Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: Chapter 368 - Healing

Chapter 368 Healing

In prehistoric times when humans lived out in the open, with the land as their mat, the sky as their blankets . They fought against countless terrifying creatures, using their bodies to resist the assault of the elements .

There came a day when humanity would grasp the power of fire and draw the curtains of an era of blood and fire—the dawn of civilization .

Fire represented destruction and also hope .

Countless scenes flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind . In that glacier world, groups of humans were huddled inside caves, bunched up with each other, but they were still trembling in the cold wind . Some of them closed their eyes, never to open them again .

A person walked over with a torch and lit a fire . It was so warm that it filled the entire cave, and countless humans worshiped it .

An Jing looked at Zhou Wen’s body and saw the sun-like glow around him grow more intense . It wasn’t only light and heat, but there was also an indescribable power that made one prostrate down in fear .

This kind of worship was not the fear of gods, nor was it faith, but pure adoration .

Bang! Bang!

Zhou Wen’s heart beat more and more intensely . His chest was heaving visibly, as though the heart in it was about to tear out .

An infinite vitality erupted from Zhou Wen’s body . Even An Jing, who was standing at the door, could sense the vigorous vitality .

This isn’t the Sun Strafe Art . It’s definitely not the Sun Strafe Art . Although it has the power of light and heat, and although it looks similar to the Sun Strafe Art, the Sun Strafe Art doesn’t have such vitality . It doesn’t have the aura of a sovereign who encompasses everything… An Jing stared intently at Zhou Wen as she was extremely alarmed .

She originally believed that Zhou Wen only had the chance of obtaining the Sun God Body in the Holy Land after cultivating the Sun Strafe Art .

However, Zhou Wen was now telling her that he could obtain the Sun God Body even if he didn’t cultivate the Sun Strafe Art .

Zhou Wen’s life force had almost materialized as it illuminated the entire room like sunlight . An Jing, who was standing at the door, was also illuminated by it .

She immediately felt a warm force enter her body, quickly warming her entire body . Her body, which was still in pain due to the relapse, felt much better . The pain was rapidly dissipating .

How is this happening? An Jing found it unbelievable . The similarly vigorous Sun Strafe Art inflicted extreme pain on her, only causing her chronic ailments to worsen . However, Zhou Wen’s power could reduce her pain and even slow down her ailment .

An Jing could clearly feel the icy ailment in her body slowly melting under the illumination of Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen’s heart beat more and more intensely as the light and heat on his body grew stronger . All the blood vessels in his body were throbbing and swelling up due to the intense beating of his heart . They surfaced on his skin like purplish-red wyrms . All his muscles tightened as though they were filled with infinite explosive power .

The potent power and vigorous vitality made Zhou Wen feel as though his body possessed an infinite amount of energy . Even if he clashed with the heavens, he could still bore a huge hole through the sky .

Zhou Wen felt that the current him could be described by an idiom, “bursting with energy . ” Ever since he had needed blood to game, his physique and strength had kept improving, but it had been a long while since he had experienced this kind of vigorous vitality .

Now, Zhou Wen wished he could deliver a punch that could flatten the entire dorm . Whatever house, whatever blanket, my body temperature can melt ice and snow and illuminate the entire world . Let the tempest come strike harder!

The gushing Primordial Energy, essence, vitality, and spirit constantly condensed over Zhou Wen’s body before flowing towards his heart . It made his entire chest emit light and heat as though there was a sun in it .

An Jing stared blankly at the floating Zhou Wen . The intense light illuminated her body, rapidly melting the ice, as warmth spread across her body .

An Jing had an urge to cry . From the moment she came of age, she had never felt warmth . It was as if ice had frozen in her body . Even when it was summer, while everyone was drenched in sweat due to the heat, she would only feel the coldness lessen a little . She didn’t feel warm at all .

But now, the ice in her body was melting . An unprecedented warmth spread throughout her body .

Boom! Boom… Boom! Boom… Zhou Wen felt as though a strange object had condensed in his heart . The item fused with his heart as it spread across his body, forming a strange physical system .

Zhou Wen felt as though the physical system with the heart as the center was an engine that gave him infinite motivation .

I… I have to leave immediately… Even if I suffer a lifetime of chronic ailments… I will not accept Zhou Wen’s powers to heal my body… An Jing turned around and left .

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Although she knew that staying behind would rid her of the ailment that had troubled her for years, An Jing’s pride prevented her from accepting Zhou Wen’s treatment .

It would be fine if it were anyone else . Just not Zhou Wen .

She was An Jing, the An family’s An Jing . Even if Zhou Wen took away her nomination to enter the Holy Land, she could proudly tell everyone that she was better than Zhou Wen and could defeat him .

However, if she were to accept Zhou Wen’s powers, how was she to deal with herself in the future even if her ailments were cured?

She would never be able to look up at Zhou Wen again, forever unable to confidently tell everyone that she was better than Zhou Wen—that as long as she wished, she could defeat him .

There was no way she could live such a proud life again . This was more intolerable than the chronic ailment .

Without any hesitation, An Jing turned around and left . Although her body yearned for sunlight, she would rather walk into the darkness to preserve her pride .

However, at the instant An Jing turned around, Zhou Wen’s strength completely erupted . The light on his chest spewed out like a blazing sun . Instantly, the resplendent light seemed to melt the entire room as An Jing’s body was devoured by the light .

An Jing felt a scorching force instantly fill her entire body . The coldness in her body was like a ball of snow that had been thrown into a furnace . It instantly melted, as though some chains had melted off her body . Her body turned limp and she collapsed to the ground .

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Zhou Wen became completely conscious as he saw a humanoid glow floating in front of him like a sun . He knew that it was the Life Soul that he condensed from the Ancient Sovereign Sutra .

But other than the condensed Life Soul, there was also a woman sitting paralyzed by the door . She was struggling to stand up with her hands against the door frame .

An Jing! Zhou Wen immediately recognized the person when their eyes met .

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