Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 390

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Chapter 390: Chapter 390 - Puzzlemen

Chapter 390 Puzzlemen

However, Chancellor Leng’s gaze did not linger on them for too long . He retracted his gaze after taking one look and looked at the giant golden bird beside him .

“Go back . From now on, no one will bother you again . ” Chancellor Leng seemed to be speaking to the golden bird .

The giant golden bird actually lowered its head, as though expressing its understanding before it spread its wings and flew back to Dragon Gate Grotto’s peak .

“From today onwards, no one is to ascend to the peak of Dragon Gate Grotto . ” Chancellor Leng stood up and the Demonic Organ Throne vanished . With that, he soared into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye .

“When can I be as powerful as Chancellor Leng? To make such a terrifying dimensional creature obey my orders with a snap of my fingers,” Li Xuan said enviously .

“Is Chancellor Leng at the Mythical stage?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

“I don’t think so . I heard that he’s at the peak of the Epic stage . The Demonic Organ Throne is a Perfect Life Soul . Furthermore, people say that Chancellor Leng is likely the human that’s closest to the Mythical stage . He’s just half a step away from stepping into the Mythical stage . ” Li Xuan’s words were filled with admiration for Chancellor Leng .

“I never knew there was such a strong person in Luoyang!” Zhou Wen exclaimed .

“Definitely . Chancellor Leng is Overseer An’s tutor . How can he not be strong considering how he taught such a strong student like Overseer An?” Li Xuan said .

“An Tianzuo’s tutor?” Zhou Wen didn’t think that it was impressive for someone to produce An Tianzuo with their teachings . However, Chancellor Leng was really strong . The music-type Demonic Organ Throne Life Soul gave Zhou Wen an eye-opener . He had never heard of making such terrifying dimensional creatures retreat without any bloodshed .

Recalling the music from the Demonic Organ Throne, Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss .

Zhou Wen wasn’t an emotional person . Normally, when he was listening to music, he didn’t experience many emotional upheavals . Yet, he had actually cried . This didn’t seem right .

Is it really due to the music from the Demonic Organ Throne affecting my emotions? Zhou Wen felt that it wasn’t the case .

“Why are you in a daze? Let’s go . We still have to complete our homework mission . ” Seeing Zhou Wen standing there in a daze without saying anything, Li Xuan nudged him .

Zhou Wen followed Li Xuan back to Dragon Gate Grotto, but he kept thinking about the music that Chancellor Leng had played using the Demonic Organ Throne .

It’s not the music that affected my emotions—definitely not . Others might not mind the minute changes, but Zhou Wen wanted to understand the differences as he constantly mulled over the reason .

“What are you waiting for? My homework mission is done . It’s your turn,” Li Xuan said as he recorded a video of Zhou Wen on his phone .

Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to do the homework mission right now . He immediately drew his Bamboo Blade and charged at the Stone Beast herd . With one blade per strike, he nimbly killed ten Stone Beasts before turning around to head back .

He planned on checking the information regarding sound-type powers, and then figure out the real reason for having the music from the Demonic Organ Throne affect his mood, or if it was some other power .

Li Xuan was already used to Zhou Wen’s various strange actions, so he let him be and didn’t ask further .

After leaving Dragon Gate Grotto, Zhou Wen headed to the school library . The information there was more comprehensive than the Intranet, and he soon found the section where music-related matters resided . There were bookshelves spanning dozens of meters, a total of four rows . They contained books covering music .

Zhou Wen took a look and realized that most of them were books related to music theory and knowledge, or they taught one how to sing . He rarely saw information on music-type Primordial Energy Arts .

It’s no wonder there are so few people cultivating music-type Primordial Energy Arts . With so much information just teaching people music theory, there’s nothing to do with cultivation . Zhou Wen read through the books on the bookshelves . After searching for a long time, he only found a few books related to the music-type Primordial Energy Arts .

From the information he had, Zhou Wen realized that music-type Primordial Energy Arts were indeed very interesting, or perhaps—special .

The cultivation method of music-type Primordial Energy Arts was about the same as the typical Primordial Energy Art . Interestingly, the music-type Primordial Energy Arts had relatively special Primordial Energy seas .

Typically, a Primordial Energy Art’s Primordial Energy sea was in one of the three dantians, but a music-type Primordial Energy Art used the lungs as a Primordial Energy sea . It was very rare .

Furthermore, it was different from what the average person would imagine . There was no mention of music affecting one emotionally in the music-type information . It only mentioned music frequency and oscillation theory .

And the destructive power of music-type powers mainly came from the pressure of sound .

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Zhou Wen read a lot, but he didn’t understand why the Demonic Organ Throne could affect the emotions of humans and even dimensional creatures . Although there were some extraordinary theories, they hadn’t been verified . Furthermore, Zhou Wen felt that the theories didn’t match the Demonic Organ Throne’s powers .

Without finding the answer he wanted, Zhou Wen had the urge to directly ask Chancellor Leng, but even tutors and the other vice-chancellors had trouble meeting him . As a student, how could he meet Chancellor Leng?

The library reached its closing hours when the sky darkened . Zhou Wen had no choice but to return to his dorm and search for information on the music-type powers online, but he failed to find the answer he wanted .

However, while browsing the school forum, Zhou Wen saw a thread regarding music-type Primordial Energy Arts .

The thread name and content intrigued Zhou Wen . The thread was named “Space Dimensionality of Sound,” and the person who posted it was a student’s ID . Few people paid attention to it, and there were only a few dozen clicks . There were also very few replies .

There were very few people in Sunset College who cultivated music-type Primordial Energy Arts, so very few people were interested in this thread . However, Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up when he saw it .

Although the content was a little strange and seemed unrealistic, it was very interesting .

After Zhou Wen read the thread, he seemed to understand why the Demonic Organ Throne could affect his emotions . However, there were many things he couldn’t understand . The thread didn’t have the answers to his questions .

Zhou Wen saw that the thread was posted two years ago . The author’s ID wasn’t online either . When he checked the author’s post history, he was somewhat disappointed that this was the only thread . From the looks of it, he wasn’t a person who often logged on to the forum .

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He attempted to send a private message to the other party only with the hope of giving it a try and raising a few questions that troubled him .

Zhou Wen originally didn’t have much hope, but to his surprise, the other party replied with a message shortly after and answered his questions in detail . Zhou Wen had never heard of any of those strange explanations which were unheard of, but they answered his questions .

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