Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Chapter 370 - Inside the Temple

Chapter 370 Inside the Temple

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen carefully studied the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul and discovered that the “Sun” postfix of the Strength stat also vanished like before .

The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul could fuse with Zhou Wen’s body and give him a powerful driving force . This was somewhat different from a traditional Strength-type Life Soul .

When possessed by a traditional Strength-type Life Soul, Strength was directly multiplied .

For example, if the Strength of an Epic expert was at 40 . If his Life Soul was to multiply his Strength, it was possible that his Strength would be raised to 60, 70, or even 80 .

However, it didn’t mean that one could unleash 80 Strength when one’s Strength reached 80 . In reality, the power that a person could produce was largely related to their skills, stamina, and other factors . Without any training, even if they possessed 80 Strength, the power that they could truly wield from throwing a punch was less than 60 or even less than half .

Even a well-trained fighter couldn’t unleash their peak combat power for prolonged periods . Usually, he would be able to maintain his peak strength output for two to three minutes . Those that didn’t drop below 90% of their Strength would be considered an extremely powerful individual . If this continued, their bodily functions would weaken and they would need some buffer time to continue such explosive strength .

However, that wasn’t the case with the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul . The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul provided a powerful driving force system . Now, Zhou Wen’s Strength was 32 . When he had the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul possess him, he could maintain his Strength at peak condition constantly . He wouldn’t suffer a decline in stamina or a decrease in strength . He was practically a combat machine .

And now, the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was still at its lowest Primordial stage . If he could continue growing, he didn’t know what powers he would have in the future . Perhaps it would allow him to break through the limits of his strength and produce extraordinary powers .

Furthermore, the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul also had combat powers . His combat strength was equivalent to Zhou Wen’s attributes and could be considered Zhou Wen’s avatar . This was somewhat similar to Doctor Darkness’s Dr . Soul . Zhou Wen was very satisfied .

Looking at the glow that resembled a sun god, Zhou Wen felt a little depressed . The glow from the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was too intense and it was like a humanoid creature condensed from light . He couldn’t see what he looked like at all .

Now, there’s the Wordless Monument’s Dao Sutra and Small Buddha Temple’s Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . Which one do I start with? Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss .

The Ancient Sovereign Sutra could still be connected to fire, but Zhou Wen didn’t know where to begin with these two Primordial Energy Arts . All he could do was find information related to Buddhism and Daoism in the school’s database .

However, the knowledge of these two categories was just too broad and profound . Even if one spent the rest of their lives studying them, they might not be able to cover everything . Having no clue at all, Zhou Wen didn’t know where to begin .

The flower bud on the Dead Man Tree had already withered over the past few days and had grown a purple fruit . It looked like it was cast from purple-copper, and its shape resembled an egg .

In the past, Doctor Darkness’s fruit ripened after seven days . Zhou Wen estimated that this would take at least seven days, so all he could do was patiently wait . He looked forward to seeing the type of Companion Beast that would appear from the fruit .

He started up the game and tried to enter the temple under the ruins to use the Lost Country’s teleportation ability to enter the temple .

Passing the Aoyin stone statue with the sacrificial offerings, he arrived at the door to the left side of the palace . The moment the blood-colored avatar opened the door to the palace, he saw a creature resembling a wolf and tiger . It was entirely black in color and had two tails . With wings on its back, it lunged over at an incredulous speed . Even Ghost Steps’ speed couldn’t match it .

Zhou Wen pressed down on the ring transformed by Lost Country . The ghostly face’s eyes flashed as the blood-colored avatar’s body instantly vanished . When it appeared again, it was behind the monster .

Zhou Wen hurriedly sized up the environment in front of him . He was likely inside the temple, but he saw that it was ancient and spartan . It didn’t have exquisite decorations or any kinds of calligraphy works . In the hall, there was only a stone altar and a stone offering table . There weren’t any statues on the altar other than a rock .

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Zhou Wen only had the chance to glance at the stone before the game screen went black . The blood-colored avatar had clearly been killed by the terrifying dimensional creature .

Even if the temple doesn’t consecrate gods, they should consecrate some demons . Why would they consecrate a stone? Zhou Wen was puzzled .

He had only taken one look at the rock and felt that it looked like a boulder . It was about three meters tall and it was shaped like a mountain . It didn’t look anything special .

After waiting for twenty-four hours, Zhou Wen went to the temple on the right . The temple on the right was somewhat special . Zhou Wen used teleportation, but he also only managed one glance .

The palace’s interior was filled with metal . Even the walls and pillars were made of metal . It also had altars and offerings, but they were made of metal as well .

On the metal altar, the thing that was consecrated was a huge metal ax . The ax was double-edged, and it looked dark and sinister . It was even bigger than a door . The handle of the ax was like a metal pillar, and it looked heavy . There was probably no human who could use such a heavy weapon .

Although he could enter the temple, he died upon entry . Apart from teleporting, even Ghost Steps couldn’t dodge the attacks of the two Mythical creatures . Zhou Wen couldn’t think of a way to fend them off .

However, there were no hiding spots within the temple . If the former principal and the others had really entered the temple, they were likely doomed .

Zhou Wen grinded the dungeons daily and read some relevant articles to study how to condense a Life Soul and level up one’s Life Soul . A few days had unknowingly passed .

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One day, Zhou Wen was grinding the tiger dungeon when his phone suddenly rang . He answered the call while grinding .

“Zhou Wen, are you alright?” A familiar voice sounded . It was Zhong Ziya .

Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered with grinding . He threw down the game and gripped his phone tightly . “I’m fine . I’ve returned to school . How are you?”

After a moment of silence, Zhong Ziya said, “I won’t be able to return to school . If there’s a chance, we’ll meet again in the future . ”

“What plans do you have?” Zhou Wen asked again .

Although they hadn’t spent much time with each other, he felt that Wang Mingyuan’s students matched his personality . He had unknowingly become closer to them .

“With the world so huge, it naturally has a place for me . For Teacher to do something so earth-shattering, I can’t embarrass him as his student . Naturally, I have to do something big as well,” Zhong Ziya said .

“What are you going to do?” Zhou Wen was a little worried . Zhong Ziya had a strange temper, but he possessed an extraordinary talent . He was probably going to cause havoc if he really turned evil .

“Let’s talk about it when we meet in the future . I have something on campus . I won’t be going back in the future . There’s no point in keeping those things there . I’ll give them to you . That item is at…” Zhong Ziya told Zhou Wen a place .

“I’ll get it and send it to you,” Zhou Wen said .

“There’s no need . Just treat it as a memento . ” Zhong Ziya hung up after saying that .

When Zhou Wen called again, he heard the notification that the person he had just called had switched off their phone .

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