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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 386

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:21 AM

Chapter 386: Chapter 386 - Poison Dragon Palm 

Chapter 386 Poison Dragon Palm

I actually got Poison Dragon Finger 3 to drop! Zhou Wen was immediately overjoyed . He had been grinding Poison Wyrms for so long to the point of vomiting . This was the first time he had Poison Dragon Finger 3 drop .

With all five Poison Dragon Fingers gathered, there weren’t any special changes to the Primordial Energy Skill column . The five Poison Dragon Fingers were listed separately, proving that they weren’t the same Primordial Energy Skill .

Zhou Wen attempted using five Poison Dragon Fingers together and immediately saw the blood-colored avatar’s fingers turn a pitch-black color . This was no different from before . However, what happened next delighted Zhou Wen .

The blackness on the blood-colored avatar’s fingers extended towards his palm, and moments later, the blood-colored avatar’s palm turned black .

At the same time, a notification popped up in-game: ‘Acquired Poison Dragon Palm . ’

Zhou Wen looked at his skill column and realized that the five Poison Dragon Fingers had vanished, having been replaced by an additional Poison Dragon Palm skill .

Poison Dragon Palm (Rank 10): Epic

Zhou Wen was truly taken aback . This was the first time he had seen a Primordial Energy Skill that naturally came as a Rank 10 . According to what Zhou Wen knew, Primordial Energy Skill Crystals only appeared at Rank 9 . To reach Rank 10, one had to further comprehend it themselves .

However, the Poison Dragon Palm was at Rank 10 without any need for him to comprehend it himself . It was truly powerful .

Zhou Wen thought of where he could test out the Poison Dragon Palm that he had painstakingly obtained . Immediately, he searched the underground Pool City for a while, hoping to find a Sword Fang Fish or a Jade Toad to test out the palm’s strength .

However, to his surprise, he encountered a rather rare Electric Eel . Although it couldn’t compare to Wang Fei’s Mutated Electric Eel, it was enough for his test .

As an Epic Primordial Energy Skill, when Zhou Wen condensed the Poison Dragon Palm, he didn’t sense any powerful force . It was about the same as when he used the Poison Dragon Finger . There wasn’t any special reaction, nor were there any wind forces coming from it, much less any burst of divine light . There weren’t even any poisonous gases . Apart from his palm turning black, there was nothing special about it . His strength wasn’t able to be released either .

Don’t tell me it’s still as useless as the Poison Dragon Finger? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he used Ghost Steps to appear above the Electric Eel and struck it on the back .

After water splashed, Zhou Wen’s palm struck the Electric Eel’s back, sinking it into the water . Zhou Wen could see that the palm didn’t even manage to damage a single scale . Instead, he was zapped by the Electric Eel, turning his body numb and almost falling into the water .

What the heck? This is a Primordial Energy Skill that I acquired after so much grinding? Zhou Wen immediately felt depressed . The water surface surged as the Electric Eel rapidly swam into the distance .

Zhou Wen didn’t even feel like chasing after it . After grinding it for so long, he still had some expectations . He never expected the Poison Dragon Palm to be so useless . It was basically the upgraded version of the useless Poison Dragon Finger .

However, the escaping Electric Eel had swum for almost two hundred meters when it suddenly stopped moving underwater . Moments later, Zhou Wen saw the Electric Eel float up with its belly facing up . At the same time, a notification popped up in-game .

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‘Killed Epic creature, Electric Eel . Discovered Dimensional Crystal . ’

Zhou Wen immediately widened his mouth into an “O”-shape When he saw a dimensional crystal drop from the Electric Eel’s corpse, he hurriedly rushed over to pick it up before it sank to the bottom .

This Poison Dragon Palm is rather interesting… Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised . He had actually killed the Electric Eel with just a single palm strike . Such power was indeed interesting . Furthermore, the Poison Dragon Palm’s power was clearly related to the poison . It wasn’t a traditional palm strike .

The crystal Zhou Wen obtained only had +3 in value, but upon careful inspection, the dimensional crystal dropped by the Electric Eel was a dimensional crystal that added +3 to his Electric stat and not basic stats .

After making the blood-colored avatar absorb the Electric Stat crystal, electricity flowed through his body, making him involuntarily tremble .

He saw an additional Electric attribute in his stats . Although it was only 3 points, it was enough to satisfy him . After all, the drop rate of special stat crystals was very low . His luck was pretty good for him to obtain it by simply killing a single Electric Eel .

From the looks of it, my luck has recently risen . It’s time to farm the baby tiger again . Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to head to Binyang Cave, but he returned without any success .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen wasn’t discouraged . After switching dungeons, he went to the Zhuolu ruins .

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Zhou Wen’s target was the nine chained black dragons . He wanted to test out how powerful the Poison Dragon Palm was and how high its limits were .

Being able to poison an Electric Eel to death was useless to Zhou Wen . Coupling Overlord Sword with Transcendent Flying Immortal, he could kill Electric Eels without any trouble . He didn’t need to go close, nor did he need to use his palm to directly touch the Electric Eel .

The reason he wanted to test the palm on the nine black dragons was that he couldn’t even touch the other Mythical creatures . Only when the nine black dragons were chained up and physically restrained could he have a chance of hitting them .

Zhou Wen had already tried using Overlord Sword and Lost Country’s teleportation to stab a black dragon, but only a tiny bit of the Overlord Sword’s tip penetrated . It couldn’t even penetrate the dragon scales, much less kill the black dragon .

Unless Zhou Wen could continuously stab the black dragon with a thousand strikes at the same spot, there was no way he could kill it .

However, under the combined attack of the nine black dragons, even though their actions were restrained, they were ultimately Mythical creatures; therefore, it was impossible for Zhou Wen to last too long under their siege . Delivering a few hundred swords was wishful thinking . He would be considered lucky to be able to stab several times without dying .

However, if the Poison Dragon Palm could really poison the black dragon to death, Zhou Wen had an idea . Perhaps, this gave him a chance of killing the black dragon .

Of course, this way, he wouldn’t be able to rely on Lost Country’s teleportation to approach the black dragons . He had to use Lost Country’s teleport after striking a black dragon with Poison Dragon Palm to flee . If the blood-colored avatar were to die, then it would be useless even if the Poison Dragon Palm could really poison the black dragon to death .

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Once the blood-colored avatar died, he would have to respawn . What was the point in killing the black dragon?

Therefore, after Zhou Wen thought about it, all he could do was rely on his movement technique to approach the black dragon and deliver a Poison Dragon Palm . Then, he could use his Lost Country’s teleportation ability to escape . Then, he just needed to wait for the black dragon to be poisoned to death . This was the only way he could kill a Mythical creature .

When he arrived at the underground sea again, Zhou Wen took a deep breath and switched his Life Soul to Slaughterer before jumping down and diving into the sea .

After swimming for a short while, he saw nine black dragons pulling the war wagon from the bottom of the sea . The black dragons emitted a strange dragon’s roar, causing the seawater to quake uneasily .

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