, “I was wondering why I haven’t seen Fire-Armored Crocodiles on the bank . You killed them all, right?”

“No, I haven’t killed any Fire-Armored Crocodiles . ” Zhou Wen shook his head . He really hadn’t killed a single one .

Zheng Tianlun heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that . He smiled and said, “See? What did I say? For some reason, the Fire-Armored Crocodiles have all run into the river and aren’t coming out . ”

“Zhou Wen, let’s go together?” Li Weiyang invited him .

“I still have something on . You guys can go ahead . ” Zhou Wen still needed to find the tiny palm symbol, so it wasn’t convenient for him to go with them .

Li Weiyang was helpless against Zhou Wen . This fellow was completely different from her brother, Li Xuan . She did not know how they had become friends .

“Since Zhou Wen is very busy, let’s not disturb him . ” Zheng Tianlun was overjoyed when he heard that .

Although something had happened to Zhou Wen recently, Zheng Tianlun didn’t believe that he could steal the limelight from him . Since Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to go with them, it was naturally a boon for him .

Li Weiyang had no choice but to leave with Zheng Tianlun and the rest . She turned her head and saw Zhou Wen walking slowly down the riverbank, glancing into the magma river from time to time . It was unknown what he was looking for .

This fellow has been hanging out with Li Xuan for so long, yet he still lacks sense . What a weirdo, Li Weiyang thought to herself . However, it’s good this way . If he was as glib-tongued as Li Xuan, he would be very boring .

As they continued walking, Zheng Tianlun deliberately sped up in order to get further away from Zhou Wen .

Firstly, he didn’t wish for Zhou Wen to steal his limelight . Secondly, he didn’t wish to have anything to do with Zhou Wen . After all, Zhou Wen was Wang Mingyuan’s disciple . This wasn’t anything honorable . It would be bad if people misunderstood him for getting too close to Zhou Wen .

After walking for a short distance, Sulli pointed at the bank ahead and said, “There are Fire-Armored Crocodiles there . ”

Zheng Tianlun was delighted . He thought that it was time for him to perform again, but upon closer inspection, there were more than ten Fire-Armored Crocodiles lying on the shore . He instantly reeled in shock .

His Snow Snake Saber had no problem dealing with a single Fire-Armored Crocodile . But with so many Fire-Armored Crocodiles, he would probably die if he really charged forward .

“There are too many fire armored crocodiles here . I’m afraid I won’t be able to take care of y’all if I fight here . Let’s switch areas,” said Zheng Tianlun .

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Li Weiyang naturally knew that he was no match for the crocodiles, but there was no need to expose him . Just as Zheng Tianlun had said, they circled around the crocodiles .

After they circled around the crocodiles, Li Weiyang realized that Zhou Wen was still behind . She wanted to head back to warn him not to step into the Fire-Armored Crocodile infested area .

However, when she looked back, she saw that Zhou Wen had already walked into the Fire-Armored Crocodiles’ range . The dozen or so crocodiles instantly looked up in Zhou Wen’s direction .

“Ah, Zhou Wen has alarmed those Fire-Armored Crocodiles!” a girl exclaimed .

“Zheng Tianlun, help him,” Li Weiyang said as she summoned her Companion Beast . She wanted to head over and help, but she also called for Zheng Tianlun .

Zheng Tianlun fell into a dilemma . He didn’t think that the three of them could deal with the group of Fire-Armored Crocodiles . He could only pretend that he hadn’t heard her and stood there without moving .

When Li Weiyang charged ten meters forward, she saw the Fire-Armored Crocodiles move, but they didn’t rush at Zhou Wen . Instead, they looked like they had seen a ghost as they scrambled for the magma river .

There were loud splashing sounds as the crocodiles jumped into the magma river and swam desperately towards the other bank of the magma river .

Li Weiyang couldn’t help but stop as she watched in astonishment .

Fire-Armored Crocodiles were famous for their fiery temper . They would even spit a mouthful of flaming magma at dimensional creatures that were stronger than them, much less a human .

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Li Weiyang had never seen such a scene before .

Zheng Tianlun and company were dumbfounded as well . Wherever Zhou Wen went, the Fire-Armored Crocodiles would try their best to escape as though they were horrified .

As the Fire-Armored Crocodiles were densely packed, one of them failed to scramble away in time, allowing Zhou Wen to step on its tail .

The Fire-Armored Crocodile seemed to turn into stone as it lay there motionless, its body still trembling .

Zhou Wen reached out and slapped the Fire-Armored Crocodile’s head a few times, hoping to anger it to spew fire . However, the Fire-Armored Crocodile had a backbone . It remained motionless . It didn’t even open its mouth, much less spew out fire .

From the looks of it, these Fire-Armored Crocodiles were the batch that had fled previously . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel a little depressed . Back when he fought with the group of them, he got them to spit fire to allow him to comprehend the Ancient Sovereign Sutra . However, this time he failed to figure out anything even when they were out of fire .

Later on, the Fire-Armored Crocodiles ran away . He didn’t expect that these would be the same ones he had encountered before .

“Go . ” Zhou Wen released his foot gloomily . The Fire-Armored Crocodile acted as though it had been pardoned and quickly scrambled towards the magma river before jumping straight in .

Li Weiyang and company were dumbfounded . They found it somewhat unbelievable . The ferocious dimensional creatures, the Fire-Armored Crocodiles, were like mice encountering a cat .

After Zhou Wen passed through the area, he arrived near Li Weiyang and company . Without saying a word, he walked past them and continued following the magma river upstream .

“He’s so cool! Does Zhou Wen have a girlfriend?” a girl said with hearts filling her eyes .

“Of course not . I heard he’s a famous gaming nerd,” another girl said .

“What gaming nerd? It should be a gaming god . Didn’t you see that? That Legendary Fire-Armored Crocodile actually didn’t even dare to move in front of him . He’s so godly . ” The girl from before retorted .

What a pity . If he wasn’t Wang Mingyuan’s disciple, he would definitely become a powerful figure known throughout the League, Li Weiyang sighed inwardly .

She knew very well how terrible the matter regarding Wang Mingyuan was . Even the Luoyang’s Wang family, which had plenty of say, was almost in ruins . It would be difficult for them to enter the core power in the League in the future .

As Wang Mingyuan’s student, Zhou Wen was already on the League’s blacklist . If it wasn’t for the An family protecting him, the Special Inspector Bureau would have long taken him back for interrogation .

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