Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Chapter 377 - Bloody Footprints

Chapter 377 Bloody Footprints

Zhou Wen hesitated when he saw Li Xuan losing so much blood . One step took enough blood for plenty of games .

However, this yard was relatively small and it wouldn’t take too many steps to cover the entire distance . At most, it was about ten steps . For the sake of the White Immortal Companion Egg, Zhou Wen decided to give it a try .

Gu Dian, Feng Qiuyan, and Ah Lai followed Li Xuan inside . The expressions on everyone’s faces changed the moment they walked in . It was easy to imagine how it felt to be stabbed in the soles by needles . Feng Qiuyan and company were considered people who had a high tolerance level, but they couldn’t help but grimace .

Gu Dian had a small disadvantage . His feet were big and the blood footprints he left behind were much larger .

Zhou Wen was the last to step in . He was already mentally prepared to suffer the pain of the needles pricks, but when he stepped down on the ground, he didn’t feel any pain at all . Instead, a warm current rose from the soles of his feet and directly entered his body . It was actually Primordial Energy that surged into his body .

Truth Listener! Zhou Wen felt the power coming from the earring . It was the feeling he had when resisting the lightning in Dragon Gate Grotto . He felt pleasantly surprised .

He attempted a few more steps and indeed, he didn’t have his sole pierced like Li Xuan and company . Nor did he feel any pain . Instead, plenty of Primordial Energy seeped into his body from the soles of his feet .

Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification Life Soul is really strange . Under what kind of situations can it be used? It was lightning previously, but now it’s the power of the White Immortal Temple . The two don’t seem to match at all . What similarities do they have? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

The yard was tiny, so Li Xuan and company only took about ten steps before arriving in front of the incense burner .

However, those ten steps weren’t a breeze . Every step they took meant one bloody footprint . The further they walked in, the more bloody footprints . The pain of 10,000 needles piercing through the bottom of their feet was something that could be endured once or twice . But to take about ten steps wasn’t something ordinary people could endure .

Li Xuan was the first to walk to the incense burner . Then, he respectfully lit the three sticks of incense . After bowing three times, he inserted the incense sticks into the incense burner .

After doing all of this, Li Xuan looked in anticipation .

Zhou Wen looked in from behind and saw that there wasn’t a statue inside . On the single offering table was a wooden plaque with the words “Old Madam White” written on it .


The three incense sticks that Li Xuan inserted in the incense burner suddenly tilted, snapping from the middle .

“This trip was for nothing . You guys give it a try . ” Li Xuan gloomily retreated to the side .

Being able to walk in to offer incense was one thing, but to be able to obtain the White Immortal Companion Egg was another matter . The immediate snapping of the three incense sticks indicated that the Old Madam White hadn’t accepted Li Xuan’s incense offerings, so she naturally wouldn’t give a White Immortal Companion Egg to him .

Ah Lai walked forward and mimicked Li Xuan by bowing three times before inserting the incense sticks .

All five of them were focused on the three incense sticks, wondering if they would snap like Li Xuan’s incense .

The three incense sticks didn’t break, but they burned very quickly . What should have taken almost an hour to finish burning took only minutes .

The smoke from the three incense sticks didn’t dissipate . Instead, it gathered above them . After the three incense sticks were completely burned, the smoke turned into a white egg and landed in the incense burner .

“Ah Lai, your luck is in . Quick, take the Companion Egg,” Li Xuan said .

Ah Lai picked up the Companion Egg from the ash . It was the size of a fist, crystalline-white like porcelain .

Following that, Feng Qiuyan went to offer incense as well, but his results were the same as Li Xuan’s . The incense stick snapped just as it was inserted . Clearly, he wasn’t able to obtain Old Madam White’s favor .

Gu Dian walked over to light the incense, but this fellow didn’t bow . Instead, he lit the incense sticks and inserted them into the incense burner . This sight left Li Xuan and company shaking their heads, believing that it would be odd if such an attitude gave him a Companion Egg .

However, what astonished them was that the three crooked incense sticks that Gu Dian had placed in the incense burner, didn’t snap . They burned as quickly as before and before long, they were done burning . The smoke also turned into a Companion Egg .

“I wouldn’t have bowed if I had known . ” Li Xuan felt even more depressed when he saw that .

“Old Zhou, it’s your turn,” Li Xuan said as he looked at Zhou Wen, who was in the rear . However, he immediately felt that something was amiss .

Behind the three of them were two rows of bloody footprints . However, where Zhou Wen was standing, there was nothing . Li Xuan took a careful look and realized that from the entrance to the incense burner, there were only six rows of footprints . Indeed, there were no signs of Zhou Wen’s .

Zhou Wen was just about to offer some incense when he heard Li Xuan say, “Old Zhou, what’s wrong with you?”

“Coach hasn’t offered the incense yet . What do you mean what’s wrong?” Feng Qiuyan asked .

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Li Xuan pointed at the bloody footprints on the ground and said, “I’m not talking about the incense . I’m referring to the bloody footprints . All of us left bloody footprints . Why doesn’t Zhou Wen have any?”

Feng Qiuyan and company hadn’t noticed Zhou Wen who was in the rear . Now that Li Xuan had said so, they looked back, and indeed, they didn’t see Zhou Wen’s bloody footprints .

Zhou Wen said, “I happen to have a Companion Beast that can restrain the power here, so I didn’t suffer the needle-pricking . ”

“Seriously? Where did you get your Companion Beast from? I’ll go get one too . ” Li Xuan widened his eyes . He had never heard of any Companion Beast being able to ward off the needle-pricking in White Immortal Temple .

“Small Buddha Temple, you can try it if you want,” Zhou Wen said .

Li Xuan’s eyes widened . “You actually went to Small Buddha Temple . I heard that many people died there . They died for no reason after entering . You didn’t die and even got a Companion Egg from there?”

“I read a strategy on the Internet before . The strategy guide said that as long as you cultivate in the Heart Meditation Primordial Energy Skill, you can safely enter Small Buddha Temple . However, in the main hall, you have to first learn a Primordial Energy Art on a stone monument in the monastery . Otherwise, entering means death . I tried it, and the strategy was right . ” Zhou Wen made it clear . If Li Xuan and company had a chance to enter, it would be best if they could obtain the Companion Egg inside . After all, Zhou Wen wasn’t able to obtain it .

Be it in-game or in reality, he had already been there . After receiving Truth Listener, the three-faced Buddha had no reaction to him at all .

“You dare believe in a strategy on the Internet? Count yourself lucky that you aren’t dead . I think I’ll forget it . ” Li Xuan shook his head . If he were to train in other Primordial Energy Arts again, it was a question whether he could master it, but if it had a conflict with the Invincible Connate Divine Art, it wouldn’t be worth the loss .

“Coach, you cultivate multiple Primordial Energy Arts on the side?” Feng Qiuyan asked in surprise .

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“Just for fun . I still mainly cultivate my Primordial Energy Art,” Zhou Wen said .

Feng Qiuyan praised, “It’s said that a Primordial Energy Art in a dimensional zone needs special physiques to master them . Coach, you were able to gain entry on a minor cultivation even though you didn’t cultivate it deeply . Your talent is too astonishing . ”

“Let’s not talk about anything else . In terms of talent, no one is better than Old Zhou . He’s still this strong despite gaming all day, if he focused on cultivation, I don’t think anyone could even come close,” Li Xuan said .

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