Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 399

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Chapter 399: Chapter 399 - Ják

Chapter 399 Ják

“Senators, I’ve already made my case . An Tianzuo is arrogant because of his talent . With the support of the An family’s business in Luoyang and the support of Leng Zongzheng, he has always thought little of the Senate . He won’t hand Zhou Wen over . ” The bureau’s director-general, Shen Yuchi, said to the senators present as he stood in the meeting hall .

“Since An Tianzuo is so stubborn and disregards the safety of the League, we can only use our own methods to defend the League’s peace . Director-General Shen, I’ll leave this matter to you . We have to see Wang Mingyuan’s four students as soon as possible,” said Senator Xia who represented the senators .

“Yes . ” Shen Yuchi bowed slightly before leaving the meeting hall .

In fact, they had reached an understanding before sending Fu Yu to Luoyang . If Fu Yu couldn’t succeed in persuading An Tianzuo, the Senate would tacitly allow the Special Inspector Bureau to take action .

Shen Yuchi had even arranged for a candidate to go to Luoyang . He was just waiting for the final order . Furthermore, he had already expected An Tianzuo to turn down the request of handing Zhou Wen over .

Shen Yuchi came to a secret prison in the Special Inspector Bureau . This place was named “Heaven” internally by the bureau not because of how beautiful this place was, but because none of the criminals who entered here could ever leave . It was as if they had entered heaven and could no longer return to the world .

After passing through one prison door after another, Shen Yuchi came to a prison cell and produced his left fingerprint . Then, he verified with an iris scan . The heavy metal door of the cell, similar to that on a gold vault, finally opened .

In this strange cell, there were no prisoners . The only thing was a metal box that resembled a mummy’s sarcophagus .

Shen Yuchi looked at the metal box and said, “Ják, according to our previous agreement, help me bring that person back and I’ll return you your freedom . ”

If someone had heard the name Ják a few decades ago, they might have suffered from insomnia due to fear .

In the early years of the League’s establishment, Ják’s name had once shaken the entire League . He had killed countless people, and he was sinister and vicious . He was a classic example of someone who didn’t treat anyone as human, and his reputation as a devil was almost in no way inferior to Jing Daoxian .

The difference was that Jing Daoxian was an extremely arrogant person, but Ják was different . He preferred hiding in the dark, playing a game of cat and mouse . He held his target in the palm of his hand, letting them die without realizing how .

Although he had killed countless people, few people had actually seen his true colors .

The bureau had paid a huge price to capture Ják back then . They had imprisoned him here for so many years that they didn’t even dare let him reveal his eyes . They were afraid that someone would be charmed and made to do his bidding, giving him a chance to escape .

Clang! Clang! Clang! Knocking sounds came from the metal box . It was Ják’s answer . Even his voice was restrained—they were afraid that his voice would affect the prison guards .

“Since that’s the case, our deal will officially begin now . ” Shen Yuchi opened the metal box and saw a pale, silver-haired middle-aged man locked inside . His limbs were locked onto the metal box, and even his mouth was covered with metal tools . There were many tubes attached to his body, making him look like an ICU patient .

In fact, the equipment was to maintain Ják’s life and prevent him from dying . At the same time, it was also to prevent him from interacting with the prison guard .

After the chains were unlocked and the equipment removed, Ják finally emerged from the metal box .

“If there’s anything you need, feel free to tell me . ” Shen Yuchi said as he looked at Ják who was walking out from the metal box with his limbs trembling .

“Give me a glass of red wine . The kind before the dimensional storms . You know what I’m referring to,” Ják said as he slowly moved his muscles .

“Sure . ” Shen Yuchi smiled .

After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he thought about how he should deal with the experts from the Special Inspector Bureau . He didn’t believe that An Sheng was being an alarmist .

He had already experienced the working style of the bureau . As long as they were bent on doing something, they would resort to any means to achieve their goals . They were like venomous snakes that would not give up once they bit down .

Looking at the antelope sleeping on the couch, Zhou Wen felt a lot more at ease . He guessed that it might be a top Epic and even a Mythical creature .

This was evident from the chick’s attitude in the dorm . The chick dared to do anything in the dorm . It flew everywhere; it even dared to fly onto Zhou Wen’s head and perched on it as though his hair was a bird’s nest .

However, he had never seen the chick dare mess with the antelope . It clearly was wary of it .

With such a powerful fighter, Zhou Wen decided that he would spend most of his time in the dorm and not head out unless absolutely necessary . If the bureau came and the antelope was angered, they might end up scurrying .

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Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on relying on the antelope . He summoned Truth Listener and wore it as an earring twenty-four hours a day, paying attention to any activity around him .

To prevent others from looking for him and causing unnecessary trouble, Zhou Wen even added a message to his wall . “In seclusion cultivation, not leaving the house for a month . Do not disturb . ”

Li Xuan and a few classmates who were on good terms with him quickly sent messages . Zhou Wen only said that he was going into seclusion and not to look for him .

“If you are going into seclusion, what about my breakfast?” Wang Lu sent a text .

“I’m still buying . Are you free to head to Binyang Cave tomorrow?” Zhou Wen replied .

Zhou Wen believed that the people from the bureau wouldn’t arrive so soon . It wouldn’t be bad if he followed Wang Lu to Binyang Cave to get a baby tiger . Who knows, he might be able to get one out?

With the baby tiger, if he went to the game dungeon again, the drop rate would increase significantly, and the chances of high-valued crystals dropping would increase as well . There was no need to grind so hard .

“Yes, see you tomorrow morning . ” Wang Lu replied .

Zhou Wen finally waited until Lost Country’s cooldown was up . He eagerly rushed to the underground sea and took a look at the black dragon that had been hit by the Poison Dragon Palm .

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There was a palm-sized mark on the black dragon . It looked like a sore that was about to produce pus . However, it was not able to poison the black dragon to death . The black dragon looked slightly irritable .

From the looks of it, the Poison Dragon Palm is still useful . However, the poison isn’t enough . I wonder how I can poison the black dragon with such a tiny sore? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and followed his previous method . He gave the black dragon another palm strike and escaped again .

If one palm doesn’t work, I’ll give it a few more strikes . As long as the poison is useful, it’s only a matter of time before I can poison it to death, Zhou Wen thought hatefully .

Since he couldn’t enter the temple and couldn’t take the risk to clear dungeons, he could only spend his time on the black dragon .

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