Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: Chapter 407 - Slaying

407 Slaying

Following Ják’s words, the Blood Hex Clown beside him emitted blood-colored light . The Blood Hex Clown levitated, its hands seemingly praying to Buddha while it seemed to chant something .

As the chanting sounded, the Blood Hex Clown’s sanguine halo intensified . It actually turned into blood-colored incantations that revolved around its body .

As for the palm gripping Zhou Wen’s ankle, it exploded from the Blood Hex Clown’s blood hex . The strange blood-colored incantation patterns crept onto Zhou Wen’s stone armor as though they were trying to wrap him in a net formed of blood-colored incantations .

“In that case, you should feel more honored than me,” Zhou Wen said to Ják without showing any signs of panic despite being trapped by the blood incantation .

Ják felt a little uneasy as he stared at Zhou Wen and asked, “Why?”

“It’s because you will be killed by me . You have lived for so many years . This should be the first time you have been killed, right?” Zhou Wen said .

“Is that so? Then I’m really looking forward to it . ” Ják felt that something was amiss, but with the arrow already strung, he had to release it . However, the unease made him activate it ahead of time . He didn’t wait for the Blood Hex Clown to finish the incantation .

A red glow flashed from the Blood Hex Clown’s body as it flashed like police sirens . The Blood Hex Clown’s body suddenly exploded the next second .

With the self-detonation of the Blood Hex Clown, the blood incantation on Zhou Wen’s body and the severed hand exploded . It was an internecine curse .

Bang! A blood-colored blast of light rose from Zhou Wen’s body as everything almost twenty meters in diameter was destroyed by it .

“Impossible!” Ják stared at the empty area behind the blood explosion and saw Zhou Wen still flowing in holy light . He stood there like a god of light, completely unharmed .

Ják completely couldn’t believe his eyes . It was the evil self-destruct skill that the Blood Hex Clown had acquired only after it advanced to a Perfect Body . The power of its self-detonation was enough to injure even a Mythical Creature . However, it would take a long time before the Blood Hex Clown Life Soul would recover from its self-destruction . Ják seldom used it even before he was locked up .

Being cornered today, he used this power, but he never expected that it would fail to injure Zhou Wen at all . How could he remain composed?

However, he was ultimately a person with an iron will . When he realized that something was wrong, he phased away into a shadow in a bid to escape without any hesitation .

“Are you done playing? It’s my turn now, right?” With the Overlord Sword in hand, Zhou Wen’s sun-like radiance gradually vanished . It was replaced by a mysterious aura .

Unlike the vital radiance from before, Zhou Wen didn’t leak any Primordial Energy as he seemed to meld into the void .

Double Life Souls! An Sheng was pleasantly surprised .

Double Life Souls were extremely rare . This was because Primordial Energy Arts could easily produce conflicts . Typically, an ordinary person could only cultivate one . Otherwise, it was very possible that the conflict between Primordial Energy Arts would cause damage to the body, especially when advancing . Such sudden conflicting impulses happened suddenly .

It was especially so when Life Providences between the Primordial Energy Arts clashed . Death was almost certain . Needless to say, any conflict in Life Souls would probably lead to a situation worse than death .

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An Sheng knew a person who cultivated dual Primordial Energy Arts and condensed two Life Souls . That person had peerless talent, and with immense perseverance, he condensed two Life Souls of two different Primordial Energy Arts .

He originally thought that he was fine, but afterward, he realized that he could only control his body in the day . Once he fell asleep, his Life Soul would occupy his body and do many crazy things that he didn’t even know about . Eventually, he went mad and was sent to a mental hospital .

The fact that Zhou Wen was able to have double Life Souls proved that his talent was indeed as excellent as the former principal had said . However, An Sheng was worried that the double Life Souls would harm Zhou Wen .

Having double Life Souls exacerbated Zhou Wen’s advancement to the Mythical stage . There was already no clear advancement path, but now, he had added an obstacle for himself . This made An Sheng very worried; the surprise was both worrisome and pleasant .

Zhou Wen switched his Life Providence to Godfiend and the Lost Country ring appeared on his finger . Zhou Wen remained suspended in midair as he looked at the escaping Ják in shadow form, having no intention of pursuing him . All he did was touch the Lost Country ring on his finger .

A strange glint flashed in the eyes of the ring’s ghost face . It was as if a supernatural being had opened its eyes . Furthermore, the light gradually spread outwards, causing the originally simple, ancient ring to have incantations engraved on it .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ják fled in a frenzy, but when he charged through the woods and hit the sword marks that Zhou Wen had delivered previously, sword flashes burst out from the sword marks .

Ják ran so quickly and anxiously that he repeatedly triggered countless sword marks . Rays of sword flashes stabbed into his body and exploded, instantly blasting Ják out of his shadow form .

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Covered in blood, Ják suffered wounds everywhere thanks to the sword flashes . He fell to the ground, coughing blood non-stop .

Ják stared at Zhou Wen and swallowed a mouthful of blood . He asked in a hoarse voice, “You… know how hex spells as well?”

“No, but I have to thank you for giving me some inspiration . If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought of using my Life Soul in this manner . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t lying .

Ják’s combat method inspired Zhou Wen . It allowed him to combine the spatial and dimensional knowledge he had acquired recently and finally figured out a way to use the Lost Country . It wasn’t as simple and crude as using it for teleportation .

Lost Country’s ability to change spatial trajectories wasn’t limited to just teleportation .

Ják looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression . Although he was a genius, he had only just advanced to the Legendary stage at Zhou Wen’s age . He was far inferior to the present Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate at all as he slashed out the Demonic Astral Wheel . He planned on slaying the heavily injured Ják, unwilling to give him any chance .

Ják was no longer able to dodge, but there was no trace of fear on his face . Instead, his eyes were scorching hot .

“This is amazing! This world is amazing! There should be plenty of strong fellows like you among humans, right? It’s really thrilling,” Ják muttered to himself in fervor .

Zhou Wen ignored him as he cleaved apart Ják’s body with the Overlord Sword . Fresh blood spewed out as Ják was split into two on the spot .

However, when Ják’s body landed, Zhou Wen was shocked to see it transform into a palm-sized doll that had been sliced into two . The doll even spoke despite being sliced in half . “Zhou Wen, you really excite me . To me, you’re a top-notch food ingredient . I’ll definitely kill you and make your flesh into a top-notch delicacy . Before that, please do protect your body and prevent anyone from tainting this priceless ingredient . ”

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