Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 392

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Chapter 392: Chapter 392 - Success

Chapter 392 Success

Zhou Wen realized that he had been very busy recently . There were too many books to read, and even the amount of time he spent gaming was reduced .

When he could use Lost Country again, Zhou Wen went to the underground sea . This time, he didn’t head directly into the sea but controlled the blood-colored avatar parallel to the water surface .

Not long after, a huge shadow appeared beneath the sea . Nine black dragons roared as they emerged from the sea .

After sacrificing the White Shadow of Poison, Zhou Wen dived into the sea and rapidly approached a black dragon . However, the black dragon’s tail swept up a shocking wave that sent the seawater hitting Zhou Wen’s body .

Zhou Wen could only use the impact of the waves to distance himself from the black dragon before tearing out of the sea . However, he didn’t dare fly too high because the sapphire-like sky above was similarly fraught with danger . He could die faster if he approached it .

One black dragon after another rushed over, their mouths spewing water like a volcanic eruption .

Zhou Wen used Ghost Steps to charge into the sea again . This time, he identified the position of the war wagon and swam towards it . With the aid of the wagon, he blocked the black dragons’ devouring and attacks .

Zhou Wen kept every action of the nine black dragons in his calculations . The blood-colored avatar kept circling around the black dragons while fleeing to the back of the war wagon, keeping close to it .

A black dragon rushed over from one side as Zhou Wen charged over without any hesitation . He struck it with his palm, but when the Poison Dragon Palm touched the black dragon’s scales, Zhou Wen didn’t even look at the outcome . He switched to the Lost Country Life Soul and used teleportation to escape .

This time, he was very close to the surface . After teleporting, he used Ghost Steps to rush straight out of the sea . The black dragons angrily charged out of the water and chased after him .

Zhou Wen spread his arm wing behind him as he used infinite Ghost Steps to dodge the attacks of the nine black dragons, rushing towards a cave on a nearby mountain cliff .

Thankfully, the nine black dragons weren’t able to leave the sea, allowing Zhou Wen to barely escape into the cave . From afar, the nine black dragons roared in the sea, stirring up waves . It was frightening .

Zhou Wen stood in the cave looking for the black dragon that the Poison Dragon Palm had hit . Others couldn’t tell apart the nine black dragons as they looked identical, but after studying them for so long, Zhou Wen was extremely familiar with them . He immediately found the black dragon that had been struck by the Poison Dragon Palm .

Around its abdomen, Zhou Wen saw a black palm print . As the dragon was black, Zhou Wen almost failed to notice the palm print . After careful inspection, he found the palm print that was only slightly different in color from the black dragon .

I hope it works . Zhou Wen knew that it was impossible for him to kill Mythical creatures at the moment . Now, he was still unable to fight real Mythical creatures . He could only attempt to kill the black dragons chained up .

After waiting for quite a while, Zhou Wen didn’t see the black dragon die from the poison even after the nine black dragons lost their patience and dived back to the bottom of the water .

After all, it’s a Mythical creature . Its poison resistance will definitely be higher . I’ll wait a little longer . Zhou Wen left the dungeon and planned on heading down to see if the black dragon had been poisoned to death when Lost Country’s cooldown was up tomorrow .

Now, the blood-colored avatar couldn’t die . Once it died, it had to respawn, and all of his previous efforts would go to waste .

Without doing anything too dangerous, Zhou Wen switched to Pool City to grind for Epic creatures to raise his stats to 40 .

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He was quite lucky today . After killing a few Jade Toads, a 20-valued Poison Crystal dropped . He even had a Jade Toad Companion Egg drop . Unfortunately, it had average stats .

Zhou Wen had actually obtained quite a number of Companion Eggs, but he mostly fed them to his Mythical pets as food . Their interest in high-level Companion Beasts was higher than ordinary food .

Unless it was a Companion Egg with excellent stats, Zhou Wen wouldn’t keep them .

Why isn’t this phone game equipped with autoplay? If only I had it . Zhou Wen spent quite a while grinding and inevitably felt bored . After all, repeatedly killing the same monster wasn’t challenging at all . It was just a time-grinder .

“Zhou Wen, are you home?” Someone knocked on the door outside and Zhou Wen could tell that it was Wang Lu . When he opened the door, he found Wang Lu standing at the yard’s entrance .

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen walked to the yard and opened the yard door .

Wang Lu curled her lips and said, “Can’t I look for you if there’s nothing wrong?”

“You can, but I’m very busy at the moment . If there’s nothing special, I’ll get back to my reading . ” Zhou Wen walked back as he spoke .

“A gaming addict like you actually reads? Let me see what books you read . ” Wang Lu seemed to have something to say, but when she heard that Zhou Wen was reading, she became intrigued . She followed Zhou Wen into his dorm .

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Wang Lu casually flipped through the few books on Zhou Wen’s couch and said with a smile, “String Theory, Quantum Teleportation, Diamond Perfection Sutra, and Superior and Wondrous Numinous Treasure Scripture of Limitless Salvation and Most High . Your hobby sure is widespread . You go from front-line scientific theories to idealism . Are you a materialist or idealist?”

“I am whatever that brings me benefits . ” As Zhou Wen flipped through the books in his hand, he used his phone to check on the references .

“You’re quite pragmatic . ” Wang Lu placed the books back to their original spot before sitting beside Zhou Wen . She looked at the book in Zhou Wen’s hand and saw that it was explaining something about branes .

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“I took care of those two pets for you previously . You said you would repay me the favor . Are you free? Do you want to repay me now?” Wang Lu said as she narrowed her eyes .

“What do you want me to do?” Every time Zhou Wen went out, he would leave the antelope and chick to Wang Lu to take care of them . Back then, he had indeed said that he owed her a favor and would slowly repay her in the future .

“Eat with me and meet someone,” said Wang Lu .

“Who?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

“Someone I don’t wish to see, but he’s someone I have to . Why are you asking so many questions? Are you trying to renege on your promise?” Wang Lu stared at Zhou Wen .

“No, I was just asking . When is it?” Zhou Wen thought that it made sense . It was pointless asking since he had to return the favor .

“Now, go and change your clothes . We’ll leave now and rush back before the school gates are closed,” said Wang Lu .

Zhou Wen didn’t ask any further questions as he returned to his bedroom to change out of his uniform and changed into his casual clothes before leaving the school with Wang Lu .

He was very puzzled as to why Wang Lu would bring him along for dinner with someone else . However, he didn’t pursue the matter since Wang Lu didn’t elaborate .

After arriving at the restaurant, Wang Lu headed straight for a private room with great familiarity . Zhou Wen saw that there was already someone sitting in the private room—a middle-aged man, but he didn’t recognize him .

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