Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Li Weiyang was rendered speechless . It wasn’t that there weren’t any students that were stronger than Gu Dian in Sunset College . Those that ranked in the top twenty in the school’s internal examinations were basically at the Legendary stage . They were naturally stronger than Gu Dian .

However, Li Weiyang didn’t have any close ties with those seniors . They weren’t necessarily going to provide their help without any reason if she recruited them . Furthermore, with the battle about to begin, it was too late .

Gao Yang and Su Mei had never mentioned letting Gu Dian fight . Clearly, by letting him step forward now, it was to prevent Li Weiyang and company from having the time to find more reinforcements .

“Sis Weiyang, what do we do now?” A girl looked at Li Weiyang worriedly .

Li Weiyang clenched her teeth . “At this juncture, I can only try my best . ”

“Sis Weiyang, perhaps we should just forget it . We don’t want the Companion Egg . Gu Dian is so terrifying . It won’t be good if he flares up and injures you,” a girl said .

Although the girls were somewhat unwilling, they persuaded her to relent .

“We can’t let those two f*ckers, Gao Yang and Su Mei, walk off with all the benefits . ” Li Weiyang just couldn’t let it go seeing Gao Yang’s and Su Mei’s smug looks .

After taking off her denim jacket and throwing it to a girl, Li Weiyang walked over to the ring with a heavy expression .

The fighting ring of the Companion Beast Arena was actually meant for Companion Beasts . This was because combat had many indeterminable factors and was extremely dangerous . Therefore, the League didn’t promote private battles .

However, battles between Companion Beasts were greatly encouraged . Every city had numerous Companion Beast Arenas—facilities that allowed human experts with Companion Beasts to use their companions for battle .

Companion Beast competitions had already become a huge industry in the League . Many humans with powerful Companion Beasts had become celebrities with an influence that far exceeded those entertainment celebrities of yesteryear .

After all, having strong companions meant powerful strength for themselves . They were genuinely the best among humanity .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t pay too much attention to Companion Beast competitions, he also knew several Companion Beast celebrities due to the advertisements that were everywhere .

For example, the number one Companion Beast in the world was the Epic stage Verbis Diablo Holy Angel that was known by all . The person who owned her had naturally become a top celebrity .

Of course, this ranking of first place only included those who participated in Companion Beast competitions . There were definitely powerful Companion Beasts who had never participated .

Zhou Wen heard that when Legendary experts went on expeditions in the dimensional zones, they would mostly fight with their Companion Beasts . Unless necessary, no one wished to engage the battle in person . After all, they only had one life . The death of a Companion Beast wasn’t the end, but it wasn’t the same for humans .

Furthermore, a person could control multiple Companion Beasts . This made them far stronger than fighting alone .

Li Weiyang got into the fighting ring and stood opposite Gu Dian . Although Li Weiyang stood at 1 . 7 meters, making her rather tall among girls, she appeared petite in front of Gu Dian .

“Gu Dian, can you not intervene?” Li Weiyang glared at Gu Dian and asked .

“No,” Gu Dian answered very directly without any hesitation .

Li Weiyang wasn’t one to drag things out . Without a word, her long legs produced terrifying strength, appearing in front of Gu Dian in a few steps . She leaped up and exerted immense strength with a twist of her waist, throwing out a kick . It struck out like a bolt of lightning, hitting Gu Dian in the neck .

Zhou Wen nodded secretly . Li Weiyang was indeed pretty good, far stronger than Xu Miantu . Furthermore, her kick was clearly a Primordial Energy Skill . That strike alone was enough to snap a human-sized tree .

However, Gu Dian didn’t react, despite being hit by such a kick, allowing Li Weiyang to cleave down at his neck with her long blade-like leg .


There was a loud thud and everyone was alarmed . Gu Dian remained standing there, having received Li Weiyang’s strike . Yet, his neck didn’t even move .

Although Gao Yang and Su Mei knew that Gu Dian was strong, they never expected him to be this terrifyingly strong . Faced with Li Weiyang’s Primordial Energy Skill kick, he had taken on the blow without dodging . His body hadn’t even trembled once .

Li Weiyang was equally shocked, but she didn’t hesitate . Clenching her teeth, she turned her body and did a back kick, throwing out four kicks from her long, but strong, legs like a butterfly .

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Gu Dian stood there like a tower, taking Li Weiyang’s four kicks without defending or dodging . From beginning to end, he stood there motionless without Li Weiyang injuring him at all .

When Li Weiyang was about to kick the fifth time, Gu Dian finally moved . His hand shot out like lightning and grabbed her leg in midair .

The next moment, Gu Dian held up Li Weiyang’s leg and, like throwing a sandbag, smashed Li Weiyang onto the ground .

With a loud thud, Li Weiyang’s body bounced half a foot in the air after hitting the ring and then fell .

Although the ring’s surface was covered with a special rubber material that provided powerful dampening force, it still didn’t stop Li Weiyang from spewing out a mouthful of blood . She didn’t manage to get up immediately .

“Gu Dian, you really don’t know how to go easy on girls . How can you treat such a beauty in this way?” Su Mei said gloatingly .

Gu Dian ignored her and asked Li Weiyang, who was struggling to get up, “Are we continuing?”

“Yes . Why not? I haven’t lost . ” Li Weiyang struggled to her feet, the corners of her mouth stained with blood . Her arm had been dislocated from the throw, but she continued speaking stubbornly .

“Sis Weiyang, stop it . We don’t want the Companion Egg…” A girl was on the brink of tears .

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However, Gu Dian didn’t care . Just as Li Weiyang made it clear that she could continue, he dashed towards her like a tank . Grabbing her by the head, he pressed her down onto the ring .


Li Weiyang’s face hit the ground and although the rubber surface provided some dampening, Gu Dian was just too strong . By exerting some force, he made her nose bridge and brow ridge crack . Blood began flowing everywhere .

“Are we continuing?” Gu Dian looked at Li Weiyang and continued asking .

Li Weiyang’s face was covered with blood . She propped herself up with one hand on the ground, making several bids to exert strength to stand up, the look in her eyes tenacious .

A timid girl was about to cry . Zhou Wen could tell that Li Weiyang would continue based on the look in her eyes .

Why is this woman so stubborn? Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

He hadn’t had any intention of bothering with this matter, but he couldn’t bring himself to watch Li Xuan’s sister being brutally tortured having received free board and lodging from him .

“Wait a moment,” Zhou Wen said before Li Weiyang could even reply .