Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 361

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Chapter 361: Chapter 361 - Magma Worm

Chapter 361 Magma Worm

Zhou Wen ignored them as he continued walking along the riverbank .

“Weiyang, why don’t we follow Zhou Wen to take a look at what he’s doing?” a girl suggested .

“That’s not too nice, right?” Li Weiyang was somewhat hesitant .

Since Zhou Wen hadn’t killed the Fire-Armored Crocodile, he clearly wasn’t here for it . Li Weiyang was also somewhat curious about Zhou Wen’s actions, but it seemed a little inappropriate to follow him like this .

“Magma River is huge . It’s not like only one person is allowed to hunt at a time . Zhou Wen didn’t say that he was going to book the entire place . He didn’t chase us away either . It shouldn’t be a problem, right?” the girl from before added .

“That’s right, President . We’ll walk slowly behind him . It won’t affect him,” another girl said .

Apart from Zheng Tianlun, all the girls were interested in following Zhou Wen . Li Weiyang thought for a moment and said, “Alright then . Let’s continue walking . ”

Although Zheng Tianlun was a little unhappy, it wasn’t his place to object with everyone so enthusiastic . All he could do was follow them .

However, this time, they walked slower than Zhou Wen and stayed behind him .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to wait for them to overtake him before slowly finding the tiny palm symbol, but he quickly realized that they moved when he moved, stopping when he stopped, so he decided to ignore them and slowly walked along the magma river .

He hadn’t found the tiny palm symbol and the Fire-Armored Crocodiles nearby were afraid of him . The sight of him made them escape into the magma river, boring him greatly .

After walking for a while, he suddenly saw a two-to-three meter tall magma fountain .

Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the magma fountain . He had carefully studied the information regarding Magma River before coming here . Such a phenomenon usually indicated the breathing of a Magma Worm beneath the magma surface .

Magma Worms were Epic creatures that lived in magma, but they didn’t have the ability to breathe in magma . Every once in a while, they would float up to take a breath like a whale .

Li Weiyang and company also saw the fountain from behind and guessed that there were Magma Worms there . However, they soon saw Zhou Wen walking towards it .

“Zhou Wen, be careful . There are Magma Worms there,” a girl warned Zhou Wen .

“I know,” Zhou Wen answered . He had already walked to the bank and was looking at the magma fountain in the center of the river .

“Don’t tell me Zhou Wen is here to hunt Magma Worms?” The girl guessed .

“No way . Magma Worms are Epic creatures . Although Zhou Wen is very strong, there’s a huge difference between the Legendary stage and the Epic stage . Furthermore, Magma Worms are in the magma river, holding a terrain advantage; how can they be killed?” another girl said .

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“I think he’s just taking a gander . Let’s not talk about students, even tutors will not easily provoke Magma Worms . ” Zheng Tianlun was telling the truth . In a place like Magma River, the chances of winning were slim . If one accidentally fell into the magma river, they would definitely die . Without being fully prepared, even Epic experts wouldn’t risk coming here to kill Magma Worms .

As they conversed, they saw Zhou Wen summon a huge sword, one that looked hideous and terrifying . They had no idea which Companion Beast’s manifestation it was .

“Look, Zhou Wen is about to attack . He’s indeed here to kill Magma Worms,” a girl said in excitement .

As she spoke, Zhou Wen had already slashed at the fountain with his sword . A sword beam grew out from the sword as it spun like a rotary blade of light that slashed at the fountain .


A crack immediately appeared on the magma fountain . In the next second, the magma churned and a section of the magma river that was tens of meters long began to churn . In the middle of the magma river, something suddenly rose up and magma flowed to both sides . A giant creature lifted its body from the magma river .

The monster was covered in magma . The body that extended out from the magma river was more than ten meters long . It looked like a gigantic magma snake .

“This Magma Worm is huge . Just what it shows is more than ten meters long . I wonder how long the rest of its body is . Its strength must be terrifying . Will Zhou Wen be ok?” a girl said worriedly .

Li Weiyang was equally worried . The bigger the Magma Worm, the stronger it was . A typical Magma Worm could reach ten meters, and their strength would be considered pretty good at the Epic stage . Yet, the body exposed by the Magma Worm was already more than ten meters long . Its strength was definitely unimaginable .

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The growth of the Magma Worms was different from ordinary dimensional creatures . They were especially weak at birth and were real worms that were just the length of a finger .

After the Magma Worms were born, they would absorb micro materials in the magma, allowing these materials to attach to them . This way, their bodies would gradually grow bigger . These micro materials could not only become its armor, but it could also provide the worm with powerful fire-elemental energy .

Thus, the larger the size of the Magma Worm, the more terrifying their strength would be . The fire-elemental energy that they could release would also be stronger .

This Magma Worm was probably about 30 meters in size . It was definitely an overlord existence among the Magma Worms . The fire-elemental power it could unleash was something even Epic experts wouldn’t dare underestimate .


The gigantic Magma Worm spat out a mouthful of golden-red flames at Zhou Wen that resembled boiling magma .

The girls’ hearts were in their throats, but Zheng Tianlun thought to himself, You stole my limelight . Serves you right to be burned to death by the Magma Worm .

Zheng Tianlun didn’t like Zhou Wen, but the feud between them hadn’t just happened today . Back at the comprehensive test, Zheng Tianlun had prepared to cheat, but he ended up not being able to use it and ended up benefiting Zhou Wen . Although it wasn’t Zhou Wen who had forced him, he did not have a good impression of him . Now that he saw Zhou Wen provoke such a sick Magma Worm, he hoped that Zhou Wen would be killed by it .

Just as the terrifying flames were about to land on Zhou Wen, Zhou Wen raised the sword above his head . He circulated the Ancient Sovereign Sutra and injected Primordial Energy into the sword as he slashed out at the flames that filled the sky .

A sword beam tore out of his sword, striking the terrifying flames .

It can’t be . Does Zhou Wen want to forcibly withstand the flames of the Magma Worm? Li Weiyang was alarmed . After all, it was an Epic creature . She originally imagined that Zhou Wen would think of a way to dodge, but she never expected him to face the attack head-on .

She didn’t know that Zhou Wen had advanced to the Epic stage and felt that it was too rash for him to confront the Epic Magma Worm as a Legendary .

The other girls were also alarmed by what they saw, but the sword beam had already struck the flame .

In the next second, they saw a dazzling scene . The rotary-like sword beam sliced the sea of flames into two . It did not stop as it slashed at the body of the Magma Worm .

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