Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 396

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Chapter 396: Chapter 396 - Lobbyis

Chapter 396 Lobbyis

“Wang Mingyuan destroyed the Holy Tower and opened up a dimension, nearly turning Holy City into an undead city . The impact this matter brought is overly disastrous,” Fu Yu said .

“That’s Wang Mingyuan’s own fault . What has it got to do with his students? If all of Wang Mingyuan’s former students are to be punished, how many officials and generals in the League have once attended Wang Mingyuan’s lessons? Why aren’t they all to be arrested?” An Tianzuo said .

“How is that the same? Before Wang Mingyuan broke through the dimension, he deliberately got his four students to visit him . Clearly, these four students are different . Furthermore…” Fu Yu wanted to say something but held back .

“Sir, if you have something to say, just say it,” said An Tianzuo .

Fu Yu sighed and said, “If Wang Mingyuan’s matter had ended there, the League wouldn’t have their eyes peeled on his students . For your sake, let’s hope they only increase the surveillance . However, the situation now is different . Some things can’t be hidden . The dimensional passageway that Wang Mingyuan opened looks like it has closed, but in fact, it hasn’t completely closed . Or rather, it has already become extremely weak . With a certain level of strength, one can tear open the dimensional passageway . ”

“A Mythical creature entered the League from there?” An Tianzuo asked with a frown .

“It would be great if that was all . The current League has a lot of restrictions on dimensional creatures . Even if they come, the danger they pose won’t be too great . The League’s brass still has ways to deal with them . ” After a pause, Fu Yu said, “But I wonder what method Wang Mingyuan used . After his incident, many famous figures from the League and even some bigwigs did as Wang Mingyuan did . They entered the dimensional zone from there . ”

“Perhaps they just wish to explore the dimension to gather information,” said An Tianzuo .

“Do you need to turn into a monster like Wang Mingyuan to gather information?” Fu Yu sighed .

“How is that possible? The reason Wang Mingyuan could transform into a dimensional creature is due to the power of the Holy Tower and the six temples . Now that the Holy Tower has been destroyed, the powers of the six temples won’t surge out again . How did they turn into dimensional creatures?” An Tianzuo was astonished .

“That’s the problem . It’s impossible for them to turn into dimensional creatures by themselves unless someone is secretly messing around . ”

“Wang Mingyuan?”

“Is there anyone else who can do such a thing apart from him?” Fu Yu continued . “The League has been investigating . What we know now is that they have a connection with the dimensionalized Wang Mingyuan . They must have been able to dimensionalize and rush into the dimensional zones with Wang Mingyuan’s help . As for what method was used, as well as how Wang Mingyuan returned from the dimensional zone, it’s still impossible to determine . ”

“So does the Senate wish to seek an answer from students like Zhou Wen?” An Tianzuo understood what Fu Yu meant .

“Before Wang Mingyuan underwent dimensionalization, he didn’t even meet his family, but he insisted on meeting the four of them . Clearly, they have some extraordinary significance to him . Perhaps they really know something . The Senators only want an answer to prevent the situation from worsening,” Fu Yu said .

“They even invited you over, which means that this matter has been confirmed, right?” An Tianzuo asked with a calm expression .

“Tianzuo, since Zhou Wen isn’t one of yours, why do you have to interfere in this matter? Just let the bureau take him away . I believe they won’t make things difficult for Zhou Wen on account of the An family,” Fu Yu said .

“Sir, do you believe what you are saying?” An Tianzuo asked .

Fu Yu was momentarily at a loss for words . After entering the bureau, they would definitely resort to every means possible to get whatever they wanted from Zhou Wen . They might even use soul-type Companion Beasts and abilities . They might even steal Zhou Wen’s memories away . There was no way they would treat him well as Fu Yu said .

“If I don’t agree to you taking Zhou Wen away, will those Senators plan to forcibly abduct him?” An Tianzuo asked Fu Yu .

Fu Yu’s expression changed slightly when she heard that . “Tianzuo, why are you doing this? You have already said it yourself . Zhou Wen has nothing to do with you…”

An Tianzuo smiled and said, “Sir, remember when you taught me in school . When a human is extraordinary, they have to treat others as humans . When a human is mediocre, they have to treat themselves as human . Zhou Wen is a student of Sunset College . He didn’t commit any crimes . I have nothing to do with him, and I don’t even have a good impression of him, but as long as he hasn’t done anything wrong, no one can take him away from Luoyang . ”

“Tianzuo, your personality…” Fu Yu looked at An Tianzuo helplessly .

“Sir, can you return and tell those Senators who are in their ivory towers that if they want to take Zhou Wen away, they have to produce enough evidence to gain my approval or do it over my dead body . They can choose either one,” An Tianzuo said without any expression .

Fu Yu knew there was no need to continue speaking . From his previous master-disciple relationship with An Tianzuo, he knew what kind of person An Tianzuo was . Since he had said it out loud, even if a blade was placed at his neck, it was impossible to change his decision .

After Fu Yu left, An Tianzuo glanced at the door and said with a cold expression, “Have you heard enough?”

An Sheng pushed the door open and walked in . With a smile, he said, “Overseer, you used to look down on Zhou Wen in the past . Why are you protecting him?”

“What do you mean by in the past? It’s the same now . I’m protecting him because I don’t want the empress dowager at home to be unhappy . Besides, how can a student of Sunset College be abducted as they wish? This is a lawful society!” An Tianzuo said .

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“Yes, yes, yes . You are the most righteous Overseer in this world,” An Sheng said with a smile .

“Why does it sound so awkward when you put it that way?” An Tianzuo put down his pen and glared at An Sheng .

“Maybe it’s because you’re too humble, Overseer . You aren’t used to compliments . You will get used to it once you hear more of them,” An Sheng said .

“Cut it out . Don’t tell my empress dowager about this . She’s already feeling terrible about Grandfather’s matter . Don’t add to her worries any further,” instructed An Tianzuo .

“Got it . What about Zhou Wen? They’ve already gotten Mr . Fu to lobby you, so I’m afraid they won’t back down even if they don’t blatantly come and apprehend him . They’ll still secretly send people here . It’s probably unsafe for Zhou Wen to stay on campus,” An Sheng said .

“What has his safety got to do with us? He’s already an adult . If he gets captured and killed, that’s because he’s incompetent, so he deserves it . Don’t tell me you still want to be a nanny who cradles him 24 hours a day?” An Tianzuo said with a cold expression .

“Yes, Overseer . I’ll go inform him now and leave him to his own devices . ” An Sheng saluted and turned to leave .

“Come back . ” An Tianzuo called out to An Sheng again .

“Overseer, do you have any orders?” An Sheng turned around and asked .

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“Because of Grandfather’s matter, my mom has been in a bad mood recently . Doesn’t she favor that punk the most? Get that punk to accompany her . At the very least, he’s a stepson . This is also something he should do . Besides, the empress dowager dotes on him so much, so he should know how to repay her kindness,” An Tianzuo said with a deadpan expression .

“Overseer, do you mean to get him to move to the An family’s compound?” An Sheng blinked as he asked .

“Did I say that?” An Tianzuo snorted coldly .

“No, definitely not . Then I’ll go find Zhou Wen now and get him to accompany the An family’s emperor dowager . ” An Sheng saluted in all seriousness before leaving the office .

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