Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: Chapter 391 - Leng Zongzheng 

Chapter 391 Leng Zongzheng

Leng Zongzheng was fiddling with trinkets while looking at his cell phone . It had been two years since he posted an article on the forum . It received very few replies, but someone had sent him a private message on the forum today .

Leng Zongzheng was just casually surfing the net when he realized that the private message the other party had sent was actually some questions regarding music and space . He originally wrote this message off, thinking that it was the same as the students from before . They would just hound him with questions about methods to master a music-type Primordial Energy Art, as well as how to use music-type skills or reform all beings with the use of music .

If those were the questions, Leng Zongzheng couldn’t be bothered to answer . He didn’t believe that music had any ability to infect the emotions of all beings .

Everyone thought that his Demonic Organ Throne could reform all beings, believing that he used the magical powers of music to touch those creatures . However, Leng Zongzheng scoffed in derision to such suggestions .

He was never someone who could infect others—no matter whether it was music or anything . He didn’t believe that he had any special influence on others .

When he was young, Leng Zongzheng was called “Expressionless” by his classmates and friends, as well as given nicknames such as “Masked Man” or “Wooden Block” because he didn’t express any emotions . Even smiles were very difficult for him .

Those people who asked him how to use his charm and music to infect all beings were laughable in Leng Zongzheng’s eyes .

These few questions are rather interesting . Leng Zongzheng finished reading Zhou Wen’s questions and wrote down his reply by answering the questions .

Soon, the other party sent another private message over and asked a few more questions .

This time, Leng Zongzheng was a little surprised . This was because after receiving his answer, the other party had a new slew of questions .

To be able to understand his answer so quickly and to draw inferences and come up with more questions indicated that the other party was good at active thinking .

This piqued Leng Zongzheng’s interest . He replied to the other party’s question and even secretly included some matters at a deeper level in his answer . He wanted to see if the other party could see through the problem .

After sending the message, he waited for a while, but there was no reply . Leng Zongzheng couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed . If the mind of the person’s activity was only at this level, it wasn’t enough to satisfy Leng Zongzheng despite it being pretty good .

Ever since he taught An Tianzuo, Leng Zongzheng had no longer taught new students . It wasn’t that he couldn’t teach, but he felt uninterested .

Once one taught a student who was able to understand anything in one setting and learn anything related, teaching students who were unable to understand anything quickly was exasperating . However, Leng Zongzheng had never given his patience to others because his patience was fully focused on research . If not, he wouldn’t have achieved what he had today .

Even the six families of the League feared his Demonic Organ Throne . Everyone thought that he was talented, but little did they know about the effort he had put in .

In this era, everyone believed that science was useless . Only dimensional crystals and Companion Beasts were the future . All of them were trying their best to hunt for dimensional items .

However, Leng Zongzheng was different . Although he cultivated, he had never stopped scientific research . From his point of view, those god-like dimensional creatures were nothing of that sort . They were just creatures from other worlds, probably not much different from aliens .

The mystical powers they possessed were similar to that of technology . However, the laws of those mystical powers were the laws of other worlds, completely different from those of the League .

Therefore, he had always been studying their power systems . The one he had studied the most was space . Others might imagine that the Demonic Organ Throne had music attributes or was a music-type Life Soul, but they were terribly wrong . This was because the Demonic Organ Throne was never a music-type, but a spatial-time Life Soul .

The music was only a form of spatial manipulation used by the Demonic Organ Throne . Neither did it have the infectious ability of music . The music he played was mainly used to change the frequency of sound and affect the brain frequency of living creatures . This was a very brilliant technique, not his talent .

Leng Zongzheng had initially thought that the matter would end here, but to his surprise, he received another private message? It was from the same ID . There were a few more questions .

After looking at these few questions, Leng Zongzheng was truly intrigued by this person . From these few questions, he could already confirm that the other party had already guessed that the Demonic Organ Throne was not a music-type but a spatial-type .

To be able to think of this set of problems, this person must be one of the people who saw my battle with the Golden-Winged Roc at Dragon Gate Grotto today . Who could it be? A young man with a golden chick on his shoulder flashed across Leng Zongzheng’s mind .

It should be him, right? Although Leng Zongzheng felt that it was likely the youth, he didn’t have the intention to verify it . Even though he could easily find out who the other party was, he didn’t do so .

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Although the other party was an excellent young man, he wasn’t at a level that made him interested in finding out who he was .

However, it was rare for someone to be willing to learn and think . Leng Zongzheng answered Zhou Wen’s question and even gave him some tips before suggesting that he take a look at some famous works that involved spatial dimensions .

Leng Zongzheng was aware that this knowledge was insipid . Ignoring this world filled with magical powers, very few people could sit down and learn such knowledge even before the dimensional storms appeared .

There were a lot of things that needed to be memorized and the required knowledge was broad . If one wasn’t an expert in such matters, they probably wouldn’t be able to understand it . They would need to read up and reference a lot of information .

However, Leng Zongzheng believed that if the other party did not even have the patience and ability to learn, there was no need to waste his time .

Humans had thousands of ways of living, but to have outstanding achievements in certain aspects, one had to be able to treat boredom as enjoyment . One had to endure loneliness .

There were no friends on the path to studies, only hard work and pursuits .

After Zhou Wen read the message from Leng Zongzheng, he found the idea interesting . He sent another private message, but this time, he didn’t reply to his questions and only replied with a line of text:

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“The answers you want are all in those books . ”

Zhou Wen originally only wanted to figure out the strength of the Demonic Organ Throne, but after delving deeper, he realized that the Demonic Organ Throne was actually the power of space . This discovery surprised him and piqued his interest .

This was because his Lost Country was also a space-type power . He felt that he could indeed study knowledge about space .

The next morning, Zhou Wen went to the library to borrow some books regarding this, but he really didn’t understand many of them . He had never heard of the terms, formulas, and laws, so all he could do was seek out references as he read .

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