Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 406

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Chapter 406: Chapter 406 - Blood Hex

Chapter 406 - Blood Hex

Ják lurked in the grass, alarmed . He had been imprisoned for more than twenty years . Were young adults these days so powerful?

Back in his day, he could kill young adults in their twenties, such as An Sheng, without wasting too much effort .

However, between the two young adults that he met today, Zhou Wen had forced him to hide in the darkness while An Sheng, who appeared a little older, maybe in his mid-twenties, but definitely not in his thirties, had managed to escape the Life Blast that he had set up . This made him suspect that the League had experienced an explosive growth over the past few decades . However, from his journey here, he believed that humans might have improved, but they shouldn't be that powerful .

Ják lived up to his name . The thought of escaping didn't arise just because of Zhou Wen and An Sheng's strength . The killing intent in his heart burned even more .

If my previous Companion Beasts were still around, killing them would be much simpler . Unfortunately, I'll have to think of another solution now . Ják's mind raced as he thought about how to kill Zhou Wen and An Sheng . He had no intention of escaping .

Perhaps, even Shen Yuchi wouldn't have expected that a great devil like Ják would have to go through so much difficulty to capture a university student .

Back when Ják was pursued by the bureau and in what seemed like an inescapable net, he had even killed more than twenty Epic inspectors .

Ják even infiltrated Holy City while being pursued, a showcase of his boldness . He abducted the son of the previous director-general of the Special Inspector Bureau and killed him in front of the experts chasing him .

Shen Yuchi had made a deal with Ják because he wanted to put things right once and for all . He hoped that Ják could capture Zhou Wen without anyone noticing, but little did he expect Ják to end up in a predicament .

He swept his glance across the forest, and a vicious glint flashed across Ják's eyes as he exploded the Life Blast he had set up .


The leaves exploded in the forest like bombs . In a region spanning a few hundred meters, there were explosive booms and destroyed trees everywhere .

A large group of birds and wild beasts fled in all directions, and the forest was thrown into pandemonium .

"No good . He wants to escape . " Truth Listener's range was only about a hundred meters . The explosions' had already exceeded the distance that Truth Listener could monitor . There were all sorts of creatures fleeing in the forest . If Ják were to be among them, it would be impossible to find him .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to fly in the sky and constantly search with Truth Listener's powers, hoping to find something abnormal .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen saw a black shadow escape rapidly under the moonlight . Although the moonlight was bright, there were trees sheltering the area . Shadows covered the area below as the black shadow rapidly slunk through the shadows . Zhou Wen's Truth Listener couldn't hear it; it just so happened that his eyes accidentally swept across the spot where the moonlight scattered, allowing him to see it by chance .

Zhou Wen immediately recalled that the other party had previously wanted to pin his shadow . Clearly, he was proficient in shadow techniques, and now, he was escaping using shadows . It would be difficult to find him if he escaped successfully . There was still a chance of finding his true body next time, but even so, Zhou Wen himself wasn't confident .

With no mercy in his heart, Zhou Wen switched to the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul, letting it fuse with him . His entire body emitted a glow as he rushed into the forest like a god of light in pursuit of the shadow .

"Don't chase after him!" An Sheng loudly warned Zhou Wen, but he saw Zhou Wen charge in without stopping . All he could do was rush in as well .

The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul brought Zhou Wen powerful vital essence, one that emitted light and heat as he lit up the dark forest .

Tree leaves fell on Zhou Wen . With one hand holding the Overlord Sword and the other holding the Bamboo Blade, he slashed out a sword and saber beam, splitting all the leaves that came close to him .

However, when he stepped onto the grass on the ground, the grass suddenly exploded . Thankfully, Zhou Wen was wearing the Mutated Stone Chi armor . Resisting the blast, he leaped up and tapped his feet on the trunk before continuing his pursuit of the shadow .

Zhou Wen didn't dare land on the ground as he used the trees to engage in pursuit . His glow illuminated the forest . Under the brilliance, he could clearly see a shadow moving quickly on the ground without making a single sound . Truth Listener couldn't hear it either .

He slashed out Fangwheel Sword Flash with the Overlord Sword, but the shadow rapidly flashed . It dodged the sword beam and circled around in a bid to escape in another direction .

Zhou Wen chased the shadow as he kept slashing out sword beams, but the shadow dodged Zhou Wen's sword beams again and again . It was like a ghost, making Zhou Wen almost believe that it was really just a shadow .

However, seeing that the shadow was constantly dodging the sword light, and that it wouldn't fade under the light he emitted, he knew that it wasn't a real shadow .

To be able to use a shadow escape technique to such a degree and use a large area of Life Blast, could this person really be Ják? An Sheng rushed into the forest and stood on a tree branch . When he saw Zhou Wen chasing the shadow, he was alarmed and puzzled .

He had heard many legends about Ják in the past . All the different kinds of evil and powerful Primordial Energy Skills at his disposal made him extremely unpredictable . He was capable of killing people in an invisible manner .

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This legendary person was actually suppressed by Zhou Wen, forcing him to reevaluate Zhou Wen's strength .

Young Master Wen might end up being a second Overseer in the future, thought An Sheng . He had watched Zhou Wen develop his strength, but even he was astonished at such a growth rate .

Just as Zhou Wen cornered the shadow with nowhere for it to escape, Ják revealed his body . Ják stood there, his Blood Hex Clown Life Soul in front of him as he withstood the Fangwheel Sword Flash with both hands .


The Blood Hex Clown and Ják behind it were sent flying as they slammed into an old tree . Blood immediately spurted out from Ják's mouth .

Zhou Wen wasn't willing to give him a chance . The moment his feet landed on the ground, he exerted strength with all his might, ready to charge forward and kill Ják on the spot .

However, just as his foot touched the ground, he felt his ankle tighten . A terrifying force tugged at him, almost causing him to fall to the ground .

Zhou Wen looked down and realized that the Ják's severed hand was grabbing his ankle . Sanguine aura surged from the severed hand arm as it clutched tightly at his ankle . The sanguine aura also surged up and quickly spread across his leg as though a blood-patterned talisman had been drawn on the stone armor .

"No good!" An Sheng wanted to rush over, but when he saw Zhou Wen's expression and gaze, instead of rushing over immediately, he stopped in his tracks .

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An Sheng had seen similar looks and expressions many times . It was the look and expression that a particular Overseer he knew well had when it was time to reel in the net he had carefully arranged .

Ják suppressed the excitement in his heart as he stood up . He licked the blood on his lips and looked at Zhou Wen with burning eyes . "You should feel honored to be the first person I, Ják, have killed in 27 years . "

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