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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 385

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:21 AM

Chapter 385: Chapter 385 - Inverse Ancient Sovereign

Chapter 385 Inverse Ancient Sovereign

Wei Feng only felt his Steel of Fist arm tremble and his legs turn weak . He looked at Zhou Wen, feeling an inexplicable shock .

Despite using his Primordial Energy Skill, he had only come to a draw with Zhou Wen without gaining the upper hand . The power that exploded from Zhou Wen’s body was shocking .

Looking at Zhou Wen who was emitting light and heat like a sun, Wei Feng suddenly felt that he had truly aged . This world was truly a world of young people . Their youth and vitality were something that he lacked now .

Zhou Wen felt his heart boom as all his strength surged with his blood flow, pushing him to deliver another strike .

Wei Feng could only raise his fist to meet his attack . He released his Primordial Energy Skill and clashed with Zhou Wen’s repeated punches .

This was going to cost him his life . Zhou Wen purely relied on the power of his erupting Life Soul and didn’t need to use his Primordial Energy . However, Wei Feng had to rely on his Primordial Energy Skills to fend off Zhou Wen .

Primordial Energy Skills were unleashed with the use of Primordial Energy . Wei Feng didn’t have a Slaughterer Life Soul that provided him infinite Primordial Energy; therefore, it was impossible for him to constantly release Primordial Energy Skills . After striking more than ten Explosive Fists, he felt that his Primordial Energy was almost depleted .

Wei Feng originally believed that Zhou Wen’s explosive strength couldn’t be too stable or his body wouldn’t have been able to withstand it . But to his surprise, Zhou Wen remained brimming with energy despite unleashing dozens of punches . It was as though he had an endless amount of energy .

Most terrifying of all was that the explosive strength of an ordinary person fluctuated . It was impossible for one to maintain peak strength . However, Zhou Wen’s release in strength maintained a straight line at peak strength .

Wei Feng felt his arm go numb and he almost couldn’t lift it up . If this continued, his arm would probably fracture .

Zhou Wen was completely immersed in the eruption of the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul as he delivered punch after punch . He could sense that the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul had advanced to an Evolved Body .

Zhou Wen threw another punch at Wei Feng excitedly when he suddenly saw Wei Feng stop . Wei Feng looked in the direction of the training room door and said in surprise, “We are using the training room . Come back later . ”

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but stop his punch and turn to look at the door . However, he saw that the door to the training room was still closed and there was no one there .


In the next second, Zhou Wen felt a heavy blow to his face which was covered by a helm . His head warped to the side as his body flew out and he slammed into the rubber buffers on the training room’s wall .

The punch wasn’t very heavy as Wei Feng didn’t use all his strength . Zhou Wen quickly stood up and looked at Wei Feng with a puzzled look .

Wei Feng said in all seriousness, “Zhou Wen, it looks like you lack actual combat experience . You can’t even defend against such a simple scheme . If you were on the real battlefield, you would already be dead . I’ve given you an important lesson today . Remember, you can’t make the same mistake again . Alright, let’s end the training today . ”

“Tutor, I’ll remember . Let’s continue sparring a little longer?” Zhou Wen went forward and said .

“Let’s end it here for today . You’ve trained for so long, and I think you’re tired . Let’s continue another day,” said Wei Feng as he walked .

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“Tutor, I’m not tired . Let’s continue a little while,” Zhou Wen said .

“Another day… Another day…” Wei Feng took out his phone and placed it to his ear as he walked . “Hello… Ah, my dear daughter… Why are you looking for me… What… Something happened at home… Okay, okay, okay… I’ll rush back now…”

“I’m sorry . Although I really want to continue sparring with you, something urgent has cropped up at home . Let’s spar again another day . ” As Wei Feng spoke, he quickly left the training room and disappeared without a trace .

Zhou Wen was somewhat regretful . He hadn’t completely vented all his excessive strength, so he felt somewhat uncomfortable .

However, since he no longer had an opponent, Zhou Wen could only get the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul to leave his body and float in front of him .

The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was still in the form of light, but the figure became clearer, as though it was about to condense into something corporeal .

The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was like a humanoid sun floating there . Zhou Wen no longer needed to fear the darkness no matter where he went in the future . As long as he had the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul, there was light no matter how dark it was .

He took out his mysterious phone and looked at the information after the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul evolved .

Inverse Ancient Sovereign (Evolved Body): Ancient life born from blood and fire, the sovereign who fights against the heavens .

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The Ancient Sovereign had evolved into an Inverse Ancient Sovereign . Although the note didn’t change, Zhou Wen knew that the Ancient Sovereign’s ability had undergone a substantial change .

The evolution of a Life Soul was extremely odd . Even a person who cultivated the same Primordial Energy Art would condense a different Life Soul because of their different physiques and insights .

And the evolution of a Life Soul would result in further differences due to one’s personal insights and growth .

Zhou Wen could sense that not only did the Inverse Ancient Sovereign enhance his Strength and Speed, but it could provide him with an endless stream of energy . He probably needed to test the numbers on the apparatus for the specifics .

The game only showed basic values, but not the values after a Life Soul augmentation . Therefore, Zhou Wen didn’t know what his various attributes were like under the augmentation of the Inverse Ancient Sovereign .

Indeed, it’s more interesting to spar with humans . I’ll find Tutor Wei next time for more sparring . Zhou Wen unsummoned the Mutated Stone Chi and discovered that one of its legs had snapped .

Thankfully, the Mutated Stone Chi hadn’t been obliterated . The Companion Egg was a pure energy body, so as long as it had Primordial Energy Crystals to replenish its Primordial Energy, it could slowly recover in the future .

The immense power brought about by the Inverse Ancient Sovereign Evolved Body made Zhou Wen want to advance Slaughterer even more . If Slaughterer could advance to an Evolved Body or even a Perfect Body, who knew what kind of power it would bring him .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen still didn’t have any clue of how to advance Slaughterer . He had no choice but to first evolve the Inverse Ancient Sovereign, hoping to advance it to a Perfect Body .

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However, after Zhou Wen visited Wei Feng a few times, the latter would hurriedly leave using excuses such as family matters . He didn’t give Zhou Wen any chance to spar with him .

Apart from Wei Feng, Zhou Wen didn’t have any other opponents that he could spar with . He could only temporarily put this matter aside and spend time grinding while reading classics regarding Buddhism and Daoism . He hoped to condense a Life Soul for the other two Primordial Energy Arts .

When Zhou Wen came to the Poison Wyrm Pool again and killed the Poison Wyrm, another Primordial Energy Skill Crystal dropped . However, Zhou Wen was already numb to this .

The chances of a Primordial Energy Skill dropping by the Poison Wyrm was quite high, but it was almost always Poison Dragon Finger’s 1, 2, or 4 . The lacking Poison Dragon Finger 3 never dropped .

However, when Zhou Wen allowed the blood-colored avatar to absorb the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal, he was surprised to discover that the system notified him that he had comprehended Poison Dragon Finger 3 . It jolted him awake .

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