Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: Chapter 378 - Explosion

Chapter 378 Explosion

“Indeed . Coach is the rarest talent I’ve ever seen . ” Feng Qiuyan nodded in agreement as he looked at Zhou Wen with admiration .

Although Zhou Wen was a little thick-skinned, he couldn’t stand it any longer . They just didn’t know how hard he worked all day, playing games with everything he had . He bled and sweat in the true sense of the word; his efforts were no less than any other .

It was a pity that others only thought of him as gaming . It wasn’t something he could explain either .

All he could do was pretend not to have heard them . When he turned around and walked to the incense burner, he lit the three incense sticks . Holding them in his hand, he bent down and prepared to bow like Li Xuan .

However, just as Zhou Wen bent down slightly, there was a loud thud . The wooden plaque on the offering table shook a little and fell to the ground .

Zhou Wen was taken aback as Li Xuan, Feng Qiuyan and company wore looks of astonishment, unsure what was going on .

They didn’t sense any wind . Besides, this was a dimensional zone . Even if there was wind, it was impossible to blow off a wooden tablet . Why would the wooden tablet fall?

Zhou Wen already roughly knew what was going on and was certain that it had something to do with his Life Providence . Back in the Earth Temple, the statue of an orthodox deity like Earth Lord hadn’t even dared receive his bow by automatically moving to the side . White Immortal, who wasn’t a true deity, naturally couldn’t have her tablet take his bow .

Earth Lord gave me a treasure map after all . You should give me something, right? Zhou Wen didn’t bow and inserted the three incense sticks into the incense burner .

And once this happened, there was a boom as the fallen wooden tablet exploded into wooden splinters .

“What… What’s happening…” Li Xuan and company looked at each other, unsure what was going on .

“Old Zhou, you are freaking awesome . You blew up Old Madam White’s tablet!” Li Xuan patted Zhou Wen on the shoulder .

Zhou Wen was too deep for tears . All he wanted was a Companion Egg . But this f**king tablet even exploded . From the looks of it, he had zero chance of getting the Companion Egg . Zhou Wen saw that the three incense sticks were slowly burning . They didn’t snap, but they didn’t burn at an accelerated speed .

“Let’s not talk so much . Let’s quickly leave . Otherwise, it will be very troublesome when the guards outside realize that the tablet is gone . We might get into trouble,” Feng Qiuyan said .

“Yes, let’s go . ” Li Xuan firmly believed so .

Zhou Wen looked at the pile of wood splinters, feeling depressed . However, he had no choice . All he could do was follow Li Xuan and company out of the White Immortal Temple .

Zhou Wen wasn’t injured, so he put his shoes on straight away .

Li Xuan and Gu Dian’s recovery abilities were excellent . By the time they walked out, the injuries on their feet had healed . It was as though they had never been injured .

Feng Qiuyan and Ah Lai didn’t have such powerful recovery abilities, so they could only use their socks to wipe off the blood on their soles .

The five of them hurried out of the White Immortal Temple . The soldiers guarding the temple did not see what had happened inside, nor did they stop them .

If I can’t offer incense, wouldn’t I be missing the benefits I can get from many dimensional zones? Zhou Wen felt somewhat depressed when he didn’t see the tiny palm symbol and couldn’t download the temple .

His Life Soul was good, but it didn’t distinguish . It even exploded tablets, so how was he to obtain any benefits?

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but recall what had happened during the day . He couldn’t help but think . During the Buddha Eye-Opening, Fang Ruoxi jumped into the river and triggered a lightning that resembled heavenly punishment . It was reduced to Primordial Energy by Truth Listener’s power . After walking into the White Immortal Temple today, the needle-pricking power was resolved by Truth Listener’s powers . It appears they aren’t connected, but on second thought, they seem to be of the same origin . It’s as though these two powers are punishment-types . Could it be that the effects of the Evil Nullification Life Soul resist punishment-type powers?

It doesn’t seem right . Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss again, but an idea suddenly flashed in his mind as he thought of the tunnels protected by Aoyin .

There were two tunnels that appeared to be similar in situation to White Immortal Temple . Zhou Wen decided to try out to see if Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification Life Soul was useful there .

He directly activated the Zhuolu instance dungeon, controlled the blood-colored avatar, and stormed all the way to the ruins’ tunnels before arriving in front of the Aoyin stone statue .

This time, Zhou Wen didn’t take any poison bats as sacrifice . He summoned Truth Listener to transform into an earring before Zhou Wen chose the right tunnel .

Without a sacrifice, strange text would appear in the tunnel . Those words would turn into living beings that attacked anyone inside the tunnel . Even the armor formed by the Mutated Stone Chi could not withstand their sharp teeth .

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If he attacked those text monsters, he would be injured instead .

This time, Zhou Wen didn’t see the text when he walked in . Instead, a strange strength surging around him, turned into Primordial Energy that surged into his body . It filled his Primordial Energy with the excess gushing out from all his pores .

It really works . Zhou Wen was delighted . Truth Listener’s Life Soul seemed to be more useful than he had imagined . It even managed to convert the strange powers of the Aoyin tunnel into Primordial Energy .

What kind of power does Evil Nullification Life Soul possess? Zhou Wen felt that the power of the Evil Nullification Life Soul seemed to have something to do with some strange powers, but he was temporarily unable to precisely define it .

Without pushing open the door to enter the temple, Zhou Wen ran to the left passageway . Despite no sacrificial items, the left passageway never mutated . At the same time, large amounts of Primordial Energy were converted into Zhou Wen’s body through the Truth Listener earring .

This delighted Zhou Wen . Although he could use sacrifices to pass through the passageway, the offerings had a time limit . In the future, if he really needed to enter the temple to look for the former principal, it would have been a huge problem when he came out if he had stayed inside for too long .

Now that he had Truth Listener’s Evil Nullification Life Soul, he didn’t need to worry about these problems . He could freely enter and exit the Aoyin tunnels and replenish his Primordial Energy . This ensured his safety, making Zhou Wen even more confident of entering the temple to seek out the former principal .

Since the power of the Aoyin tunnel is restrained by Truth Listener, will the Aoyin stone statue be restrained as well? Zhou Wen’s mind became active .

In the past, he didn’t have the ability to target the Aoyin stone statue, but things were different now .

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With this in mind, Zhou Wen came in front of the Aoyin stone statue again and sized it up .

The Aoyin stone statue was like a traveler in a cloak . It had no eyes, or ears, and a slightly open mouth as if it could devour anyone at any moment .

In the past, Zhou Wen had tried attacking the Aoyin stone statue but ended up being swallowed by it . No attack worked .

Gritting his teeth, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to summon his Overlord Sword . After gesturing at the Aoyin stone statue a few times, he slashed out with the Demonic Astral Wheel .

The blood-colored wheel of light slashed at the head of the sculpture .

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