Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Chapter 375 - Useless Evil Nullification

Chapter 375 Useless Evil Nullification

Zhou Wen found it odd . Could it be that Truth Listener’s Life Soul is a passive Life Soul that can’t be summoned just like my Slaughterer?

Truth Listener couldn’t speak and Zhou Wen had no way of asking it . All he could do was take it in-game to fight monsters, hoping to see how much it had improved .

When he reached the poison bat cave, he summoned Truth Listener and let it kill the poison bats itself .

Truth Listener was indeed a Mythical pet . Although it was still developing, it possessed a strange strength that was astonishing . Its movement speed was as fast as lightning, and it was as fast as Zhou Wen’s Ghost Steps . Its two claws were indomitable, easily tearing apart a poison bat that was similarly at the Epic stage .

Even the poison bat Boss, White Shadow of Poison, was easily caught up by Truth Listener before tearing its body apart . What surprised Zhou Wen was that when the White Shadow of Poison entered its shadow state, it failed to dodge Truth Listener’s claws and was directly torn into two .

That petite body jumped between the horde of poisonous bats . Even though it could only kill one poisonous bat every time, the speed at which it killed them was very fast . Each swipe of the claw killed one, almost as though it was not afraid of a group brawl .

Although Truth Listener performed very well, these seemed to be skills it originally had . The reason why it had powerful Speed and Strength was that it was augmented by the Nine Extremes Primordial Energy Skill . This Primordial Energy Skill allowed Truth Listener’s Speed and Strength to exceed its limits, allowing it to produce strength that exceeded its own .

The Indestructible Golden Body made Truth Listener hardly need to dodge attacks of the same level . It wouldn’t even be easy for dimensional creatures of a higher level to kill it .

Truth Listener could really be used as a tanking pet despite it’s extremely small body .

Zhou Wen had seen these powers before, but he didn’t see the effects of its Evil Nullification Life Soul .

Seeing that the experiment was useless, Zhou Wen turned Truth Listener into an earring and went to the underground sea .

Before Zhou Wen descended to the sea, he summoned the goldfish to give it a try . The moment it landed in the seawater, it immediately vaporized immense amounts of water, producing white steam . It was like placing red-hot metal pieces into water .

Then, Zhou Wen hurriedly checked the goldfish’s stats and saw his Bad Luck instantly soar to +100 . It frightened him so much that he hurriedly unsummoned it .

You’re clearly a fish, alright? How can you not like water? This is your fault, Zhou Wen lampooned inwardly before he rushed into the sea .

After switching back to the Slaughterer Life Soul, Zhou Wen used his movement technique to circle around the nine black dragons . He was ultimately no match for it and was swallowed by a black dragon .

Apart from the enhancement in my hearing range and the details I can make out, it doesn’t seem to be of any special use . Back in Dragon Gate Grotto, it was able to turn the lightning into Primordial Energy . Why isn’t it capable of doing so now? The black dragon spewed out a few rounds of dragon breath at me, but it failed to absorb the dragon breath and convert it to Primordial Energy when it landed on me . Could it be because the black dragon is too powerful that it isn’t able to convert it in time? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he headed to Ancient Sovereign City . He wanted to see if it could absorb the flames at the Fire God Platform .

However, when the firebirds hit the blood-colored avatar, Truth Listener didn’t react at all and didn’t absorb the flames .

Could it be that it can only absorb the power of lightning? However, dimensional creatures with lightning-elemental attributes seem a little difficult to find, Zhou Wen thought for a moment and immediately thought of Li Xuan .

Li Xuan had the Thundergod Sword . He just needed to try it out with him .

He gave Li Xuan a call and asked if he was free . Since Li Xuan was free, the two of them decided to meet at the training grounds .

“Zhou Wen, look who this is?” When Li Xuan came, he had actually brought someone over .

“Ah Lai, why are you here?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . This was because Ah Lai wasn’t a student at the college . Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have been able to enter the school .

Li Xuan said smugly, “I got him an identification card and got him to be admitted into an ordinary university . Then, I used some connections to get him to come to our Sunset College as an exchange student . ”

“Awesome!” Zhou Wen gave him a thumbs up . This wasn’t something an ordinary person could do .

Ah Lai was still very quiet . He didn’t speak much . Back when Zhou Wen and Li Xuan had taken him out of the Holy Land, his memory had been damaged greatly, so his memories were limited .

Later, Ah Lai was taken back by Li Xuan and was arranged that he would stay in Li Xuan’s villa . This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen him since their farewell .

“Ah Lai is really strong . I got him to cultivate in a Primordial Energy Art and gave him some crystals . It didn’t take long for him to advance to the Legendary stage . He’s an absolute genius . Who knows, he might be able to advance to the Epic stage in a short while,” Li Xuan said excitedly .

In a certain sense, Ah Lai’s Primordial Energy Art and Primordial Energy Skills were taught by Li Xuan . It was enough to view Ah Lai as his student, so Li Xuan was very happy with Ah Lai’s achievements .

“If you need money, go to Li Xuan . If you want to beat up monsters or something, you can look for me,” Zhou Wen said to Ah Lai with a smile .

Li Xuan rolled his eyes at Zhou Wen speechlessly . “By the way, why were you looking for me?”

“I want you to help me with a test . Use your Thundergod Sword to smite me with lightning,” Zhou Wen said .

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“What’s the point of me smiting you? Even the void lightning in Dragon Gate Grotto wasn’t able to harm you at all . I doubt my lightning will do anything . ” Li Xuan curled his lips and said, “Don’t tell me you are deliberately showing off?”

“Just smite me . Why all the chatter?” Zhou Wen said .

“On your guard . ” Li Xuan suddenly unsheathed his sword and cleaved using the Thundergod Sword, slashing out a powerful lightning beam at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen had no intention of being hit . All he did was hold his Overlord Sword horizontally and block the lightning sword beam .


The lightning exploded on his sword, spreading lightning across Zhou Wen that his hair stood on end . Thanks to the electric current, his body convulsed for quite some time before he stopped .

Holy sh*t, it’s useless! Zhou Wen was depressed . Why did it work previously, but not now?

“Old Zhou, what’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you use the method you used at Dragon Gate Grotto to block my lightning?” Li Xuan felt puzzled as he looked at Zhou Wen, unsure of what he was up to .

“Again,” Zhou Wen said through gritted teeth .

“Old Zhou, when did you gain the hobby of being tortured?” Li Xuan said with a smile . However, he didn’t idle as he struck out with another lightning sword beam .

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Zhou Wen raised his sword to block the lightning sword beam, but it was the same as the previous strike . His entire body turned numb from the lightning, and his hair resembled afro curls .

“Haha, Zhou Wen, do you really have sadomasochistic tendencies? Do you want me to strike you a few more times?” Li Xuan was in a good mood . He was eager to continue, as though he wanted to cleave out a few more times .

“Smite your a*s . ” Zhou Wen was now officially certain that Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification Life Soul didn’t have the ability to convert lightning .

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