Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 380

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Chapter 380: Chapter 380 - A Way to Advance the Life Soul

380 A Way to Advance the Life Soul

Although there were quite a number of Epic creatures like Jade Toad, and it could drop many good items, there were not many tutors in the college who were willing to kill one .

The Jade Toad was poisonous . The blood and bodily fluids that spewed out were deadly poisonous if one managed to lacerate it . Just touching a little bit of it was enough to kill someone .

Before its death, the Jade Toad would even self-destruct . Within a radius of tens of meters, the poison would spray everywhere . Touching any bit of it could result in death .

If there wasn’t a special need, who would risk their lives to kill such a dimensional creature? Humans were still humans after all . Even if they had the ability to kill Jade Toads, who could guarantee that they wouldn’t be distracted for a moment? If they were stained with the poison, their outcome would be dire .

Naturally, Zhou Wen didn’t have any qualms about that . His Poison stat was close to 20, so he didn’t take to heart the typical poison . Furthermore, he wasn’t afraid of death in-game .

Jade Toads and Poison Bats were poisonous creatures, but the crystals they dropped were mainly Strength-type . Occasionally, some high-level Primordial Energy Crystals would drop, making them rather good options .

Zhou Wen came to the underground Pool City and arrived at a region with shallow water . Indeed, there was a huge green toad sprawled on the roof .

Although this fellow could stay in water, it didn’t usually do so .

Without a word, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to pull out the Overlord Sword and slashed out with a sword beam from afar .

The sword beam was as fast as lightning . The Jade Toad’s speed was too slow and it was unable to dodge in time . All it could do was spit out venom to block the sword beam, but the sword beam sliced through the venom, slicing through its body .


The Jade Toad exploded, and its poisonous green blood splattered everywhere, dyeing the nearby waters a dark green color .

Zhou Wen was overjoyed when he saw a dimensional crystal drop—Strength +36 . He hurriedly sent the blood-colored avatar flying over to pick it up .

There was also poisoned blood on the dimensional crystal . When the blood-colored avatar picked it up, it had dyed its hands with a little green poison . However, the poison didn’t spread . After Zhou Wen washed away the poison on the dimensional crystal, the poison on the blood-colored avatar’s finger also slowly subsided .

The poison of this Jade Toad is even more powerful than the poison from the Poison Bat . It should also drop Poison Crystals, right? Zhou Wen was filled with anticipation when he saw this . Perhaps, he could obtain higher-valued Poison Crystals here .

Zhou Wen spent most of his time grinding Jade Toads . Before he dripped his blood to respawn the underground Pool City, he would kill the baby tiger and grind Tiger Cage Pass .

The Tiger Cage Demonized General was awesome . Furthermore, Zhou Wen also wanted to use the warlock at Tiger Cage Pass to hone his combat skills . The warlock was indeed powerful, making it difficult to kill him . However, using him to train his combat skills was better than using anyone else .

Typical dimensional creatures didn’t have high intelligence, making them mostly rely on their natural talents when it came to combat technique . It was very rare to have enemies like the Tiger Cage Pass warlock .

He had no clue about the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra or the Dao Sutra Life Soul, nor did he find a way to advance the Slaughterer Life Soul . Instead, he attempted raising the Ancient Sovereign Sutra Life Soul .

The way to level up the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was through combat . As long as he kept fighting, the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul would gradually grow . However, ordinary battles wouldn’t have much effect on it; it had to be a high-intensity battle before it could evolve .

Zhou Wen realized that the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul underwent some strange changes while in battle with the Tiger Cage Pass warlock . Although he hadn’t advanced it to an Evolved Body, it was indeed growing .

In battles between dimensional creatures, most of them rely on their talent and instincts . There aren’t many truly skilled dimensional creatures . Speaking of techniques, humans are better at it… Zhou Wen thought for a moment . If he wanted the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul to evolve, he would have to fight other humans .

In school, the only opponent Zhou Wen could think of was Feng Qiuyan . Although there were other schoolmates who had talent on a par with Feng Qiuyan, they hadn’t advanced to the Epic stage yet and were unable to reach the level the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul required in battle .

Although Feng Qiuyan is powerful, his saber techniques are too singular . His battle style is just speed . This doesn’t seem to match the Ancient Sovereign Sutra’s intent . After some thought, Zhou Wen realized that he probably wouldn’t be able to spar with his schoolmates . However, other than students, there were many tutors in school who were genuine Epic experts .

However, tutors usually wouldn’t spar with students . Even his own class’s tutor might not spar with him, let alone those tutors who were only in charge of teaching .

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After Zhou Wen studied all the tutors in the college, he felt that one tutor would probably be willing to be his opponent .

This tutor was Wei Feng, a tutor who was responsible for imparting boxing techniques in the college . He was adept at all kinds of powerful boxing techniques . Skills such as Golden Palm and Fiend Suppression Fist were a piece of cake for Wei Feng . It was said that the fist-type Primordial Energy Skill he was most skilled at was called “Explosive Fist . ” The strength of a single punch was like a bomb that could blast a house into ruins . It was truly the best choice for house demolitions .

Zhou Wen heard that Wei Feng was an old military officer who could have enjoyed life after retirement . However, he wanted to relieve his excess zeal, so he accepted the college’s offer to teach at Sunset College .

Although Wei Feng was a tutor now, his temper didn’t change much when compared to his time in the military . He wore his heart on his sleeve and had a fiery temper . He would take action as a demonstration if there was any disagreement .

Of course, it was only limited to a demonstration . He wouldn’t really attack students, nor would he let students be injured .

Zhou Wen had also heard that Wei Feng was used to fighting in the military . After coming to school, with no one to fight him, he wasn’t used to it and often got other tutors to spar with him . Many tutors were already scared of him .

Some of them really weren’t his match, while others were irritated by his pestering . As long as he couldn’t beat them, Wei Feng would continue to pester them until he defeated them . If he was in a good mood, he would want several more rounds of battles .

Most people wouldn’t be able to tolerate this . Therefore, most of the tutors in the college changed expressions and hid far away when they saw him .

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Others couldn’t stand him, but Zhou Wen happened to be looking for such a trait . Therefore, after asking around about Wei Feng, he found some time to attend his class .

Zhou Wen was already a famous person in school . Although he kept a low profile as he entered the lecture hall and chose an inconspicuous spot to sit down, he was still recognized by other students .

“Why is Zhou Wen attending Tutor Wei’s class?” Many students whispered to each other when they saw him .

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