Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 367

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Chapter 367: Chapter 367 - Condensing a Life Soul Again

Chapter 367 Condensing a Life Soul Again

An Jing had been practicing the Sun Strafe Art recently . Although she had improved greatly, she still failed to grasp the true meaning of the Sun Strafe Art required to advance to the Epic stage .

With her talent, it shouldn’t have been difficult for her to advance to the Epic stage . However, due to her body’s chronic ailment, she was unable to sense the underlying sublimity of the Sun Strafe Art .

An Jing wasn’t afraid of hardship . Every time she cultivated the Sun Strafe Art, she could endure the inhuman pain caused by the chronic ailment .

However, gaining insight into something like this couldn’t be resolved just by suffering . The untalented might not even be able to match a day’s enlightenment of someone even after ten years of training .

An Jing had talent, perceptivity, and diligence . She could be said to be a rare genius in the world, but her body wasn’t suitable for practicing the Sun Strafe Art . It made her feel as though she was separated by something as she ultimately failed to grasp its true meaning .

After her second attempt at enlightenment, An Jing curled up in a corner of the room in pain . Every time she cultivated the Sun Strafe Art, she suffered such pain .

Her phone rang and An Jing struggled to stand up . She walked to the table and picked up the call .

“My Little Jing, it’s been a while since I’ve met you . Mommy wants to have a meal with you . Are you free tonight?” Ouyang Lan’s voice came through the phone .

“Tonight…” An Jing had just cultivated the Sun Strafe Art and the pain in her body hadn’t subsided that quickly . Now, she really didn’t want to move a step .

“Mommy only has you and Tianzuo as my two precious treasures . Tianzuo is busy with military matters and I haven’t seen him for days . You have to stay on campus, leaving me all alone at home every day . I am so lonely…” As Ouyang Lan spoke, she gave off the feeling like she was on the brink of tears . It was sad and tear-inducing hearing her .

“Got it . I’ll head back tonight,” An Jing said helplessly .

Ouyang Lan immediately brightened up and said happily, “Then I’ll wait for you at MG Restaurant . By the way, remember to bring Little Wen along and have him eat dinner with me . I haven’t seen him in a long time . I’ll get Ah Sheng to come to the school gates to pick you up . ”

“Can’t you…” Before An Jing could finish her sentence, Ouyang Lan hung up .

An Jing frowned slightly . Although she had gotten Zhou Wen to take her place in the Holy Land and was over the nomination, she still wasn’t willing to face him . She still had a knot in her heart when she saw him .

She had always felt that if her body wasn’t problematic, she would be the most suitable candidate .

She thought about not calling Zhou Wen, but Ouyang Lan had already mentioned it . An Jing hesitated for a moment, washed up, changed her clothes, walked out of her building, and over to Zhou Wen’s building .

She pressed the doorbell but didn’t see Zhou Wen come out .

“It’s not that I didn’t get him; he’s not around . ” An Jing pressed three times, but no one answered . Thus, she turned to leave .


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At that moment, An Jing suddenly heard something from Zhou Wen’s building . It sounded odd as though something had been smashed .

Could something have happened? She glanced at Zhou Wen’s building, but she had second thoughts . What has he got to do with me? He can die for all I care .

She turned around and walked a few steps . When she was about to return to her yard, An Jing turned her head and walked to Zhou Wen’s door again . She pressed the doorbell again as she mumbled to herself, as though trying to convince herself, He lives next door . It’s just a wall separating us . What if he implicates me because of something he does? I have to figure it out .

But after pressing the doorbell a few times, there was still no response . Instead, there was the sound of something shattering coming from inside the house .

An Jing looked up and saw that the balcony door on the second floor wasn’t locked . She leaped up and landed on the balcony before pushing the door open and entering .

“Zhou Wen, what are you doing?” An Jing walked inside as she spoke .

No one answered her, but there was another loud bang . An Jing heard it clearly this time . The sound came from the training room .

There’s soundproofing in the training room . Even boxing sandbags wouldn’t leak any sound . What’s he doing? Had something really happened? An Jing thought to herself as she looked around . Suddenly, she saw a spot in the ground that had signs of heat warping . It seemed to have solidified after melting . Immediately feeling something amiss, she was certain that something had happened .

An Jing naturally didn’t know that the floor was damaged due to Zhou Wen’s summoning of the goldfish . She had imagined that Zhou Wen had been attacked .

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Don’t tell me the League’s Special Inspector Bureau attacked him? She quickly rushed to the training room and pushed the door . It was locked from the inside and didn’t budge .

An Jing knocked on the door and called out Zhou Wen’s name a few times, but no one answered . She was even more certain that something had happened to him .

Without any hesitation, she summoned a sword and sliced through the training room’s steel door and rushed in .

The scene she saw when she entered left her slightly taken aback .

The scene in the training room wasn’t as she had imagined . There were no men from the bureau, no signs of fighting, nor were there any signs of items shattering .

The only thing she could see was Zhou Wen floating in midair, his entire body emitting light and heat like a sun .

Although the light was a little blinding, it didn’t cause any harm . The temperature made her feel hot, but it wasn’t unbearable . Instead, it was comfortable, akin to sunbathing .

He’s condensing a Life Soul… An Jing stared at Zhou Wen as her pupils constricted .

Back when she had defeated Zhou Wen with one strike, he was only at the Mortal stage—worthless . In less than a year, Zhou Wen was already condensing a Life Soul to advance to the Epic stage . Such a speed was too fast, so fast that it left An Jing jealous .

If it weren’t for my chronic ailment, I would have advanced to the Epic stage a long time ago . If not for the fact that I can’t go to the Holy Land, his Sun God bloodline would have belonged to me . An Jing looked at Zhou Wen and thought to herself .

But soon, An Jing realized that something was amiss with Zhou Wen’s situation .

Zhou Wen’s strength looked like it was a result of the Sun God bloodline being suitable with the Sun Strafe Art, but upon careful inspection, she realized that it wasn’t the case . It looked a little different .

What’s happening? Did he not cultivate the Sun Strafe Art? Then what did he cultivate in? How did he obtain the Sun God bloodline? An Jing was puzzled . She stared at Zhou Wen who was condensing his Life Soul and carefully observed him .

Bang! Bang!

An Jing heard the sound again, but she realized that the sound came from Zhou Wen’s body—from his chest . The sound seemed to be his heartbeat .

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