Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

“Sis Weiyang, is he ok?” The few girls asked worriedly, as they helped Li Weiyang up .

Li Weiyang obviously had no idea . However, since Zhou Wen was Li Xuan’s friend and based on the kind of company the latter mixed with, the former was definitely not someone they could rely on .

However, Li Weiyang couldn’t say it out loud . All she could do was say something assuring . “Since he dares to enter the ring, he should be somewhat capable . ”

Instead of saying that to assure her companions, it was more to assure herself .

Zhou Wen stood in front of Gu Dian . He wasn’t short among men, but in front of Gu Dian, he was a head shorter .

Gu Dian’s body was extremely brawny . Not only was he tall, but his muscles were taut, exuding vibes that he had explosive strength within . There was nothing clumsy about him .

During Gu Dian’s battle with Li Weiyang, Zhou Wen had already noticed that the former cultivated in a high-level defensive-type Primordial Energy Skill . Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to withstand the strike from a Primordial Energy Skill no matter how strong his physical body was .

Gu Dian glared at Zhou Wen with his cold eyes like the devil . In a chilly manner, he said, “Come . Don’t waste any more time . ”

“You have to be careful . This punch of mine has great Strength,” Zhou Wen warned him before slowly raising his fist .

Su Mei was amused when she heard Zhou Wen . She said in mockery, “It’s great if you have great Strength . Gu Dian loves that . Use more of your strength, lest you disappoint him . ”

Su Mei’s words sounded like a joke, but they hid extreme wickedness . Gu Dian’s Porcupine Skill possessed terrifying thorns damage, so the more Strength Zhou Wen used, the greater the damage he would suffer .

Although Gao Yang didn’t say a word, he waited to watch the spectacle .

Sunset College had many powerful students, but at the Mortal stage, no one was Gu Dian’s match .

“If you aren’t afraid of death, feel free to strike . ” Gu Dian’s expression remained unperturbed, but it was already extremely terrifying .

Zhou Wen didn’t speak further as he threw out his right fist, producing immense strength with Vigor Divine Fist . It caused his fist to swell up to a whole new size as though it was a hammer .

Gu Dian’s eyes narrowed as he stood firmly on the ground . An abnormal redness flushed through his body as though he was lit aflame .

Knowing that this was a trait of Porcupine Skill, Gao Yang’s smile became more obvious .

When Li Weiyang saw the anomaly on Gu Dian’s body, she immediately recalled something . Ignoring her injuries, she hurriedly yelled at Zhou Wen, “Don’t throw out that punch! It’s Porcupine Skill! It will rebound…”


Unfortunately, Zhou Wen’s fist had struck Gu Dian’s abdomen before she could finish her sentence .

This was a spot Zhou Wen had deliberately chosen—it was an area that could resist relatively more impact; thus, reducing the chances of death .

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When the hard-as-steel fist struck at firm muscles, there was a loud thud with the slightest hint of a metallic clash .

Zhou Wen’s and Gu Dian’s eyes narrowed simultaneously as Gao Yang and Su Mei watched in disbelief . Gu Dian’s gargantuan body curled slightly like a shrimp as his feet slid across the ice, stopping only after he retreated nearly four meters .

Two nearly four-meter-long black marks appeared on the rubber surface like skid marks left by a car’s emergency braking .

Li Weiyang stared at Zhou Wen with a blank look, finding his strength unbelievable . He had managed to send Gu Dian retreating about four meters despite the latter using Porcupine Skill .

The other girls had already broken out into cheers . This wasn’t just three steps, but three to four meters! It was probably as many as eight steps!

“Gao Yang, can I take your word?” Zhou Wen retracted his trembling fist and asked .

He had sent Gu Dian retreating with one punch, but he wasn’t too good either . His fist was trembling uncontrollably .

Gao Yang didn’t say a word as he looked at Gu Dian who said coldly, “I’ve lost . ”

Gao Yang nodded as he looked at Su Mei . “Give the Companion Egg to them . ”

Su Mei immediately stood up and yelled, “What right do they have? The agreement was between them . I didn’t agree that a loss would be counted if Gu Dian retreated three steps . It’s completely unreasonable . Besides, Gu Dian’s feet didn’t even more . It can only be considered one step . Let him fight Gu Dian . If he can trounce Gu Dian, I’ll count it as his win . Besides, he isn’t a student of Sunset College yet…”

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Smack! Before Su Mei could finish her drivel, Gao Yang slapped her in the face, leaving her stunned .

“Do I need to say it a second time? A loss is a loss . I, Gao Yang, never go back on my word . Do you think that a Companion Egg of yours is more important than a promise of mine?” Gao Yang glared coldly at Su Mei .

Su Mei was much aggrieved, but she didn’t dare say another word . Unwillingly, she took out the Companion Egg from her bag and handed it to Gao Yang with gritted teeth . Then, she turned around in anger .

Gao Yang ignored Su Mei and walked to Zhou Wen with the Companion Egg in hand . Throwing it to the latter, he stared at him . “What’s your name?”

“Zhou Wen,” Zhou Wen replied calmly .

“Zhou Wen? I’ll remember you . Since you will be a student of Sunset College in the future, we’ll have plenty of time to spend together soon,” Gao Yang said coldly before he turned around and left with the group of students .

Gu Dian glanced at Zhou Wen, but didn’t say a word . He then left, following behind Gao Yang and company .

“Zhou Wen, I sure couldn’t tell that you had such Strength when you look like such a pretty boy,” Li Weiyang walked over and said as she sized him up .

“Zhou Wen, are you really our junior?”

“Are high-schoolers these days so strong?”

“Junior, you used a Primordial Energy Skill, right? How impressive . What is its name?”

The few girls circled around Zhou Wen as they asked him all kinds of questions . Their interest in him seemed to exceed the interest in the Companion Egg he had snatched back .

“My victory was all thanks to luck . That devil-like fellow was truly terrifying . If we had really engaged in battle, it would be hard to tell who would have won . ” Zhou Wen handed the Companion Egg to Li Weiyang before raising his injured fist . There were dense, needle-like holes on the back of his hand which were beginning to ooze a tiny bit of blood .

“Are you injured?” Li Weiyang was alarmed when she saw the wound on Zhou Wen .

Without waiting for his reply, Li Weiyang handed the Companion Egg to the girls and got them to leave . Then, she pulled Zhou Wen outside . “Let’s go . You need to check on your injuries . ”

“There’s no need . It’s just some superficial wounds . It didn’t injure my bones,” Zhou Wen hurriedly said .

“You need to have a check-up, otherwise it will be a problem if it leaves some side effects . ” Li Weiyang dragged Zhou Wen to the medical room without listening to his protests .

The Companion Beast Arena had dedicated medical facilities . By the time they arrived, Zhou Wen’s wounds had already healed and produced scabs that were fine after some treatment . Instead, Li Weiyang was the heavily injured one . She had dislocated her arm and the wound on her face needed treatment . It was Zhou Wen who had to run around to do all kinds of medical paperwork for her .

Li Weiyang lay in bed, looking at Zhou Wen and his staid, gentle face as he ran around . With mixed feelings, she thought, I never expected Li Xuan to have such a friend .