Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

It was quite an ordeal for Zhou Wen to finally return home and be able to game in peace . But just as he sat on the sofa and launched the game dungeon, Li Xuan rushed home .

“Your door was kicked down by a woman who claimed to be your sister . Her name is Li Weiyang,” Zhou Wen immediately made things clear, afraid that Li Xuan would blame him for damaging his villa .

However, Li Xuan didn’t heed that at all . In excitement, he asked Zhou Wen in a mysterious manner, “Are you interested in visiting the dimensional zone I previously mentioned?”

“Are you talking about the dimensional zone that produces organ-type Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Bingo . Are you interested?”

“But we haven’t matriculated! Can we enter now?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan suspiciously .

“The average person obviously can’t, but I’m no average person,” Li Xuan said as he languidly slapped his chest .

“Alright, let’s head over . ” Zhou Wen was quite intrigued, but it wasn’t that he wanted to enter a dimensional zone . Instead, he wanted to know if the dimensional zone could be installed on his phone just like Guide Ancient City .

“Bro, can you show me some excitement? I really can’t feel a sense of achievement with that face of yours,” Li Xuan said gloomily .

“Wow! You’re awesome!” Zhou Wen cried out in a very perfunctory manner as he continued gaming on his phone without looking up .

“Forget it . ” Li Xuan became even more depressed . However, he cheered up almost immediately . Pulling Zhou Wen out, he said, “Pal, I’ll be broadening your horizon today . ”

When they arrived in the yard, Zhou Wen saw a white tiger sprawled outside the villa . It was even bigger and muscular than an ox .

“Legendary Jade-Eyed White Tiger . How cool is that? I incubated it just today . It was such a harrowing experience…” Li Xuan bragged as his saliva splattered about .

“With such flaunting, you have no plans on acting any further, right?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

Li Xuan’s face sank . “In the past, I wished that things wouldn’t turn nasty among the family, so I didn’t compete with him . Since he doesn’t even want to spare my life, there’s no need for me to stand on ceremony with him . From now on, I’ll become the Li family’s genius, Li Xuan . What should be mine will be mine, nothing less . ”

Zhou Wen gave Li Xuan the thumbs up . Indeed, a genius like Li Xuan didn’t deserve to be hidden . However, he was curious . Li Xuan cultivated in the Invincible Connate Divine Art, so was he to stay a virgin his entire life if he continued cultivating in it?

“Let’s not touch on such matters . Come on up . Let’s go a joyride . This Jade-Eyed White Tiger is extraordinary . If I use enough resources on it, it has a chance of advancing to an Epic King of White Tigers . That would make it truly terrifying,” Li Xuan said as he jumped onto its back .

Zhou Wen knew that certain Companion Beasts could evolve, but they were in the minority . Furthermore, evolution required special dimensional materials and very strict criteria .

Currently, the League was doing research in this respect . There were less than four hundred on the official list of evolvable Companion Beasts . The rest were still being studied .

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Riding on a Companion Beast didn’t feel good in any way . The trembling was intense due to the lack of a suspension . Zhou Wen would rather ride in a comfortable sedan car .

However, Li Xuan was thrilled . He dashed down the road riding the Jade-Eyed White Tiger, whistling and waving to beauties he passed on the street .

This fellow’s foppish character sure doesn’t appear to be an act .  Zhou Wen suddenly thought of a problem . He whispered into the Legendary stage’s ear, “Li Xuan, what are the criteria needed to incubate a Legendary Companion Egg for those at the Mortal stage?”

Li Xuan said, “You wish to incubate that Skeleton General, right? I’m warning you not to mess around . Don’t try it just because it seems it’s easy for me to incubate one . Let me tell you seriously that people with such thoughts mostly end up either crippled or dead . ”

After a pause, Li Xuan said smugly, “To incubate a Companion Egg, the most important criteria is to have sufficient Primordial Energy . A typical Legendary Companion Egg needs more than ten Primordial Energy to incubate it . The typical human at the Mortal stage doesn’t have that much Primordial Energy . After being sucked dry of their Primordial Energy, one’s vitality and essence would be drawn in place of Primordial Energy . When that happens, it’s either death or disability . The reason I can incubate a Legendary Companion Egg is because my Invincible Connate Divine Art has cultivated to 9 points of Primordial Energy . Furthermore, I have plenty of vitality and essence that I’m not afraid of being drained . Even so, I had to specially select Legendary Companion Eggs that require relatively fewer Primordial Energy points . Only then can I succeed and survive . It’s almost impossible for others to succeed, unless you aren’t afraid of death .

“Give up, man . I’m unique,” Li Xuan added smugly .

What Li Xuan had said served as a warning for Zhou Wen . The latter was obviously afraid of death, but the blood-colored avatar in-game wasn’t . Perhaps he could use the blood-colored avatar to incubate a Legendary Companion Beast .

Unfortunately, I have no way of taking the Companion Egg into the game . To make an attempt, I can only wait until a Companion Egg drops in-game .  With this in mind, he was quite tempted .

The phone’s camera feature is able to download dimensional zones . I wonder if it can be used on Companion Eggs? When Zhou Wen thought of this, he took out the Companion Egg and phone from his pocket .

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He was sitting behind Li Xuan and, with him in the way, no one else could see what he was doing . Zhou Wen then attempted to open the mysterious phone’s camera function and aimed it at the Skeleton General Companion Egg .


To Zhou Wen’s surprise, the camera function was usable . When the camera was pointed at the Skeleton General Companion Egg, a green box appeared on the screen, and with a beep, it focused on the Companion Egg . At the same time, many text and numbers appeared .

Skeleton General Companion Egg: Legendary

Life Providence: Oath of City Defense

Strength: 15

Speed: 13

Constitution: 16

Primordial Energy: 18

Primordial Energy Skill: Penetrating Pierce (Rank 3)

Companion Form: General Bone Armor

Zhou Wen looked at the Skeleton General’s stats in surprise . It wasn’t because the stats were surprising, but that no one was able to run tests before a Companion Egg was incubated; thus, making it impossible to know how good a Companion Beast would be before incubation .

With just a snap, the phone could list down detailed numbers . It was amazing .

The same Companion Beast type all had different stats . The higher they were, the better they were naturally . It was especially so with Primordial Energy Skills . The higher the Rank, the more valuable the Companion Beast was .


While Zhou Wen was looking at the Skeleton General’s stats, his phone beeped again . At the same time, a notification popped up on the screen .

“Skeleton General and Mutated Vigor Ant have a compatibility score of 47% . Fusion has a success rate of 47% . Proceed with fusion?”

A ‘yes’ and ‘no’ option popped up on the screen . Without any hesitation, he chose ‘yes . ’ Then there was a clicking sound—the sound of a camera’s shutter .

The phone snapped a picture of the Skeleton General, simultaneously making the Skeleton General Companion Egg in Zhou Wen’s hand vanish into thin air .