Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 363

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Chapter 363: Chapter 363 - Goldfish Let Me Game in Peace

Chapter 363 Goldfish Let Me Game in Peace

Zhou Wen chased after the goldfish as he slashed, but the goldfish was very agile . It scurried in the magma repeatedly . Zhou Wen lost sight of it several times, but it jumped out of the magma itself, as though it was provoking him .

Zhou Wen found it odd . The goldfish was undoubtedly a top-notch Epic creature, but it never counterattacked . It only swam through the magma without spewing flames like the Magma Worm or Fire-Armored Crocodiles .

Zhou Wen didn’t believe the notion that it couldn’t breathe fire . This was because the fellow’s body was burning with terrifying golden flames . Molten rock that touched its body would directly melt . How could it not possess fire attacks?

Back when Gu Dian was fishing for it, the goldfish hadn’t counterattacked . That had already puzzled Zhou Wen, so he was even more puzzled now .

Could it be that this is a dimensional creature that can’t attack? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss when he thought about it . This fellow wasn’t a vegetarian, having swallowed the Magma Worm as food . It also ate something known as Ice Silkworm .

When he thought of Ice Silkworm, Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up . Could it be that the goldfish lost its ability to spew fire because it ate Gu Dian’s Ice Silkworm?

The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more he was convinced of his conjecture . Although Gu Dian was powerful, he had yet to advance to the Epic stage . He would definitely have made some special preparations to fish an Epic goldfish . Perhaps the Ice Silkworm was its nemesis, making the goldfish temporarily lose the ability to control fire .

From the looks of it, this goldfish is very likely the one Gu Dian caught . Zhou Wen once again lost sight of the goldfish, but shortly after, the fish jumped out of the nearby magma provocatively . When it jumped into the magma, it deliberately shook its chiffon-like tail and sent magma splattering in all directions .

I originally wanted to use you to gain insights into the profundity of fire-elemental powers . Since you are courting death, don’t blame me . With a thought, Zhou Wen switched his Primordial Energy Art to Godfiend Era . A Godfiend Life Providence appeared and he summoned the Lost Country Life Soul . A strange ring appeared on Zhou Wen’s finger .

Zhou Wen stared at the magma surface and, indeed, it didn’t take long before the goldfish jumped out again .

A strange glint flashed in the eyes of the half-ghostly, half-beauty Lost Country ring as Zhou Wen’s figure suddenly vanished . Almost immediately, he appeared beside the goldfish . The sword beam from Overlord Sword penetrated the goldfish’s body at almost the same time .

Looking at the goldfish stuck to the Overlord Sword like a grilled fish and completely dead with no chance of being mischievous, Zhou Wen dragged it to the bank .

After ordinary dimensional creatures were killed, their corpses decayed faster than ordinary creatures . Zhou Wen didn’t want corpses either . However, after hearing that Gu Dian wanted to feed it to the cats, he decided to summon the Mutated Stone Chi and transport the goldfish’s corpse back .

On his way back, he didn’t see Li Weiyang and company . He presumed that they had left .

After leaving the dimensional zone, Zhou Wen contacted Gu Dian and asked if he wanted the goldfish’s corpse .

“Yes . ” Gu Dian was always so succinct .

Before sending the goldfish’s corpse to him, Zhou Wen split open the fish’s belly and found a Companion Egg inside . This left Zhou Wen extremely surprised .

However, other than being fast and able to travel through magma, this goldfish didn’t seem to have any special abilities .

After transporting the corpse to Gu Dian, Zhou Wen asked him for more details .

Indeed, Gu Dian told him that the Goldfish was unable to use its fire powers for a limited period after it devoured an Ice Silkworm .

Gu Dian hadn’t lied to him . He really fed the goldfish’s corpse to the cats . Furthermore, it was the same litter that Zhou Wen had seen previously . However, the kittens had grown quite large over the past few months and they were almost the size of an adult cat . The adult cat ate with the kittens the pieces of fish that Gu Dian sliced off for them . They looked rather blissful .

Gu Dian now seemed to have transformed into a three-star chef . He was meticulous while having extraordinary patience . Even his ferocious appearance did not seem that frightening . Instead, he looked gentler .

Zhou Wen turned around and prepared to leave when Gu Dian suddenly said, “I owe you one for the goldfish . Call me if you need anything from me . ”

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen nodded and left the abandoned old campus .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen couldn’t wait to incubate the goldfish Companion Egg . The fellow needed plenty of Primordial Energy . Zhou Wen originally imagined that it wouldn’t be difficult incubating it, so he only used his body’s Primordial Energy to supply it to the Companion Egg . However, it only took an instant for nearly 30 Primordial Energy points to be drained from him . It gave him a fright . He hurriedly summoned the Slaughterer Life Soul that gave him unlimited Primordial Energy to stabilize the situation .

The Companion Egg transformed into a golden stream of light that landed on Zhou Wen’s arm, forming a goldfish tattoo that seemed to be swaying its tail .

Zhou Wen summoned it out and it looked like the goldfish from before . Its body burned with golden flames, but the moment it landed, it immediately melted the ground, so Zhou Wen hurriedly summoned it back .

This goldfish doesn’t know how to fly . It can only survive in magma . It probably won’t be easy to use it in combat, Zhou Wen thought to himself as he looked at the stats of the goldfish in-game . He was immediately overjoyed .

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Fortune Goldfish: Epic

Life Providence: Luck (Luck +6)

Life Soul: Soul of Magma

Strength: 34

Speed: 39

Constitution: 28

Primordial Energy: 40

Talent Skill: Magma Bubbles

Companion Form: None

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After seeing the stats of the Fortune Goldfish, Zhou Wen only wanted to laugh out loud . This day has finally come! So you want me to fail with the baby tiger? Ha! Now I have an even better Fortune Goldfish! It’s better than the baby tiger . The baby tiger only adds 5 to Luck, while this is 6! It’s better than Wang Lu’s!

Zhou Wen felt great . He had been a little depressed having not obtained the baby tiger after all his grinding . Now, he was in an extremely good mood .

He had originally planned on gaining insights from the goldfish’s flames, but now he put it aside . He logged into the game before heading to the bat cave . He wanted to give it a try and see how much better the drop rate would be after obtaining Luck +6 .

After summoning the Fortune Goldfish, it instantly appeared with its golden flames and plopped to the ground . In a short time, the ground was melted into a pool of magma that was about a meter in diameter . The goldfish swam inside and the Soul of Magma on it would melt the rocks into magma, in whichever direction it swam . However, no matter how fast it was, there was still a process . Thus, Fortune Goldfish’s speed was extremely slow .

Unless there was a place like Magma River, this fellow could only engage in trench warfare with no way to pursue an enemy .

It’s time to show my true skills . Companion Eggs, Primordial Energy Skill Crystals, Poison Crystals, and high-level stat crystals . All of them are to come to me . Zhou Wen summoned his sword and stormed towards the horde of poison bats .

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