Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 371

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Chapter 371: Chapter 371 - Spirit Casting

Chapter 371 Spirit Casting

Zhou Wen helplessly put away his phone and thought for a moment . He planned on heading to the location Zhong Ziya mentioned to take a look .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t sure if the item was still there because Zhong Ziya’s belongings were hidden in Dragon’s Well . Back then, the Special Inspector Bureau’s Director-General had personally led a search and investigation, so it was very likely that they had already found the item .

As for what it was, Zhong Ziya didn’t say, and Zhou Wen didn’t have the time to ask .

When he came to Old Dragon Cave again, Zhou Wen felt mixed feelings . He still remembered Wang Mingyuan cooking for the four of them while wearing an apron . But now, it was a mess .

He wanted to clean up the lab and make it return to its original appearance, but he felt uncomfortable . He picked up a few pieces of broken apparatus and put them down again .

They’re gone . So what if I tidy the place? Zhou Wen sighed inwardly . After putting down the item, he headed straight for Dragon’s Well .

The platform made of stone beside Dragon’s Well had been dismantled, and the chain had long disappeared . This served to make Zhou Wen feel even more uncomfortable .

Back then, he had pulled the chain quite a few times . The few of them had joked that they were fishing for dragons, but they had never really caught anything . They didn’t even catch a single snake, much less a dragon . It was all a form of self-consolation .

He switched to the Godfiend Life Providence and flew down the shaft, stopping about twenty meters from the mouth of the well .

The cold fog here was already thick and it was so dark that he couldn’t see his fingers . Zhou Wen approached the wall and reached his hand out to feel his way . It was biting cold to the touch as though it was ice .

Zhou Wen wasn’t worried about encountering danger . He had entered Dragon’s Well several times in-game, so he knew that this place was still far from the White Dragon’s location so he wouldn’t alarm it .

After some searching, he only found cold rocks . Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt a soft spot as though he had touched a sponge . He couldn’t help but feel delighted .

After carefully feeling around the area, he discovered the wooden plank that Zhong Ziya had mentioned . He opened it and revealed a hole that allowed an arm to extend in . Zhou Wen extended his hand and groped for a while before taking out a bamboo tube .

The hole wasn’t deep . After some groping around and realizing that there was nothing else, Zhou Wen took the bamboo tube and flew out of Dragon’s Well .

After leaving Dragon’s Well, he carefully examined the bamboo tube, only to discover that it was emerald-green in color, like fresh bamboo that had just been chopped off . The opening was stuffed with cloth .

Zhou Wen removed the seal and looked into the bamboo tube . He saw that there was something rolled up . It looked like paper .

After pouring the thing out, Zhou Wen realized that it wasn’t paper, but an animal hide of unknown species . After some processing, it turned into a leather scroll .

The workmanship of the scroll wasn’t bad . It was just that it had been through a lot, so it was a little worn out .

What did Zhong Ziya leave here? Zhou Wen was puzzled as he unfolded the leather scroll . He saw that there were many words written on it . Although the words looked a little faded, time had failed to completely erase them .

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Zhong Ziya doesn’t usually like to study . Why would he have such a thing hidden here? It’s relatively easy to believe that this item was hidden by Jiang Yan . Zhou Wen was somewhat curious as he carefully read the contents on the scroll .

This left Zhou Wen alarmed .

The leather scroll recorded witchcraft called Spirit Casting . It was said that humans were unable to fuse with other living beings, but the method described was too alarming . It didn’t adhere to human common sense . If Zhou Wen had seen it in the past, he would only treat it as something fabricated by a delusional person . It was impossible for it to be realized .

However, Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd when he thought of Wang Mingyuan, who had transformed into a dimensional creature .

Don’t tell me Teacher used this Spirit Casting technique to fuse with the creature inside the white cocoon? Zhou Wen thought to himself . But why does Zhong Ziya have this? Where did he get it from? Did Teacher give it to him?

Zhou Wen couldn’t figure it out . After hesitating for a moment, he placed the leather scroll back into the bamboo tube before storing it in the Chaos Bead’s chaos space .

This item was definitely taboo for humans . Zhou Wen didn’t want others to see it, nor did he have plans to learn it .

If Zhong Ziya didn’t come to retrieve it in the future, he planned on permanently sealing it within the chaos bead, preventing it from ever seeing the light of day again .

After doing all this, Zhou Wen walked out of Old Dragon Cave .

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The bustle outside Dragon Gate Grotto had returned to normal . There were even more people . Many people had set up stalls outside selling their loot . The most popular ones were all kinds of stat crystals . Although everyone wanted Companion Eggs, the prices were too high so transactions were relatively few .

“Zhou Wen, what are you doing here?” someone stopped him .

Zhou Wen turned around and saw that the person who called out to him was Huang Ji . This fellow had actually set up a stall here .

“Senior, why are you running a stall when you should be developing the game?” Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed . To not work on the game and run a stall here only seemed to imply that his investment was for nothing .

Huang Ji mysteriously pulled Zhou Wen to the side and whispered, “I’m working on the game . Some unimportant parts have already been outsourced . In two months, we should have the results . That’s not urgent . Something big will happen today, and benefits might be in store . Why don’t you wait with me?”

“What can happen here?” Zhou Wen looked around him . Although Dragon Gate Grotto had many dimensional zones, they were all inside the grottos . What could happen outside?

“Junior, you have no idea . All the dimensional zones in Dragon Gate Grotto are different, but in fact, Dragon Gate Grotto is an entire dimensional zone, including the spot where we are now,” Huang Ji said as he pointed at the stone steps beneath him .

“Of course I know that . ” Zhou Wen didn’t know what Huang Ji was getting at .

“Then aren’t you curious why there are dimensional creatures in those grottos with magical things happening inside but there aren’t any outside?” asked Huang Ji .

“Is a reason needed?” Zhou Wen asked .

Huang Ji covered his forehead and pursed his lips . “There is definitely a reason for everything . If there is no reason, then it just means that we haven’t figured it out . There is actually something mysterious outside Dragon Gate Grotto . It’s just that it won’t appear normally, but tonight is when that magical moment happens . Otherwise, why do you think there are so many people here? There will be more people coming later . Many people who know of this will probably come tonight . ”

“What magical thing is it?” Zhou Wen was somewhat intrigued . He believed there definitely would be something good . Otherwise, why would people choose to come here instead of other places where there were so many magical things happening in other dimensional zones?

“This magical thing in Dragon Gate Grotto is called Buddha Eye Opening…” Huang Ji said excitedly .

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