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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 39

Published at 29th of February 2020 04:35:14 AM

Chapter 39

Everyone was reeling with anxiety . Even Gao Yang and Su Mei were shocked .

Although they had gotten Gu Dian, none of them expected him to be this ruthless . If Li Weiyang were to really suffer any serious injuries, it would only escalate the matter .

Although she was an illegitimate daughter of the Li family and was never allowed inside the Li family’s house, she ultimately had the Li family’s blood coursing through her veins . It would be impossible for them to ignore it if something really happened to her .

When Zhou Wen’s voice sounded, it immediately provided a vent for everyone’s tense feelings . Even Li Weiyang and Gu Dian looked over at him .

“Schoolmate, did you say that we can enter the ring as long as we are students of Sunset College?” Zhou Wen asked Su Mei .

“That’s right . What do you wish to say?” Su Mei didn’t know what Zhou Wen was getting at .

“I’ve just been admitted into Sunset College, but I haven’t matriculated . Am I allowed to enter the ring?” Zhou Wen asked .

He imagined that if Su Mei said no, he could use this opportunity to pull Li Weiyang from the ring and return home early to game .

Upon hearing that, Su Mei guffawed . “So you are our Sunset College’s junior . I can’t tell that you are a man who knows how to cherish women . But as your senior, I’m giving you the chance to be the hero to rescue the damsel in distress . Go on up if you wish to, but don’t blame me for not warning you if you get injured . University and high school aren’t the same . ”

Gao Yang and company jeered . Anyone that could be admitted into Sunset College was an elite . There were plenty that came first or second in their own cities .

But so what? After stepping into the college, won’t they all schooled? High school geniuses only lined the bottom at Sunset College . The ones who could really stand out were few and far between . Most ended up drowning in a sea of talent .

It was especially so for the top students in small cities . Most of them gradually became mediocre once they arrived at Sunset College . It wasn’t that they weren’t outstanding, but there were just too many people who were more outstanding than them .

Gu Dian happened to be one who stood out from his peers . For a rookie who hadn’t even been matriculated to actually dare challenge Gu Dian because of Li Weiyang was, in their opinion, blinded and driven by lust .

Gao Yang said with a cheeky smile, “Junior, you do resemble me from a few years ago . It’s fine . Go on up if you want to . As your senior, I’ll give you a chance to show off in front of the beauties . ”

As he said that, he thought to himself, Gu Dian doesn’t know how to hold back . It’s definitely not good to injure Li Weiyang . So it’s good that she can be swapped .

The girls on Li Weiyang’s side looked at Zhou Wen worriedly . They were afraid that his sickly body would just die from a single punch from Gu Dian .

“Senior Weiyang, let me,” Zhou Wen said as he flipped himself into the ring .

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“Don’t mess around . Go down . ” Li Weiyang had only pulled him here to add to the numbers . She had zero intention of getting him to fight .

Furthermore, Gu Dian was just too strong and he didn’t hold back . based on Zhou Wen’s sickly look, it was really possible that he could die from a single punch . As students, they might not be able to extricate themselves from his death, nor could Li Weiyang bear the responsibility .

Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to speak further . He just wished to settle this matter so that he could game in peace .

Without waiting for Li Weiyang to speak again, he reached out and lifted Li Weiyang up .

Li Weiyang’s arm was dislocated and she was heavily injured . Unable to put up any resistance, she was lifted up by Zhou Wen .

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Li Weiyang was embarrassed and enraged .

Zhou Wen ignored her and directly leaped out of the ring with her . After handing her to the girls, he returned to the ring .

“We are students of the same school, not some archenemies . There’s no need for us to fight to the death . No one can shoulder the responsibility if an accident happens . Why don’t we change the criteria for victory?” Zhou Wen sized up Gu Dian and said .

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“How so?” Gu Dian spoke very succinctly . His voice didn’t sound like a college student . It was low, gruff, and forceful—akin to a man in his thirties or forties .

Matched with his fierce looks, Zhou Wen really couldn’t believe that he was a college sophomore if it wasn’t for the Sunset College uniform he was wearing .

“You let me punch you once . If you take less than three steps back, count me as the loser . Otherwise, I win . What do you think of my suggestion?” Zhou Wen had only said it randomly . Clearly, this disadvantaged Gu Dian .

However, finding a Strength-measuring device was just too much of a waste of time . Therefore, Zhou Wen had given the suggestion .

To everyone’s surprise, Gu Dian said coldly without any thought, “Sure . ”

Somewhat surprised, Zhou Wen said with a smile, “Then let’s begin . ”

Gao Yang curled his lips and said, “This rookie even thinks that he has taken the advantage . If he knows what Primordial Energy Skill and Primordial Energy Art Gu Dian cultivates in, he might be crying, much less laugh . ”

“Brother Yang, what Primordial Energy Skill and Primordial Energy Art does Gu Dian cultivate?” Someone beside him was intrigued .

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“It’s not my place to mention what Primordial Energy Art he cultivates in . However, I’m sure all of you have heard his Primordial Energy Skill before . ” Gao Yang deliberately acted mystifying .

“So what Primordial Energy Skill is it?” Su Mei couldn’t hold back her curiosity as she wheedled and nudged Gao Yang’s arm .

Gao Yang chuckled . “Have you heard of dimensional creatures known as Needle Porcupines?”

“Brother Yang, are you kidding me? We’ve obviously heard of Needle Porcupines . Although they are at the Mortal stage, they are especially thorny . Not only are their carapace tough, but they are also covered with quills . Unless it’s those Legendary stage seniors, we have to circle around them,” a male schoolmate said .

“Gu Dian’s Primordial Energy Skill came from a Porcupine Skill from a Needle Porcupine Crystal . If he were to use it, not only will his body be as hard as steel, he will also have the ability to deal thorns1 damage,” Gao Yang said .

“No way . I heard that Needle Porcupines very rarely drop Primordial Energy Skills, and even if it drops, with the powers of a Needle Porcupine, it will be a Rank 1 or 2 Primordial Energy Skill . How strong can it be?” Su Mei said in disbelief .

“That’s why people call Gu Dian terrifying . Not only did he have exceedingly good luck to have the Porcupine Skill drop, he even managed to cultivate a Rank 1 Porcupine Skill all the way to Rank 9 . Furthermore, he didn’t rely on Primordial Energy Skill Crystals to increase his rank . Isn’t that sick or what?” Gao Yang paused before sneering . “When it comes to Rank 9 Porcupine Skill, I’ve once seen a fourth-year use a Primordial Energy Skill strike Gu Dian, only to have his palm riddled with countless bloody holes as though he had been stabbed by countless steel needles . His hand was almost crippled . It’ll be fine if that rookie doesn’t use any Primordial Energy Skills, but if he does, he’s in for a bad time . ”

Su Mei was delighted when she heard that . She naturally didn’t want Zhou Wen to win, much less hand over the Mutated Ancient War Steed Companion Egg .