Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: Chapter 364 - Luck

Chapter 364 Luck

ttering the ground, making him pick up Companion Eggs until his hands went soft, and so many Primordial Energy Skill Crystals that he couldn’t be bothered to pick up .

These scenes Zhou Wen imagined didn’t happen . Not only didn’t they happen, Zhou Wen even felt as if his drop rate had lowered .

Usually, when he grinded at the bat cave, he would get a dozen stat crystals to drop . Occasionally, a Companion Egg or rare Poison Crystal would drop .

However, after he cleared the bat cave today, only three stat crystals dropped . Furthermore, none of them exceeded a value of 25 .

What crappy luck is this? It’s a lie, right? Is the Luck stat so useless? Zhou Wen couldn’t accept this outcome . He felt that his intelligence and character had been insulted and had even begun to doubt life .

Ignoring the fact that Luck +6 is useless, my luck has even become worse . From the looks of it, the Luck stat has been exaggerated by others . If I had known earlier, I shouldn’t have wasted my time grinding that baby tiger . All that time spent was such a waste . Zhou Wen felt depressed as he glanced at the Fortune Goldfish’s stats .

What he saw left him dumbfounded . After he snapped to his senses, he nearly spewed out a mouthful of blood .

The other attributes of the Fortune Goldfish didn’t change, but in postfix behind the Life Providence, the annotation was different from the one he had seen previously .

Zhou Wen had previously seen Luck +6, but now it was Bad Luck +8 as the annotation .

No way . I must be seeing things . I clearly saw Luck +6; it’s impossible for me to be mistaken . Zhou Wen rubbed his eyes again, but he still saw Bad Luck +8 .

What the f**k . Could it be that I’ve been dreaming of a lucky pet for too long that I mistook bad luck for luck? That’s not right . How can I be mistaken? Previously, it was clearly Luck +6 . No matter how wrong I am, it’s impossible that I missed out the additional “bad . ” Zhou Wen thought for a moment and left the game dungeon before looking at it in his dorm .

When he did this, Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd . The Fortune Goldfish’s Life Providence had a postfix of Luck +6 .

Zhou Wen seemed to figure something out as he entered the bat cave and summoned the Fortune Goldfish again . However, this time, it was Bad Luck +7 . Compared to before, his bad luck wasn’t any worse, but he was still very unlucky and had no luck .

After taking two steps with the Fortune Goldfish, Zhou Wen realized that his bad luck had changed from +7 to +8 .

Holy sh*t, this fellow doesn’t just add Luck . It adds Bad Luck in different places! Zhou Wen walked around the bat cave with the goldfish and realized that the Bad Luck value constantly changed between 3 to 9 . Only in a special place would Bad Luck disappear, turning into Luck +1 .

Zhou Wen stood on the stone that only allowed his feet to step on . He was momentarily rendered speechless . In such a crappy tiny area, all he got was one additional point in Luck . Furthermore, he couldn’t move . Just moving a tiny bit caused his Luck to immediately turn into Bad Luck .

Zhou Wen left the bat cave and went to the other instant dungeons with the goldfish to test them out . Soon, he realized that the goldfish was stranger than he had imagined .

In Dragon Gate Grotto, the goldfish added Monetary Luck most of the time . Although it wasn’t high and it fluctuated between 1 and 3, the stat alone surprised Zhou Wen .

And when he arrived at Tiger Cage Pass, he gained Bad Luck as well . It typically jumped between 1 to 7 . Zhou Wen didn’t walk through the entire Tiger Cage Pass, so he was unsure if there was a spot that gave him Luck .

Zhou Wen tried a few dungeons and discovered that most of the dungeons gave Bad Luck . Only in the Ancient Sovereign City dungeon would the goldfish’s Life Providence increase Luck . Furthermore, it gave plenty of Luck, basically fluctuating between 4 to 10 .

Zhou Wen tried grinding monsters with the help of higher luck and it was truly satisfying . Just killing a few monsters was enough to have stats crystals rain . With a little bit of effort, Companion Eggs and Primordial Energy Skill Crystals weren’t difficult either .

Ancient Sovereign City was famous for its low drop rate . However, with the augmentation of high Luck, Zhou Wen had Companion Eggs and crystals drop .

However, this godforsaken place didn’t have any dimensional creatures worth killing . Even if more Companion Eggs and stats crystals dropped, it was useless . There were no Epic dimensional creatures here . The strongest was at the Legendary stage .

“Goldfish Bro, are you messing with me? Even if the bat cave is too close to the underground sea, and it’s understandable that you don’t like water so you don’t add Luck . But why did you give me Monetary Luck at Dragon Gate Grotto? Can’t you give me Luck?” Zhou Wen’s words clearly had no effect on the goldfish .

When he arrived at Dragon Gate Grotto, the goldfish still added Monetary Luck . Zhou Wen didn’t know what it was for . Instead, he spent some time grinding Overlord Snakes in Dragon Gate Grotto and didn’t see any increase in his drop rates . It was about the same as usual .

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Where can I find a place to use the goldfish? Zhou Wen had a headache . He felt that the Fortune Goldfish was a scam . The baby tiger was more reliable .

For the moment, he couldn’t find a dungeon that could allow the goldfish to be of use . All he could do was temporarily give up on the goldfish’s functions . He found a spot in-game and got the goldfish to constantly release its fire-elemental powers . Zhou Wen tried to gain insights into the profundity of the Ancient Sovereign Sutra .

The golden flames on the goldfish’s body belonged to its Life Soul, Soul of Magma . It was a kind of fire of a piece of golden rock that could easily melt rocks or metal .

Its Primordial Energy Skill, Magma Bubbles, was also a similar type of fire . It spat out a magma fireball, possessing a powerful explosive power, similar to a powerful missile .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t gain any insights from it .

Strange, could it be that I’m wrong? Although the Ancient Sovereign Sutra has fire attributes, the true profoundness behind it isn’t fire, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

“Zhou Wen, quickly come to our activity room . Something serious has happened . ” Li Xuan called, sounding alarmed .

“What happened?” Zhou Wen hurriedly asked .

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“It’s difficult to say over the phone . Come to the forest on the old campus . There’s too many of them… I can’t handle them… Come quickly…” With that said, Li Xuan hung up .

Is Li Mobai here to stir trouble again? But what can he do on campus? Is someone willing to help him kill in school? I heard from Li Xuan that there are quite a number of people . Zhou Wen felt that the situation was a little serious as he rushed over .

Li Mobai had recently looked for him . Now that something had happened, there was a high chance that these two matters were related .

Zhou Wen anxiously rushed over to Li Xuan, but the sight before him nearly angered him to death . He saw Li Xuan and the few members of the Xuanwen Club eating barbecue with a group of girls . Li Xuan was surrounded by many girls, and it did seem as though he couldn’t handle them .

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