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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 400

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:15 AM

Chapter 400: Chapter 400 - Grinding For Baby Tiger With You

Chapter 400 Grinding For Baby Tiger With You

In the morning, after waking up and washing, Zhou Wen headed to the cafeteria . He filled his stomach before buying a few buns and soy milk for Wang Lu .

Thankfully, Wang Lu’s dorm was right next door, so it was still on the way .

He pressed Wang Lu’s dorm’s doorbell several times before he saw her opening the door while rubbing her eyes .

“Breakfast . ” Zhou Wen handed the buns and soy milk over .

“Why are you so early?” Wang Lu asked as she took the bag and walked back to the living room .

“It’s getting late . I’ve already begun gaming usually at this time,” Zhou Wen said .

Wang Lu pursed her lips and ignored him . She continued opening the bag and saw that it was filled with buns and soy milk . She said with a smile, “You’re very thrifty . ”

“I don’t know what you like to eat . I bought the most common food . If you wish to eat anything in particular, tell me in advance the next time,” Zhou Wen said .

“This will do . Wait for me . I’ll go wash up first . ” After washing up and eating breakfast, it was already more than an hour later .

Zhou Wen and Wang Lu went to Binyang Cave . When the soldier guarding it saw Wang Lu, his eyes immediately widened as he stared at her, as though he was guarding against a thief .

“I want to spin it three times,” Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen .

Wang Lu naturally wasn’t the one forking out the money . After Zhou Wen paid, he got Wang Lu to spin the wheel of fortune .

The soldiers held their guns and stared intently at Wang Lu like searchlights . However, they could only watch helplessly as Wang Lu won the entrance requirement to Binyang Cave three times in a row .

The officer in charge of the area stared blankly . After Zhou Wen and Wang Lu left, he checked the wheel of fortune again . However, there weren’t any problems . They spun it dozens of times, but none of them managed to hit the red line .

“What the hell!” The officer felt that this was too odd . After the last time, they had already installed higher-grade Primordial Energy sensors . If Wang Lu used any powers, the Primordial Energy sensor would have sounded the alarm, but it showed nothing .

The two entered Binyang Cave . Wang Lu’s luck was excellent as expected . Her luck was good to begin with but with the augmentation of the baby tiger and the Four-Leaf Clover, it was even more impressive . Not long after they entered the cave, they saw a tiger deliver itself to them, baring its teeth and pouncing over .

“Are you going to personally kill it?” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu and asked . He didn’t know if he needed Wang Lu to personally kill the tiger to have a chance of having a Companion Egg drop .

“Give me your hand,” Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen .

“What for?” Zhou Wen extended his right hand in front of Wang Lu .

Wang Lu reached out her fingers and drew a circle in Zhou Wen’s palm . Then, she grabbed Zhou Wen’s right hand and pushed his fingers towards his palm . She made Zhou Wen’s right hand clench into a fist and said piously, “May the Goddess of Luck be with you . Alright, you can go . ”

Zhou Wen was doubtful . Wang Lu’s luck was good, but luck shouldn’t spread, right? Zhou Wen had killed the tiger countless times in-game, but only some Primordial Energy Crystals dropped . He had never seen a Companion Egg before .

Zhou Wen doubted Wang Lu’s claim that the circle was of use .

Although he didn’t believe it, the tiger had already pounced in front of him . Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate as he unsheathed Bamboo Blade with his right hand and slashed at the tiger with a Fangwheel Sword Flash .

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The tiger was surprisingly stronger than usual . With a twist of its waist, it dodged the Fangwheel Sword Flash . Unfortunately, it had not expected it to boomerang back and cleave it into two .

“Killing an Epic dimensional creature with one strike . It might be the weakest, but your strength is already very powerful . What a pity,” said Wang Lu .

“Why do you say so?” Zhou Wen asked as he walked towards the tiger’s corpse .

“Unfortunately, you’re Wang Mingyuan’s student . Other than Luoyang, no one else will dare to hire you,” Wang Lu said bluntly, not deliberately avoiding the topic .

“So what?” Zhou Wen didn’t mind . The dimensional zones were already very unstable . No one knew how long the League could last, nor had he ever thought of becoming a high official in the League .

“It’s great to be free . It would be great if I could be like you, having the freedom to do as you wish,” Wang Lu muttered .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t hear Wang Lu . This was because Zhou Wen’s gaze was completely attracted to the Companion Egg in the tiger’s corpse .

A Companion Egg really dropped! Zhou Wen took out the Companion Egg, still finding it unbelievable .

He had been grinding the tiger in-game to the brink of puking . He hadn’t been able to get a baby tiger to drop . But all it took was once this time .

“Remember my breakfast every day . Don’t kick me to the curb when I’ve outlived my usefulness,” Wang Lu said with a smile .

“Definitely not . Just tell me whatever you want to eat and I guarantee that it will be delivered,” Zhou Wen hurriedly said .

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“Anything . As long as you find it delicious . ” Wang Lu wasn’t picky with her food .

Zhou Wen agreed and eagerly injected his Primordial Energy . He hatched the tiger on the spot and soon, a white tiger Companion Beast appeared in front of him .

Baby Tiger: Epic

Life Providence: Lucky Baby Tiger (Luck +5)

Life Soul: Tiger Soul

Strength: 28

Speed: 26

Constitution: 26

Primordial Energy: 23

Primordial Energy Skill: Tiger Pounce

Companion Form: None

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The attributes were indeed lousy, making it an Epic existence that was equivalent to trash . However, a unique luck-type Life Providence made such a useless Companion Beast value even rarer .

Now that he had the Lucky Baby Tiger, Zhou Wen felt as though a boulder that was weighing down on his chest had lifted . He didn’t have to constantly think about farming the tiger every day .

The two of them walked out of Binyang Cave with each of them having a tiger in tow . The soldiers guarding the Binyang Cave were dumbfounded .

Although the baby tiger’s stats were very ordinary, Zhou Wen felt different riding the baby tiger . He even found its speed to be much faster .

“Alright, my mission is complete . I need to catch up on sleep . Insufficient sleep is taboo for girls . ” Wang Lu went back to sleep .

After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he couldn’t wait to take the baby tiger to the bat cave and see the effects of the Companion Beast’s enhanced luck .

The baby tiger didn’t disappoint Zhou Wen . The dimensional crystals that dropped were fifty percent more than usual, and their quality was significantly higher . Most of the dimensional crystals’ stats exceeded 30 points, and a 21-valued Poison Crystal dropped . The highest-valued Poison Crystal that Zhou Wen had obtained in the past was only ten-plus points . His 20-valued Poison Crystal had dropped from a Jade Toad .

This is really good! Zhou Wen was very fond of it .

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