Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 402

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Chapter 402: Chapter 402 - Luck Composition

402 Luck Composition

Apart from eating at the cafeteria and bringing Wang Lu breakfast, Zhou Wen hardly left the house .

With the baby tiger, the efficiency of grinding increased significantly . The dimensional crystals and Companion Beasts that dropped had improved significantly, be it in terms of quantity or quality .

+5 Luck really shows an obvious improvement . If I have a few more points, wouldn’t the drop rate double? Zhou Wen thought about where to get another pet that added luck .

Due to the Lucky Baby Tiger’s Life Providence being unique, even if he had one more baby tiger, the luck wouldn’t stack . Therefore, it was useless even if Zhou Wen went to Binyang Cave to grind for the baby tiger again .

Wait a minute . The Lucky Baby Tiger’s Life Providence can’t be stacked, but can it be synthesized? When two different Companion Beasts combine, they might produce a different Life Providence . Just like when I fused the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and Sky Spider Youngling, the King of Low Altitudes became the King of Sky . If I were to fuse the baby tiger with some other cat or dog, would I be able to turn it into a lucky cat or something? Would it be stackable? Zhou Wen was considering the viability of this matter .

If he could really synthesize one like this, he could completely synthesize the luck-type Life Providence with another powerful Companion Beast . It would give him a luck bonus and powerful combat ability .

Zhou Wen was only thinking about it . He couldn’t have the blood-colored avatar die, nor could he refresh dungeons . All his thoughts were empty thoughts, making it impossible for him to farm the baby tiger .

As he hadn’t refreshed the dungeon, Zhou Wen had nearly wiped out all the monsters he could grind in the past few days . He was about to reach a point of not having any monsters to grind on . This was the first time he had encountered such a situation since obtaining the mysterious phone .

Although there were also instance dungeons he had never been before, such as Mount Laojun, Zhou Wen didn’t dare visit them as he was afraid the blood-colored avatar would die inside .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen had many books to read, so it wasn’t that he had nothing to do . He was engrossed in an ocean of knowledge every day .

Zheng Tianlun felt like crying . He originally believed that using his relationship as a fellow schoolmate, it wouldn’t be difficult to get a strand of Zhou Wen’s hair . In the beginning, he had sought out the Xuanwen Club members who were closer to Zhou Wen . He claimed that the student council wanted to host a joint activity with them, hoping that Li Xuan and Zhou Wen could participate .

He was responsible for all the expenses . For this, he spent a large sum to get some special dimensional zones passes .

However, to his surprise, Li Xuan told him that Zhou Wen was in seclusion and refused to participate in any activities . In the end, the joint activity was held . He had spent the money but failed to see Zhou Wen .

What do I do? What do I do? Zheng Tianlun was extremely anxious . There was less than a day left . He had to obtain Zhou Wen’s hair as soon as possible . He didn’t dare imagine the outcome of failure and dared not remember the tragic state of the stray dog .

Zheng Tianlun had thought of many methods, but they were unviable . Finally, he had no choice but to find Zhou Wen himself . He had to obtain a strand of Zhou Wen’s hair no matter what .

Zhou Wen was reading a book near the balcony on the second floor . The sunlight shone on him, making him feel warm and comfortable .

As he wore the Truth Listener earring in its companion form the entire time, Zhou Wen heard Zheng Tianlun’s approach before he even reached the yard’s entrance .

Why is he here? Zhou Wen was puzzled . Zheng Tianlun was clearly walking towards his building and was about to reach his yard’s entrance .

“I have to get his hair… I have to get it…” Zhou Wen listened carefully and heard Zheng Tianlun muttering to himself . It was so soft that ordinary people might not be able to hear it even if they stood beside him . However, Truth Listener’s hearing was just too good . Zhou Wen heard him clearly .

Whose hair does he want? Mine? What does he want my hair for? Zhou Wen immediately made some bad connections .

There were many magical dimensional forces in the League . Legend had it that some people in the West District had curse-type Primordial Energy Skills that allowed them to curse a person to death remotely through mediums such as a person’s hair and nails .

There were many similar abilities in the East District, and they were even more exaggerated . There was no need for any physical contact . Just knowing the time someone was born was enough to take their life, even from a great distance away .

Zhou Wen currently didn’t have much knowledge regarding such Primordial Energy Skills . In a real battle, be it an Epic human or Companion Beast, he had the power to contend a fight . Instead, he was afraid of powers that he could succumb to without even seeing .

Against such powers, even if he had the annihilative powers, it would be of no use considering how he couldn’t find or hit his target .

For instance, many powerful Epic experts died without even seeing a dimensional creature while exploring dimensional zones . It wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough, but that their resistance against the unknown force was too weak . They were nothing but boors who were unable to use their strength .

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Of course, there were boors that succeeded . Legend had it that the Xia family’s hero had cultivated the Invincible Connate Divine Art in the past, reaching an invulnerable state . No matter how evil power it was, nothing could kill him . He was a classic example of being able to be a ramrod that could charge straight forward .

However, he ultimately didn’t end well when he entered a dimensional zone .

Therefore, Zhou Wen always firmly believed that knowing one’s enemy was the key to winning all battles . It was best if he didn’t take any risks; after all, he only had one life .

While Zhou Wen was pondering over it, Zheng Tianlun had already pressed his doorbell .

It looks like the people from the bureau have arrived . Zhou Wen had guessed what was going on . After some thought, he went down and opened the door . He wanted to find out from Zheng Tianlun about the person whom the bureau had sent .

“Zheng Tianlun, why are you looking for me?” Zhou Wen asked Zheng Tianlun who was outside .

“I have an important matter to discuss with you . Can I come in?” Zheng Tianlun asked carefully .

“Come on in . ” Zhou Wen kept a high alert the entire time . He didn’t get too close to Zheng Tianlun, maintaining a certain distance .

To his surprise, Zheng Tianlun slammed the door shut after entering and plopped to his knees . “Zhou Wen, please save me . If you don’t save me, I’m dead . ”

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“What are you doing?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

Zheng Tianlun said, “The night before yesterday, I applied for leave and went home . On the way, I bumped into a strange middle-aged man…”

Zheng Tianlun recounted what had happened that night . No matter how he thought about it, he knew it was impossible to get Zhou Wen’s hair by force . He knew that Zhou Wen was from the An family, so he couldn’t afford to offend him, nor could he use force .

“Zhou Wen, I’m begging you, save me . I really don’t want to die . ” Zheng Tianlun kowtowed as he spoke .

Zhou Wen reached out to stop Zheng Tianlun . Although he didn’t have a good impression of Zheng Tianlun, he didn’t have any feud with him either . He felt uneasy hearing the pleading .

However, just as his hand touched Zheng Tianlun’s hand, Zheng Tianlun’s flesh and bones exploded and his arms turned into a bloody mist .

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