Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 379

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Chapter 379: Chapter 379 - Slaying Aoyin

Chapter 379 Slaying Aoyin

The Aoyin stone statue’s mouth suddenly split open like a devil’s mouth, reaching almost to its earlobes . It was pitch-black inside and, like a black hole, it swallowed the Demonic Astral Wheel .

The Demonic Astral Wheel with the Ever-Victorious trait seemed to be sucked into a bottomless abyss . Not a single ripple stirred .

Zhou Wen constantly produced sword beams one after another with Overlord Sword, using all his strength with every strike . With the augmentation of Slaughterer, he slashed out Demonic Astral Wheel at the stone statue like it cost nothing .

The Aoyin stone statue remained standing there without any signs of its body changing or moving . However, it strangely entered some form of translation motion . It kept opening its mouth and swallowing the sword beams .

In the next second, the Aoyin stone statue arrived in front of the blood-colored avatar . The stone statue looked as though it had never moved . However, its large mouth was on the brink of devouring the blood-colored avatar .

Zhou Wen was delighted by this . This was because he had previously seen the stone statue’s mouth occupy the entire phone screen and devour the blood-colored avatar, but he had no means of dodging or counterattacking .

However, this time, he actually saw the Aoyin stone statue move, and there was no sign of the sculpture occupying the entire screen of the phone . In other words, he could now fight the Aoyin stone statue . Just this point alone deserved his joy .

Truth Listener’s earring emitted heat the entire time, transforming a mysterious force into Primordial Energy that injected into Zhou Wen’s body .

Zhou Wen knew that this was because Truth Listener had blocked a certain power from the Aoyin stone statue . Otherwise, the blood-colored avatar would have been swallowed by the stone statue like before .

He instantly activated Ghost Steps, dodging the mouth of the Aoyin stone statue . At the same time, his Overlord Sword brought with it an intense sword flash that cleaved at the waist of the Aoyin stone statue .

However, the Aoyin stone statue’s speed was even faster than Zhou Wen when he used Ghost Steps . The stone statue moved with every move the Overlord Sword made . The sword beams produced were always three inches from the stone statue, unable to catch up to it at all .

Aoyin moved to Zhou Wen’s side and bit down again, attempting to swallow him whole .

Zhou Wen constantly made use of Ghost Steps to move while slashing out sword beams . However, the Aoyin stone statue kept moving . Zhou Wen just couldn’t hit it; instead, the blood-colored avatar nearly got bitten by the Aoyin stone sculpture several times .

However, without the mysterious force plaguing him, Zhou Wen had the ability to fight . He didn’t find the Aoyin stone statue that terrifying .

Having fast speeds and powerful strength, as well as the ability to devour anything meant that Zhou Wen just needed time to figure out a solution to the problem . He was afraid of powers that he could succumb to without seeing or figuring out what they were .

Although he was at a disadvantage, Zhou Wen gradually figured out the combat style of the Aoyin stone statue .

It once again bit at Zhou Wen, but this time, Zhou Wen didn’t dodge with Ghost Steps . A strange ring suddenly appeared on his finger . The eyes of the ghostly face on the ring flashed as Zhou Wen’s body vanished . When he appeared again, he was by the side of the Aoyin stone statue .

“Die!” Overlord Sword slashed at the neck of the Aoyin stone sculpture that had lowered its head for the bite .


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The Overlord Sword with Ever-Victorious sliced through the stone statue with an intense Fangwheel Sword Flash, causing the stone powder and sparks to fly . The stone statue’s head was chopped off .

Once he had beheaded the stone statue, its body shattered . At the same time, a notification popped up on the phone: ‘Killed Epic creature, Aoyin Stone Statue . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

The Aoyin Stone Statue is only at the Epic stage? That’s right . After all, it’s only a stone statue . It isn’t Aoyin itself . Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk over and pick up a dimensional crystal from the rubble .

It was a gray crystal with an image of Aoyin inside . It was actually a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what skills Aoyin had, and he couldn’t be bothered to think further . He directly allowed the blood-colored avatar to absorb the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

Soon, a strange energy emitted from the phone and flowed into Zhou Wen’s body like a bolt of lightning . It surged through his meridians and formed a new Primordial Energy circulation in his body . At the same time, some vague information entered his brain .

A notification popped up on his phone: ‘Absorbed Aoyin Stone Statue Crystal . Attained Primordial Energy Skill: Tongue Blade (Rank 9) . ’

Zhou Wen’s expression turned odd . He had heard of Primordial Energy Skills like hand blades or arm blades, but this was the first time he had heard of tongue blades .

Using one’s tongue as a weapon… That’s really… Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless . However, he was overjoyed when he carefully studied what it did .

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Tongue Blades were essentially the same as Primordial Energy Skills such as hand blades and arm blades . They used part of his body as a weapon, but the tongue was just too weak . Without bones in them, using tongues as weapons was even harder .

Aoyin Tongue Blade wasn’t really about using a tongue to lick the enemy . Instead, one released Primordial Energy from their tongue to attack the enemy . It was similar to using a finger to shoot out a sword beam . However, using a tongue to emit a sword beam was clearly more unexpected .

I never expected the Aoyin Stone Statue to have this ability . Why didn’t I see it being used just now? Zhou Wen imagined fighting an enemy in the future in an intense battle when he would open his mouth and spit at the other party . However, it wasn’t saliva, but a sword beam . What would the other party’s expression be?

Tongue Blade is good . This skill is great . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be happy when he thought of it .

After killing the Aoyin Stone Statue gatekeeper, and obtaining a rather practical Primordial Energy Skill . Zhou Wen wished to grind it a few more times, but even if he was willing to bleed, he was unable to kill the Aoyin Stone Statue without Lost Country’s ability to teleport .

Even if the blood-colored avatar were to die and be reborn, the power of the Life Soul wouldn’t refresh . It was still in sync with Zhou Wen’s true body .

It’s a pity that the three Life Souls have to match the corresponding Primordial Energy Art and Life Providence . I’m unable to use them together . If only I could use them together, my combat strength would rise to a whole new level, Zhou Wen thought with no regrets .

After leaving the Zhuolu battlefield, Zhou Wen didn’t grind the Bat Cave again . The poisonous bats mainly produced Speed Crystals . Zhou Wen’s current Speed Crystal was now at 40 points while the other three stats were slightly above 30 . Therefore, he planned on changing his grinding spot .

He didn’t have any hopes of reaching 41 . Before heading to Zhuolu, he had to at least raise his four basic stats to 40 .

Apart from the Zhuolu battlefield, Dragon Gate Grotto and Pool City were the only dungeons that had relatively more Epic creatures . Dragon Gate Grotto’s Epic creatures were quite scattered, so it wasn’t convenient grinding the map . Therefore, Zhou Wen planned on heading to the underground Pool City .

Zhou Wen had been grinding the Poison Wyrm Pool for a very long time, but he was still lacking one of the Poison Dragon Fingers to gather all five . He didn’t know what effects there would be if he gathered them all . Therefore, he could use this opportunity to grind them again .

Other than the Poison Wyrm Pool, there were also many Epic creatures like the Sword Fang Fish and Electric Eel in Pool City . There was also the most common Jade Toad .

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