Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 381

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Chapter 381: Chapter 381 - Untitled

Chapter 381 Untitled

Zhou Wen had recently become more accustomed to being gossiped about or discussed in private, especially after Wang Mingyuan’s incident . This situation was already very common . As long as he was recognized while he was on campus, people would point fingers at him .

Of course, not all of them were malicious . Most of them were just discussing him .

After Wei Feng arrived, the lively lecture hall became quiet . It seemed that the students were still rather afraid of Wei Feng .

Zhou Wen secretly sized him up . Although he wasn’t too tall, he was very imposing . He had quite a burly build and he carried a sense of valor, one that Zhou Wen had only seen from soldiers before . Although the typical tutor was strong, they didn’t have such traits .

“Today, let’s talk about how to use the Yin force in a fist technique . ” Wei Feng really liked to demonstrate in person while lecturing .

Zhou Wen saw Wei Feng take out a transparent scarf and hang it on a rope . Then, he punched at the silk cloth and produced a hole .

“Who wants to give it a try?” Wei Feng glanced at the students .

Zhou Wen originally imagined the typical student wouldn’t be willing to step forward when a tutor asked for volunteers . He had attended classes from other tutors in the past, and only a few students who were more eager to learn were willing to cooperate .

However, the students who were listening in class all eagerly raised their hands to sign up . Every one of them raised their hands high as though afraid that Wei Feng wouldn’t choose them .

What’s going on? Is Wei Feng that popular? Zhou Wen was alarmed .

“That student who didn’t raise his hand, come up . ” Wei Feng swept his gaze and finally looked over at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen looked left and right and realized that he was the only one in the entire lecture hall who hadn’t raised his hand . As for the other students, they looked at him with a faint smile .

Zhou Wen immediately understood why the other students eagerly raised their hands . It was obvious that they already knew Wei Feng’s character . They knew that the more they didn’t wish to volunteer, the easier it would be for Wei Feng to select them . This was why they were all so enthusiastic .

“Stop looking around . You are the one I’m talking about,” Wei Feng said to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to stand up and walk up the podium .

He had also attended a few lectures by other tutors . It was truly his first time seeing a temper like Wei Feng’s .

To have so many students attend his class despite his way of selecting volunteers, this also meant that Wei Feng’s lectures weren’t too bad . Otherwise, no student would have attended his class . After all, Wei Feng was not the only tutor in the college who taught boxing .

“I haven’t seen you before . Is it your first time attending my class? What’s your name?” Wei Feng asked Zhou Wen as he tied a new scarf on the rope .

“Zhou Wen,” Zhou Wen answered .

Wei Feng didn’t seem acquainted with Zhou Wen’s name . He only nodded slightly and said to Zhou Wen, “Alright, you can throw out the punch . With the strength of a fist, I can consider giving you ten credits if you can penetrate the silk cloth . ”

Most credits were distributed by a student’s tutor . A pure lecturer like Wei Feng didn’t have many credits to give, but it wasn’t that he didn’t have any . He could occasionally use them to reward students .

“Thank you then, Tutor . ” Zhou Wen’s mood immediately lightened up when he heard that there were credits to be earned .

“It’s good to be confident,” said Wei Feng with a smile . Clearly, he had no idea about Zhou Wen; otherwise, he wouldn’t have suggested giving him credits .

Apart from cultivation, Wei Feng usually read about the League news and the battle reports at the front lines . He wasn’t interested in the gossip about students and teachers, so he didn’t know anything about Zhou Wen . He did know about Wang Mingyuan’s matter, but he didn’t delve deep into it .

In Wei Feng’s opinion, even for top Legendary students who hadn’t practiced Yin force, it was impossible for them to penetrate a scarf with their bare hands .

The silk scarf was tough and light, and the force from a strike on it didn’t seem to hold . Without a good Yin force cultivation, no matter how strong one was, they wouldn’t be able to penetrate it . It would only cause the silk scarf to flutter .

Zhou Wen walked to the scarf and raised his right hand, flexing his wrist and doing some wrist movements .

In the past, when he practiced Inch Punch, he had also done similar training . However, he had used paper at that time which was easier to penetrate . It was more difficult when faced with a thin, light, and tough scarf like this .

Of course, the present Zhou Wen wasn’t the same as before . After moving his wrists, he raised his fist to smash at the scarf tied to a rope from above .

“Student, your posture isn’t right . Please turn your body slightly to the side and don’t deliver a straight punch when you are throwing it out . You have to move your sides…” Wei Feng corrected Zhou Wen’s actions .

Seeing how serious Wei Feng was, Zhou Wen naturally couldn’t reject him . Working with him, he posed a standard stance .

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This stance did help with the delivery of strength, but Zhou Wen had already exceeded that realm . Even if he were to lie on the ground, he could still deliver a Yin force that was powerful enough .

“Alright, you can try throwing a punch now . Remember to use the strength of your wrist and arm . Relax your arms . Don’t cramp up your muscles when you are throwing punches…” Wei Feng instructed from the side .

Zhou Wen followed his instructions and threw a punch out . The punch hit the light, thin silk scarf that didn’t seem capable of holding out against any force . However, the scarf tore and a hole appeared .

Wei Feng was stunned . He wondered inwardly, Could it be that I taught too well today that this kid can learn it in one try? That’s not right . Even if I taught him well and he completely comprehends it, he shouldn’t be able to penetrate the silk scarf without a year’s worth of practice .

“Student, have you practiced Yin force in the past?” Wei Feng asked as he sized up Zhou Wen .

“I practiced Inch force when I was in high school,” Zhou Wen answered truthfully .

“No wonder . ” Wei Feng was enlightened . He smiled and said, “Not bad . Give me your student number . I won’t give you a single point less than the ten academic credits I promised you . ”

“Tutor, can I request for these ten credits to be changed for something else?” Zhou Wen took the opportunity to ask .

Wei Feng looked at Zhou Wen with interest and said, “Tell me, what request do you have?”

“I would like you to be my sparring partner and engage in actual combat when you are free . Is that okay?” Zhou Wen asked .

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“Sure, of course . I love students like you who are self-motivated the most . When I finish my lesson, you can train for as long as you want . ” Wei Feng narrowed his eyes, and the wrinkles on his face began to show .

He was really very happy that a student wanted to spar with him in real combat . This was Wei Feng’s favorite pastime .

I hope you can hold on for a little longer . Don’t try to run too soon, Wei Feng thought to himself . He wasn’t afraid of Zhou Wen’s enthusiasm for learning would rise but he was afraid that Zhou Wen would cower back quickly .

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