Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 374

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Chapter 374: Chapter 374 - Who Ended Up With It?

Chapter 374 Who Ended Up With It?

Zhou Wen held Fang Ruoxi in one hand and raised his Overlord Sword in the other as he prepared to slash out a sword beam to shatter the incoming lightning .

However, he had only raised his sword halfway when he suddenly felt his ears heat up . A golden earring appeared on his ear, producing a strange power .

Truth Listener! Zhou Wen was delighted . He knew that Truth Listener had finished its incubation and had automatically returned to his ears . At the same time, it unleashed a strange power .

This power extended all over Zhou Wen’s body . Even the Overlord Sword in his hand was enveloped by Truth Listener’s power . The lightning struck the Overlord Sword, but it didn’t produce any terrifying power . Instead, it transformed into a strange energy that was transmitted into Zhou Wen’s body, giving him an indescribable sense of comfort . Not only did the lightning not harm him, it even seemed to replenish his energy . Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning Bolts fell from the sky one after another as they struck the Overlord Sword that Zhou Wen raised .

“It’s over . Old Zhou is about to be charred to a crisp!” Li Xuan felt his heart chill when he saw the blinding lightning blast on Zhou Wen’s body .

Anyone would imagine that Zhou Wen would be electrocuted to death with such a terrifying electric blast .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t feel the pain of being struck by lightning . Instead, he felt his Primordial Energy fill . Every bolt of lightning that struck him added a little to his Primordial Energy . The excess Primordial Energy that his body couldn’t contain seeped out from his pores .

Almost instantly, nine bolts of lightning fell . When the light from the lightning dimmed, the spectating students and crowd realized that Zhou Wen was still standing there with his sword raised . He hadn’t been reduced to ashes as they had expected . Even his clothes weren’t damaged at all .

Zhou Wen, who was standing on a lotus leaf, held Fang Ruoxi in one hand and raised the Overlord Sword in the other . He even emitted a faint golden luster . The visual effect was perfect, alarming and puzzling many students .

“The nine golden lightning bolts were so terrifying . Why isn’t Zhou Wen injured at all?” Zheng Tianlun widened his eyes in disbelief . Wei Ge said indifferently, “You underestimate Zhou Wen . How can such lightning hurt him?”

Zhou Wen walked towards the bank with Fang Ruoxi, but the lightning didn’t descend from the void again .

Zhou Wen landed on the shore and just as he put Fang Ruoxi down, two golden beams shot out of the Buddha statue’s eyes and headed straight for him .

Is it finally coming? Zhou Wen felt a little excited . He didn’t know what the Buddha Eye-Opening’s power would bring him .

However, in the next second, Zhou Wen was stunned . The golden beam from the Buddha’s eyes didn’t shine on him but on Fang Ruoxi who was on the ground .

Fang Ruoxi’s hair and skin that had been charred from the lightning strike rapidly healed under the golden light . Not only did she recover from her own injuries, but she also became even more crystalline . Amidst her black hair was a faint golden luster .

From the looks of it, the Buddha statue chose Fang Ruoxi from the beginning . After all, she was the first person to enter the river . Zhou Wen guessed the reason why the Buddha statue had chosen Fang Ruoxi . He wasn’t envious at all . Fang Ruoxi had such an opportunity because she had pursued it with all her might .

Fang Ruoxi opened her eyes . Even her pupils seemed to glow with a faint golden luster . It made her seem a little different from before .

“Why am I here? Didn’t I get struck by lightning?” Fang Ruoxi sat up and looked around in a daze .

“It was Old Zhou who saved you . Furthermore, you were lucky to have received the Buddha statue’s gaze . However, you need to thank Old Zhou . If he hadn’t helped you block eight bolts of lightning, you would probably have lost your life instead of enjoying the Buddha affinity,” Li Xuan said jealously .

“Thank you, Zhou Wen,” Fang Ruoxi stood up and stood in front of him .

“It’s nothing . It’s nothing . ” Zhou Wen shook his head slightly and turned to look at the Buddha statue on the stone wall . However, the Buddha statue had already closed its eyes and returned to its normal appearance . The lotus flowers and leaves in the river also withered in an instant . In the end, they all melted into the river, leaving nothing behind .

When the crowd of onlookers saw that the Buddha statue had lost its divine glow and the surface of the river had returned to normal, they knew that they had missed the Buddha Eye-Opening this time and could not help but feel regret . Previously, they had not jumped into the river like Fang Ruoxi’s search for a Buddhist affinity . Otherwise, they might have gotten it instead .

A number of people left in disappointment, but there were also quite a number of people who looked over . Apart from asking about who had obtained the Buddhist affinity, they were mostly asking about Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen had managed to withstand eight golden lightning bolts with a single sword without being injured at all . It was as though he was a God of Combat embodied . It left people somewhat shocked .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to stay any longer . He informed Li Xuan, Huang Ji, and company that he had something on, before returning to his dorm .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen eagerly took out the mysterious phone and checked Truth Listener’s information .

A small golden monkey appeared on the screen . Its transformation wasn’t too great, and its body was still rather miniature . However, the golden fur on its body had turned into a dark golden color, much more restrained than before . Furthermore, it had four ears when it advanced to the Legendary stage . Now, it had six ears, three on each side . They were distributed in a triangular shape like flower petals .

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With Truth Listener looking almost the same, Zhou Wen directly looked at its stats, eager to know what power it had used .

Truth Listener: Epic (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Heaven’s Senses

Life Soul: Evil Nullification

Strength: 41

Speed: 41

Constitution: 41 Primordial Energy: 41 Talent Skill: Truth Listener, Indestructible Golden Body, Evil Warding, Nine Extremes

Companion Form: Earring

Zhou Wen saw that Truth Listener’s attribute growth was within his expectations . There weren’t any changes in skills . However, there was an additional Life Soul-Evil Nullification . It was likely the Evil Nullification Life Soul that nullified the lightning and turned it into Primordial Energy .

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However, Zhou Wen was only able to sense a thing or two when it came to a Companion Beast’s Life Soul . He had no way of completely figuring out what Evil Nullification’s exact effects were .

When he summoned Truth Listener, he saw a tiny six-eared, golden-haired monkey appear in his palm . It looked at him with eyes that suffused a golden glow .

“Summon your Life Soul for me to see,” Zhou Wen said to Truth Listener .

Truth Listener received Zhou Wen’s order, but it didn’t summon the Life Soul . It appeared to be scratching its ears and cheeks as though it didn’t know what to do . At the same time, Truth Listener had a thought transmitted into Zhou Wen’s mind .

“I can’t… I can’t…” Zhou Wen sensed that Truth Listener’s will was seemingly repeating this .

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