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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 413

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:23:09 AM

Chapter 413: Chapter 413 - Climbing the Mountain

zhou wen was overjoyed when he heard that there was the tiny palm symbol . however, when he thought of how it was at the top of chess mountain—a place he didn’t dare head up—he couldn’t help but turn sullen .

“i’ve seen similar symbols in other dimensional zones, but i don’t know what the symbol means . therefore, i’ve been studying them all this time, hoping to take a picture . by the way, do you know what the tiny palm symbol represents?” zhou wen asked half-truthfully .

“how would i know? i don’t know who carved it out of boredom . it’s easy if you want to see it . once you reach the peak, you will naturally be able to see it,” the flower said .

“forget it . it’s not necessary . ” upon hearing that he was going to have to climb up the mountain, zhou wen rejected it without even thinking .

there were countless terrifying creatures in chess mountain . who knew if he would be able to come out after climbing up there?

however, the little flower laughed . “so you don’t want to climb it? then i’ll make you . if you can’t reach the peak within two hours, your eyes will go blind . ”

previously, when the flower said that he would die within seven steps, zhou wen didn’t pay attention . however, this time, he saw it clearly . just as the flower’s voice faded, one of its petals wilted and scattered in the air as a point of light, as though it had vanished into thin air .

zhou wen didn’t feel anything, nor did the truth listener earring react . however, he knew that he had probably been hit by some curse .

what origins does this flower have? why is its power so strange? zhou wen looked at the flower and asked, “you said that i would die if i took seven steps . now, you want me to climb the mountain within two hours? doesn’t this conflict?

the flower said calmly, “don’t worry . the first wish’s wish forces have been covered by the second wish . you can walk anywhere you want now without dying . however, if you don’t ascend chess mountain’s peak in two hours, you will definitely become blind . even a mythical primordial energy skill that can resurrect the dead won’t be able to restore your vision . if you don’t believe me, go ahead and leave this place . ”

“what are you really up to?” zhou wen looked up at the flower on the mountain wall and asked . if he were to go up chess mountain, he was afraid that he would lose his life . being blind was better than dying .

at the very least, he still had the truth listener earring . even if he was blind, he wouldn’t be completely blind . he could use his ears as a substitute for his eyes . he just wouldn’t be able to see any colors or changes in shadows in the future .

“nothing . i just find it fun . if you don’t want to climb the mountain, you can leave now . however, if i’m in a bad mood one day and think about you, i might make another wish to turn you into a cripple . i believe it will be very interesting,” the flower said .

zhou wen stared at the flower and thought to himself, indeed, i shouldn’t take risks going near dimensional zones . it’s better to just stay home and game .

“if you wish to kill me, just do it . there’s no need to go through so much trouble,” zhou wen said as he stared at the flower .

“if it wasn’t for your good looks, do you think you could still stand and talk to me, a thearch?” the flower said in contempt .

zhou wen was immediately rendered speechless . he thought to himself, you are a flower . why would you have any idea about human looks?

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the flower continued, “forget it . i shall tell you another secret . there’s a treasure on the top of chess mountain . you shall have a chance of obtaining that treasure if you can climb up there . based on the standards of you humans, it is a mythical item . ”

“what mythical item is it?” zhou wen asked .

“you’ll know when you get up there . however, i shall give you a hint . don’t think about flying up . you must climb up the mountain wall . otherwise, you’ll die,” the flower said .

“alright, i’ll climb . ” zhou wen gritted his teeth . he knew that he had provoked this flower . even if he were to leave now, there would be endless trouble . he might as well go take a look . if there was really a tiny palm symbol, he could snap it and download it into the game . he could then understand chess mountain’s secret in-game and think of a way to eliminate the flower’s pestering .

zhou wen walked to the stone wall and reached out to grab the cracks on the rock before climbing up . the moment he climbed up, he immediately felt that something was amiss . a powerful magnet seemed to be situated beneath chess mountain . it tugged at his body, making it suddenly feel heavy . he struggled to climb up, just like ordinary people when they went rock-climbing .

“do you find yourself heavy?” the flower’s voice sounded .

“why did this happen?” zhou wen asked as he crawled up .

“the chess mountain is a sealed place . even those true immortals don’t dare approach it . only your human body can approach it . it won’t be injured by the power of the seal, but it will still be affected by it,” said the flower .

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“a sealed place? who sealed it?” zhou wen took the opportunity to gather information .

“if you can climb up the mountain and see that mythical item, you will naturally be able to guess who he is . if you don’t climb up, it’s useless telling you . ” the flower paused and said, “since you have already climbed up, don’t think about retreating . otherwise, you shall die . if you don’t believe me, look down . ”

zhou wen looked down and was alarmed . he had only climbed up a few meters, but the bottom had turned into a bottomless abyss, as though it was leading straight to hell .

damn you flower, just you wait . once i download chess mountain’s instance dungeon and find your weakness in-game, i’ll finish you, zhou wen thought hatefully .

he didn’t know if it was an illusion or what was going on, but since he had come up, zhou wen didn’t plan on retreating . he continued climbing up .

the more he climbed up, the heavier his body became . it was as though his body was covered in chains . even with zhou wen’s strong physique, he found it exhausting just climbing a few hundred meters .

thankfully, chess mountain wasn’t tall . it was only about 700–800 meters . if it was a mountain that was thousands of meters high, zhou wen really doubted if he could scale it .

the flower said, “i couldn’t tell . your perseverance is not bad . ”

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“it’s okay . you’ve been at chess mountain for so long . do you know who chess mountain’s original owner is?” zhou wen didn’t forget to fish for more information .

“i’m the owner of chess mountain,” the flower said with a laugh .

zhou wen naturally didn’t believe it . according to an sheng, chess mountain traced to the ancient zhaoge city . if that was the case, there would definitely be many mythical creatures inside . there would be no lack of famous mythical existences . even if this flower had powerful and strange powers, zhou wen definitely didn’t believe its claim of being the owner of chess mountain .

despite nearing the summit, zhou wen’s truth listener still couldn’t hear anything from the top of the mountain . it was as though there was some mysterious force blocking the sounds, preventing zhou wen from peeping at the mountain peak .

now, zhou wen felt as though someone was pulling him with a chain beneath him . every step he climbed up required him to use all his strength . he had no choice but to use the ancient sovereign life soul to replenish his vital energies . this eased him greatly .

“eh? the aura of an ancient human sovereign . do you cultivate the ancient sovereign sutra?” the flower sensed the power of the ancient sovereign life soul and immediately guessed the primordial energy art zhou wen cultivated .

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