Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 369

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Chapter 369: Chapter 369 - Ancient Sovereign

Chapter 369 Ancient Sovereign

“An Jing, why are you here?” Zhou Wen felt puzzled when he looked at An Jing . He didn’t know what was happening . While condensing the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s Life Soul, he had been immersed in it completely, without knowing what was happening around him .

An Jing’s body felt warm and weak . She had never experienced such a feeling before . She could no longer feel the cold energy in her body .

An Jing’s pride had never been dealt such a blow before, so she felt extremely embarrassed and furious . She forced herself to stand up with the help of the door frame, trying to make herself look as cold as she usually was . Gritting her teeth, she said, “I’m here to foil your Life Soul condensation; otherwise, why do you think I’d be here?”

With that said, she ignored Zhou Wen’s reaction and turned to leave .

Zhou Wen watched An Jing leave in a daze . He didn’t quite believe her, but he couldn’t figure out what she was here for .

His phone suddenly rang . Zhou Wen picked up his phone and glanced at it . It was An Sheng, so he chose to answer .

“Young Master Wen, are you ready? I’m waiting outside the school’s main gate . ” Having waited for some time without Zhou Wen or An Jing appearing, An Sheng called Zhou Wen .

“What are you waiting for?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“Madam invited you and Miss Jing to dinner . Didn’t Miss Jing inform you?” An Sheng asked .

“Oh, yes . I was informed . Wait for me, I’ll be right there . ” Zhou Wen was in a good mood right now . The Ancient Sovereign Sutra had finally condensed a Life Soul which was a great thing for him . Therefore, he didn’t reject Ouyang Lan’s invitation . He could have a good meal to reward himself .

Zhou Wen first dripped his blood to revive and read the game’s information . Indeed, when he used the Ancient Sovereign Sutra, his Life Soul became a new one .

Ancient Sovereign (Primordial Body): Ancient life born from blood and fire, the sovereign who fights against the heavens .

Roughly knowing the Ancient Sovereign’s abilities, Zhou Wen didn’t immediately study it . He quickly took a shower and changed his clothes before heading for the school’s entrance .

When Zhou Wen arrived at the school’s entrance, he saw An Sheng’s car parked not far away .

He walked over to the car and saw An Jing sitting in the back with a deadpan expression . He pulled open the front door and sat in the front passenger seat .

An Sheng sized up Zhou Wen and revealed a look of surprise . “Zhou Wen, you condensed a Life Soul?”

“How do you know?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

Typically, as long as someone didn’t summon a Life Soul, no one would be able to tell who was at the Epic stage and who was at the Legendary stage . It was rather odd that An Sheng could tell at a glance that he had a Life Soul .

An Sheng smiled and explained, “Didn’t I tell you before that I’m especially sensitive to things like souls? However, if it’s some time after a person condenses a Life Soul, their Life Soul would be more restrained, so I wouldn’t be able to sense it . The Life Soul aura on you is still very strong, so it shouldn’t have been long since you condensed it, right?”

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“I see . I just succeeded before coming here,” Zhou Wen said .

“That’s really great news . Madam sure chose a good time to invite you to a meal . She can celebrate for you . ” An Sheng paused before continuing, “For you to be able to condense a Life Soul so quickly, it’s obvious that your talent is just like Old Mister Ouyang said . You are extremely outstanding . ”

“To condense a Life Soul after so many years of cultivation is already considered very slow,” Zhou Wen said .

“Pretentious,” An Jing said from the back without looking at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen was already used to An Jing’s snide remarks, so he simply ignored her . An Sheng didn’t respond and continued asking, “Tell me what Life Soul you condensed if you don’t mind . I can report this good news to Madam later . ”

“It’s nothing special . Previously, our Xuanwen Club was organizing a joint activity with the Weiyang Club . Li Xuan got me to join in the barbecue . While observing the charcoal fire, something struck me . When I returned and thought it through, I finally understood the true meaning to fire due to my good luck . I broke through my bottleneck and condensed a Life Soul,” Zhou Wen explained simply .

He definitely couldn’t hide his advancement to the Epic stage, so he might as well just tell them straight away . Furthermore, he could make the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s Life Soul public while concealing the other Life Souls, especially Slaughterer . Zhou Wen didn’t want anyone to know of the existence of this Life Soul . He had a nagging feeling that it was too bizarre .

Figuring out a Life Soul from eating barbecue? An Jing didn’t say a word, but the corners of her eyes twitched as she felt a huge blow to her heart .

“Principal Ouyang was right . You are indeed an extremely focused person . Such a person will succeed easily . No matter what you do, you can gain inspiration from it,” An Sheng said .

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“You are referring to Feng Qiuyan . He’s that kind of person . ” However Zhou Wen looked at it, he felt that An Sheng’s words described Feng Qiuyan .

“Feng Qiuyan from the Feng family? I really don’t know about that . However, I’ll pay attention to him in the future . ” An Sheng paused before saying to Zhou Wen, “Young Master Wen, what plans do you have after graduation? With your talent, you will succeed no matter what you do . However, in this era, nothing you do will be stable . Do you want to consider joining the military?”

“We’ll talk again in the future . ” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to continue the topic .

An Sheng didn’t mention it again . He drove the duo to MG Restaurant . Ouyang Lan was already waiting for them in a private room .

The present Ouyang Lan looked a lot thinner than when Zhou Wen first visited the An family . However, she still wore a warm smile as she pulled An Jing and Zhou Wen to sit beside her .

“Ah Sheng, sit down too . We are all family and there are no outsiders,” Ouyang Lan said when she saw An Sheng standing by the side .

An Sheng didn’t stand on ceremony either . He pulled a chair and sat beside Zhou Wen . He said to Ouyang Lan, “Madam, Young Master Wen condensed his Life Soul today and advanced to the Epic stage . ”

“Is that so? Little Wen, you’re really a genius . ” Ouyang Lan was delighted as she pinched Zhou Wen’s cheeks with both hands . She tugged a few times with all her might, causing his face to distort .

Zhou Wen looked at Ouyang Lan in a daze, momentarily at a loss for a response .

Ouyang Lan seemed to realize that she had been too excited . She released her hands and said, “Sorry, it’s a habit of mine pinching Little Jing . I couldn’t help it . ”

Zhou Wen was immediately rendered speechless . At the same time, he imagined what An Jing would look like if she was pinched like that .

However, he found it quite unimaginable . An Jing’s cold expression made it difficult for him to imagine how she would look after being pinched .

Apart from An Jing, everyone enjoyed the meal . Only An Jing felt extremely conflicted . She didn’t know how she finished the meal because she had no idea how she could face Zhou Wen in the future .

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