Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: Chapter 389 - The Demonic Organ Throne

Chapter 389 The Demonic Organ Throne

Zhou Wen looked up and saw that the golden beam was none other than the golden bird that had previously vanished into the horizon . At that moment, the giant bird spread its wings and charged towards Wu Yusheng, who was standing in the sky on his flying sword .

Wu Yusheng wasn’t indecisive . He extended his hand and summoned another flying sword Companion Beast . His ancient sword slashed at the golden bird with sharp sword beams that resembled dawn .

The golden bird dodged as well . With a flap of its wings, it tore through the sky of sword flashes and clashed with the flying sword . The flying sword split into two behind the golden bird .

Wu Yusheng’s expression changed drastically as he turned to flee on his flying sword .

That Heavenglow Sword was a top Epic Companion Beast he had spent a lot of effort in the Mt . Shu dimensional zone before having it drop . The Heavenglow Sword’s beam could rip apart a mountain, and its Life Soul, Skyglow Sword Soul, augmented the Heavenglow Sword’s beam . It allowed it to turn into a rain of swords with each sword beam dealing an area-of-effect attack .

After he obtained the Heavenglow Sword, he had experienced countless battles without having the sword damaged . Now, it snapped with just a touch of the giant golden bird’s wings . He immediately knew that the golden bird was terrifying beyond imagination .

Although the flying sword beneath Wu Yusheng’s feet was fast, it was not as fast as the giant golden bird . Without flying far, the giant golden bird had already rushed behind him like a bolt of golden lightning .

Wu Yusheng’s face paled in fright as he hurriedly used the flying sword beneath his feet to meet the giant golden bird . He landed on a mountain wall and ran down the mountain in a sorry state .

“Stop watching . We need to leave quickly . ” Zhou Wen pulled Li Xuan and ran . Even Epic tutors couldn’t defeat the golden bird, so if the golden bird were to flare up, it might end up turning Dragon Gate Grotto into a bloodbath . It would be too late to escape when that happened .


The two of them had barely taken two steps before they heard a crisp sound . The sword beam that was like a rainbow was snapped by the giant bird’s wings . The snapping of the flying sword was a testament to the wings’ unimaginably sharpness .

Wu Yusheng was still escaping, but how could he be faster than the giant golden bird? Before he could run far, he was caught up . He was just moments from being slain by the giant golden bird’s wings .

Suddenly, a figure tore through the air . The person wore a school tutor uniform and he immediately appeared at the top of Dragon Gate Grotto as though he had teleported . With a flick of his finger, a yellow glow in the form of a talisman flew towards the golden bird .

The giant golden bird had remained unperturbed in the face of the sharp flying sword, but when it saw the talisman glow, it became somewhat apprehensive . It flapped its wings, released Wu Yusheng, and dodged the talisman glow .

The tutor who had appeared, flicked his fingers, sending out talisman glows that rained on the giant golden bird .

The golden bird flapped its wings and golden rays in the shape of feathers shot out from its wings, clashing with the talisman glows . Light exploded everywhere in the sky .

The people who had set up stalls outside Dragon Gate Grotto were already running for their lives . Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were also running, but after reaching the entrance to Dragon Gate Grotto, they didn’t directly leave . They watched from afar as the tutor fought the golden bird .

The giant golden bird was abnormally fierce and charged at his tutor with its golden feather storm . The talisman glows released by the tutor were also destroyed by the feather storm . They didn’t inflict any damage to the giant golden bird .

Zhou Wen was worried that the tutor might also be defeated by the giant bird like Wu Yusheng, when he suddenly saw a black light gush out from his white uniform .

The black light condensed in front of him, actually transforming into a huge black-colored organ . The organ looked like a piano, with black-and-white keys, but they were even larger . Furthermore, behind the organ were black metal pipes that were lined up like a small mountain . Furthermore, the piano keys were like stairs . There were many layers, unlike ordinary pianos with only a row of keys .

The tutor ignored the giant golden bird that rushed over and calmly sat in front of the organ, his slender fingers pressing on the keys .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan immediately heard ancient, soothing music . It was somewhat different from the sounds produced by an ordinary piano that Zhou Wen had heard before . The sounds of a piano clearly lacked the heavy and distant vibes of the organ .

“He appeared… That’s Chancellor Leng’s Demonic Organ Throne… He’s a man who has once fought with gods…” Li Xuan looked up at the tutor in the sky with a pleasant surprise .

“Chancellor Leng? The chancellor of our school?” Zhou Wen was slightly surprised . He had been in Sunset College for so long, but he had never seen the chancellor before . Usually, work was done by the managing vice-chancellor who oversaw the daily operations .

“Probably . Although I’ve never met him, his Demonic Organ Throne is too famous . It can’t be wrong . Back when Old Master An passed away, the An family was without a leader . The Senate wanted to place Sunset College under the League’s management and sent someone from Member of Parliament Dugu’s family with a Mythical Companion Beast over, but they were barred from entering by Chancellor Leng’s Demonic Organ Throne . They weren’t even able to enter the school’s main gate before they returned with their faces ashen . Even a Mythical Companion Beast wasn’t able to break through the Demonic Organ Throne . That made the Demonic Organ Throne famous across the League . Everyone knew about it,” Li Xuan said in excitement .

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As Li Xuan spoke, Chancellor Leng’s slender fingers were already dancing across the organ keys . Bleak and open music sounded from the organ . The sound waves inside the metal pipe resonated and spread out like ripples .

The giant golden bird had been charging fiercely at Chancellor Leng with its golden-feather storm . However, after hearing the music, its actions slowed down .

By the time it flew to the organ’s side, it had already held back the golden-feather storm . The ferocity it wore on its face had disappeared, and it did not continue attacking . Instead, it retracted its wings and stood beside the organ as though it was listening to Chancellor Leng’s music .

Zhou Wen also listened to the music and, without realizing it, tears streamed down his cheeks . By the side, Li Xuan was already awash with tears .

The students who had yet to escape Dragon Gate Grotto also cried bitterly .

Zhou Wen wiped his tears and focused his gaze at the giant golden bird in the sky . He saw a crystalline tear seep out from the corner of the golden bird’s eye as though it could fall at any moment .

Chancellor Leng’s Life Soul is actually an organ . That’s really rare, but my emotions aren’t really affected by organ music, so why am I crying? Zhou Wen looked at the Demonic Organ Throne in the sky in shock and puzzlement .

At that moment, a tear finally fell from the corner of the golden bird’s eye, like a golden gem falling from the sky .

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The chick that had been standing on Zhou Wen’s shoulder suddenly flew up and headed straight for Dragon Gate Grotto before swallowing the golden bird’s tear . It then flew back to Zhou Wen’s shoulder .

The music in the sky stopped . Chancellor Leng looked at the chick on Zhou Wen’s shoulder and his calm gaze, which seemed to have a strength that could penetrate one’s heart, left Zhou Wen slightly alarmed .

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