Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Chapter 376 - White Immortal

Chapter 376 White Immortal

“Old Zhou, what were you trying to do?” Li Xuan asked with a smile .

“Nothing . I’m testing my Companion Beast abilities, but it’s just a disappointment,” Zhou Wen answered truthfully .

“What Companion Beast is it? Can it only show its strength after suffering abuse?” Li Xuan was even more curious .

However, Zhou Wen wore a depressed look as he waved his hand . “Forget it . I was wrong . Let’s just leave it be . I’ll head back now . ”

“Don’t, I made an appointment with Feng Qiuyan and Gu Dian . I’ll be taking all of you to somewhere nice later,” Li Xuan said .

“Where to?” Zhou Wen asked .

Li Xuan took out a black entry pass and said, “Do you see this? This is the entry pass to White Immortal Temple . It’s very difficult to obtain it . Only five people can enter . You, Ah Lai, Feng Qiuyan, Gu Dian, and I will go together . ”

White Immortal Temple? Is there such a dimensional zone on campus? Zhou Wen thought carefully but couldn’t think of any dimensional zone of that name on campus .

“It’s not in our college, but it’s in Luoyang City . It’s a great place . You will see later,” Li Xuan said mysteriously .

“The White Immortal Temple doesn’t consecrate Madame White Snake, right?” Zhou Wen had heard his grandfather tell him the story of Madame White Snake when he was young, so the name “White Immortal” reminded him of the story .

“What is on that head of yours? Madame White Snake is suppressed in a place called Leifeng Pagoda . It’s far away in West Lake,” Li Xuan explained even though Feng Qiuyan and Gu Dian haven’t arrived yet . “The so-called White Immortal is one of the five immortals in folklore—Fox, Yellow, White, Willow, and Gray . Fox refers to Fox Immortal . You should know that foxes can cultivate to become an immortal . It’s a very common story . Yellow Immortal refers to a weasel . It’s an extremely evil thing . Willow Immortal refers to a Snake Immortal . Gray Immortal is a mouse . As for White Immortal, it is actually a Porcupine Immortal . These five immortals are more well known in the north . We have fewer than Five Immortal Temples in our area, but in Luoyang, there’s a White Immortal Temple . It has turned into a dimensional zone and has been under military control . The entry pass is hard to come by . I was lucky to get one by chance and can bring all of you to take a look . ”

“By chance?” Zhou Wen stared at Li Xuan with an odd expression .

Li Xuan knew what Zhou Wen was thinking and shook his head . “Don’t worry . This has nothing to do with my brother . Besides, death is virtually impossible in White Immortal Temple . You’ll just suffer a little . ”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen had zero ideas about White Immortal Temple; he had no idea what it looked like .

“There is a special power inside White Immortal Temple . Once you enter, every step you take will be like a needle prick . The further you go, the more intense the needle-pricking pain is . Normal people won’t go too deep, and at most, they will have many bloody holes in their soles . But if one barges in forcefully, that would be fun . I heard that an Epic expert with great movement techniques flew into the White Immortal Temple’s main hall by relying on his flying ability . However, as soon as he entered the hall, he let out a tragic cry and fell to the ground . His entire body was covered in needle holes and he was severely mangled . His blood flooded the ground and he died immediately . ”

“From the sound of it, this White Immortal Temple seems very dangerous?” Zhou Wen didn’t like to go to dangerous places .

“It’s actually not a big problem as long as we don’t force our way in . Just walk as far as you can go . If you can’t withstand the pain, just turn around and come out . As long as you turn around and walk straight, you won’t be injured . If you have a high tolerance threshold, you can walk to the incense burner in front of the hall and light a stick there . You might obtain a Companion Egg from the White Immortal,” Li Xuan said .

“What’s the level of the White Immortal Companion Egg?” Zhou Wen asked .

“The level doesn’t matter . In fact, the White Immortal Companion Egg is only at the Legendary stage . However, it has an extraordinary Life Providence . If you have a White Immortal Companion Beast, it might one day save your life . You can tell how good it is just by how much the military locks down the place . ” Having said that, Li Xuan deliberately stopped . Clearly, he was waiting for Zhou Wen to ask him questions .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to entertain him . “What is the White Immortal’s Life Providence?”

“The White Immortal’s Life Providence is impressive . It’s known as Immunity to All Illnesses . With a White Immortal Companion Beast, you can basically guarantee that you won’t fall sick . You should know how terrifying illnesses are . Although cultivators have strong bodies and typically don’t fall sick, their bodies are unable to withstand the harsh environments in dimensional zones . If they fall ill, the illness can be even more fatal than the average person . When that happens, White Immortal’s value will show itself .

Li Xuan continued, “Besides, the White Immortal Companion Beast has the ability to seek out herbs . Although it doesn’t know how to fight, it can distinguish between the strange plants in a dimensional zone . It knows which ones are poisonous and which ones are medicinal herbs . If there’s nothing to eat, one can also rely on White Immortal’s help to eat some herbs for survival . It’s better than starving to death, and there’s no need to worry about accidentally consuming poisonous plants . ”

“Now that you put it this way, this White Immortal sure is a good pet . ” Zhou Wen felt that Li Xuan was right . Immunity to All Illnesses was indeed a good Life Providence, especially when this Life Providence could aid its master .

Even a cultivator couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t fall sick . In all kinds of harsh environments, if they fell sick, it would be very troublesome . With White Immortal, there was no need to worry about it .

After a while, Feng Qiuyan and Gu Dian came one after another . The five of them successfully left the school together as Li Xuan had already prepared a permit for them to leave . Ah Lai drove the four of them to the White Immortal Temple .

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The White Immortal Temple was much smaller than Zhou Wen had imagined . It was like a small courtyard house of an ordinary family . However, its design was slightly different . There was an old wooden plaque hanging on the dilapidated wooden door . The words “White Immortal Temple” were indeed written on it, but the paint on it was almost gone .

After Li Xuan handed over the pass, the five of them walked to the door of White Immortal Temple . The door was already open, and they could see the tiny courtyard inside with a single glance . There were all kinds of small houses, but they looked like they were only used to store miscellaneous things, and not meant to consecrate other immortals .

A slightly bigger building that directly faced the door was the hall that worshiped White Immortal .

In front of the big building was a stone incense burner . The incense inside was almost completely filled .

Li Xuan gave each of them three sticks of incense before taking three sticks of incense himself . After taking off his shoes at the door, he walked in .

“Why are you taking off your shoes?” Feng Qiuyan asked in puzzlement .

Li Xuan said, “Later, my feet will be pricked with bloody holes . I’m not afraid of the blood, but dirtying my shoes and socks won’t be nice . ”

Zhou Wen and company found this reasonable, and they mimicked Li Xuan by taking off their shoes and socks before walking barefooted into the yard .

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Li Xuan took point . The moment he stepped in, his expression changed immediately, but he gritted his teeth and walked in . However, when he raised his leg, he could clearly see a bloody mark beneath his feet which formed footprints .

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