Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 408

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Chapter 408: Chapter 408 - An Sheng“s Suggestion

Chapter 408 An Sheng“s Suggestion

in a cave, a pale-faced ják spat out a mouthful of blood . his face flushed abnormally red . he had used a puppet avatar hex to battle zhou wen . although the one killed was only a puppet avatar and not his main body, the death of his avatar dealt him some severe injuries .

furthermore, the blood hex clown life soul had really self-destructed . it was a very serious blow to him .

although i can’t wait to eat delicacies, i still need to get some companion beasts first . otherwise, i might really not be his match . ják wiped the blood from his mouth as he wondered how he could obtain a companion beast .

he naturally did not fancy typical companion beasts . with his present situation, he needed plenty of time to obtain high-level companion beasts .

since those people from the league want me to do their bidding, they should pay for it . a look of mockery flashed in ják’s eyes .

if he had considered taking zhou wen to the bureau to exchange for true freedom, he no longer had that thought after today’s battle .

ják walked out of the cave and headed for luoyang city . he didn’t have any communication devices like phones on him, so he needed to find a place to contact shen yuchi .

he didn’t plan on telling shen yuchi what happened today . failure would only make them think that he was incompetent . ják planned on telling shen yuchi that the an family was protecting zhou wen . he needed some companion beasts to bring him back .

others might only need a companion egg, but ják was different . it would be fine even if it was a companion beast with an owner . he believed that shen yuchi wouldn’t reject his request .

after entering luoyang city, ják went to a shop to buy a phone and contacted shen yuchi . as he expected, although shen yuchi was a little reluctant, he still agreed to his request . he told him to wait two days for the companion beasts to arrive .

after the call, he wanted to throw the phone into the trash can, but he realized that there were several different types of bins . he didn’t know what the different labels meant, so he casually threw it into one of them .

“sir, you’re mistaken . you just threw a phone, right? that’s recyclable . you should place it in the bin for recyclable waste…” a young girl said to ják when she walked over .

ják looked at the girl coldly . when the girl and ják looked at each other, she was stunned . then, as if she had lost her soul, she walked toward him .

ják turned and walked into a remote area with the girl following in tow . she had no idea what she was doing .

in an empty alley, ják looked at the girl and reached his hand out towards her neck . however, before his fingers could touch it, he stopped . there was a strange expression on his face .

darn it . all i can think of right now is that top-notch delicious ingredient . how can i eat such trash? ják looked at the girl with disgust before gritting his teeth and turning to leave .

not long after ják left, the girl woke up and looked around blankly . she didn’t know why she was here, nor did she know that she had just escaped a calamity .

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zhou wen scanned the entire forest and didn’t discover any aura nor did he sense anything . he was certain that ják’s real body wasn’t here .

“i failed to kill him despite going through all that trouble?” zhou wen sighed . he really wanted to kill ják . he was too terrifying .

an sheng walked over and said with a smile, “you’re just a student, yet you managed to force ják to such a state . i’m afraid no one will believe you if you tell others . you should be proud of yourself . what’s there to sigh about?”

“don’t joke around . if i can’t kill him this time, i don’t know what terrifying means he will use to deal with the people around me next time,” zhou wen said .

an sheng nodded and said, “a devil like ják will definitely not let this matter rest . it’s indeed not appropriate for you to stay in school . you’re fine on your own . with your capabilities, it won’t be easy for ják to touch you, but it’s hard to say for the people around you . ”

zhou wen felt a headache over this . he wasn’t afraid for himself, but if the next time the person standing in front of him was either li xuan or wang lu, zhou wen couldn’t imagine how he would feel if they suddenly exploded and splattered blood all over him .

“young master wen, if you don’t want to go to the an family, i have a suggestion . you can prevent the people around you from being hurt by ják, and also stay safe,” an sheng said with narrowed eyes .

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“what’s the suggestion?” zhou wen asked .

“recently, chess mountain hasn’t been peaceful . there are frequent signs of break-out creatures . deputy governor qin is building a special unit to guard chess mountain . those people are not part of the army . most of them are mercenary hunters or cultivators who have committed a crime . if you are interested, you can join this unit . firstly, you can contribute to guarding chess mountain . secondly, you can also avoid injury to the people around you . thirdly, there are many experts in the camp, so it won’t be easy for ják to touch you,” an sheng said .

“aren’t you afraid that i would be killed by a break-out creature at chess mountain?” zhou wen looked at an sheng gloomily .

“i really didn’t dare to recommend you in the past . but after watching your battle with ják, i don’t think it makes a difference,” an sheng said .

“how can it not make a difference?” zhou wen felt that what an sheng said made no sense . there was naturally no danger if he didn’t go .

an sheng smiled and said, “with your present strength, if you were killed, then chess mountain’s encampment would definitely be lost . so even if you don’t go to chess mountain, the break-out creatures inside will still rush to luoyang city . when the time comes, won’t you still have to fight them? so what difference does it make?”“why do i have to fight them? can’t i run?” zhou wen curled his lips .

“you can also run on chess mountain . don’t worry . you aren’t a regular soldier . just run . you won’t be considered a deserter,” an sheng said with a smile .

zhou wen was hesitant . life on campus was comfortable . if possible, he really didn’t want to go to a dangerous place like chess mountain .

an sheng noticed zhou wen’s hesitation and continued, “tell me . if luoyang city really falls in the future, it will definitely be the doing of dimensional creatures in chess mountain . if i were you, i would head to chess mountain to take a look . at least i would understand the creatures there ahead of time and know how to deal with them . it’s much better than others who aren’t prepared . ”

“is chess mountain that terrifying?” zhou wen asked in puzzlement when he saw how serious an sheng was .

“according to our research, the ruins of the ancient zhaoge city might be in chess mountain . don’t you think it’s terrifying?” an sheng said sternly .

zhou wen was slightly taken aback . in the history of the east district, there were two most famous battles between deities, monsters, immortals, saints, and humans . one was the battle between the yellow emperor and chiyou . the other was the famous battle of muye . the famous novel, investiture of the gods, had depicted this very battle .

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