Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: Chapter 387 - Dragon Gate Stone Beas

Chapter 387 Dragon Gate Stone Beas

Although the Inverse Ancient Sovereign Life Soul could provide Zhou Wen with strength that exceeded Slaughterer, the Inverse Ancient Sovereign’s strength was too potent . It was suited for frontal combat . Zhou Wen wasn’t qualified to fight the black dragons head-on and could only use tricks . Therefore, Zhou Wen chose to use the Slaughterer Life Soul .

The strength increase provided by Slaughterer was inferior to the Inverse Ancient Sovereign, but its characteristic of infinite Primordial Energy was what Zhou Wen needed the most .

When the nine black dragons approached, Zhou Wen chose a location at the bottom of the sea that had a complicated terrain . Relying on the cover of the sea mountain, the black dragons didn’t attack him immediately .

When the nine black dragons pulled the war wagon around the undersea mountain peak, Zhou Wen used the Nine Dragons Art he had cultivated with Ghost Steps . He swam rapidly like a dragon beast in the sea, dodging the devouring of the black dragons in front of him . Before the nine black dragons surrounded him, he rushed to the bottom of the war wagon .

Zhou Wen lacked the ability to directly approach the black dragons’ bodies unless he used teleportation . However, it would be different if he relied on the war wagon’s protection .

The nine black dragons were chained and they couldn’t reach beneath the war wagon . With their mobility further weakened, Zhou Wen hid under the war wagon . When he saw a black dragon’s head extend down to him, he struck out with Poison Dragon Palm .

The black dragon reacted very quickly . Zhou Wen was already close enough, but it still reacted in time . It let out a roar as a terrifying sound wave blasted Zhou Wen’s body and swam away . He had failed to touch it with Poison Dragon Palm .

The blood-colored avatar’s body flew out uncontrollably along with the flow of water . Before Zhou Wen could stabilize the blood-colored avatar, a few black dragons pounced on him and surrounded him . A black dragon swallowed the blood-colored avatar amidst the scramble . The game screen went black .

The Poison Dragon Palm requires the palm to touch the body to work . This isn’t good . If it can injure someone across a distance, things will be much easier . Zhou Wen had no choice but to drip his blood to revive .

This time, Zhou Wen learned from his previous experience . He didn’t choose to touch the black dragons’ heads . Instead, he used the war wagon’s concealment to fend off the black dragon’s attack . He then flipped to the back of the war wagon . When a black dragon circled around to him, he turned around and charged at the black dragon’s body, striking the dragon’s scales with his Poison Dragon Palm .

With the successful palm strike, Zhou Wen was completely exposed . The nine black dragons formed a circle, making it impossible for Zhou Wen to flee .

Zhou Wen immediately switched to the Godfiend Era’s Primordial Energy Art and the Lost Country appeared on his finger . A black dragon had already sucked the blood-colored avatar to its mouth . When half the blood-colored avatar entered the dragon’s mouth, its body suddenly vanished, leaving the nine dragons stunned .

However, the teleportation distance available to Lost Country was too low . The nine black dragons quickly noticed Zhou Wen who hadn’t gone far and roared as they pursued him .

Zhou Wen swam towards the surface, but when he was in the water, Ghost Steps’ efficiency decreased significantly . Infinite Ghost Steps wasn’t able to increase his speed significantly, so before he could swim out of the sea, he was devoured by the nine black dragons .

However, with his experience hitting the black dragon once, Zhou Wen was even more certain that he could succeed . The only thing lacking was to escape alive .

As long as I can rush out of the water surface, I can use my flying abilities and Infinite Ghost Steps to escape . Even with Nine Dragons Art in the water, I can’t match a real dragon’s speed . Therefore, I have to think of a way to get my Poison Dragon Palm to strike the black dragon when I’m as close as possible to the water surface, Zhou Wen thought to himself .

He wanted to redo it, but Lost Country’s teleportation ability had a 24-hour cooldown .

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This won’t do, Lost Country’s cooldown is too long . The teleportation distance is too short as well . How can I think of a way to raise Lost Country to an Evolved Body so as to enhance the teleportation ability? Zhou Wen began considering how to advance Lost Country .

The Godfiend Era has a myriad of changes . After condensing the Godfiend Life Providence, I gained the ability to stay in space . After condensing Lost Country, I possess the ability to teleport . Both of them are related to space . To improve Lost Country, I’m afraid I’ll have to put in effort towards spatial matters . After some thought, Zhou Wen failed to think of a way to enhance Lost Country .

Space was a rather special attribute regardless of the League’s four districts . Dimensional creatures with spatial powers were rare as well . Typically, there weren’t any low-grade creatures with them being at least at the Epic stage .

Zhou Wen checked the school’s database . Although there were many dimensional zones on campus, there were no dimensional creatures with spatial abilities .

However, Zhou Wen surprisingly discovered some useful information . The information had nothing to do with Sunset College, but about certain strange matters in Guide Ancient City .

This included records of Fire God Platform and the stone furnace in front of the stone monument . This information was identical to what Zhou Wen had seen in-game . There was only one difference .

The stone furnace in-game produced firebirds . It was the same in reality . There was a stone saber stuck in the stone furnace in-game and there was a stone saber in reality .

Zhou Wen had attempted to pull out the saber in-game, but he just couldn’t touch it . He believed it to be an illusion, but in reality, someone had attempted to pull it out . Although it wasn’t pulled out, the person touched the stone saber .

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According to the records in the document, a tutor who possessed a fire-elemental Life Providence and flame-type Life Soul went to Guide Ancient City . He found Fire God Platform and scaled it . He discovered the stone saber in the furnace, but when he pulled it out, it seemed rooted . He was unable to shift the stone saber even with his Epic strength .

This is strange . I can see it in-game, but I can’t touch it . In reality, it can be touched . What’s the reason? Zhou Wen had the urge to immediately return to Guide Ancient City to take a look and figure out the problem of the stone saber .

However, firstly, school wasn’t on break . Secondly, entering Guide Ancient City required entry passes . Without a pass, it was useless even if he returned .

“Zhou Wen, the new homework mission has been released . Shall we go together?” Li Xuan sent a message .

“Alright, let’s meet outside Dragon Gate Grotto . ” Zhou Wen still needed to finish homework missions, so he scheduled a meeting with Li Xuan .

The mission given by the new tutor wasn’t as strange as Wang Fei’s . They only needed to kill ten Mortal Dragon Gate Stone Beasts . This was a common Mortal stage dimensional creature in Dragon Gate Grotto . It wasn’t difficult for ordinary students, so it was pretty much a walk in the park for people like Zhou Wen and Li Xuan .

The two came to Dragon Gate Grotto and randomly chose a relatively nearby grotto . Soon, they saw several Dragon Gate Stone Beasts . Li Xuan rushed forward and finished them off in no time .

“I haven’t even started filming yet!” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“It’s fine . There are plenty of stone beasts anyway . We can just kill a few more later . ” Li Xuan didn’t mind .

The two of them continued walking in . Before long, they saw a few students attacking a stone beast . However, the stone beast looked a little special and was slightly different from the other stone beasts .

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