Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: Chapter 414 - Peak

“you know about the ancient sovereign sutra?” zhou wen asked .

the flower laughed and said, “it’s not like it’s something impressive . why wouldn’t i know? it’s no wonder you climbed up chess mountain so easily . it turns out that you’ve cultivated the ancient sovereign sutra . however, after cultivating the ancient sovereign sutra, your future will not be too easy . it will be extremely difficult to pass the mythical stage . ”

“why would it be difficult to cultivate the ancient sovereign sutra? aren’t other primordial energy arts difficult to cultivate?” zhou wen’s heart stirred as he tried to get the way to advance to the mythical stage from the flower’s mouth .

to date, zhou wen had never heard of humans becoming mythical experts . if he could obtain a method to advance to the mythical stage, he might be the first mythical expert among humans .

“they’re difficult too . however, ordinary primordial energy arts follow the order of the world . the ancient sovereign sutra works by destroying the order of the world, so naturally, the difficulty is greater . furthermore, the founder of the ancient sovereign sutra, the strongest human sovereign of your human race, ultimately failed to change fate,” the flower said .

“which human sovereign are you referring to?” zhou wen hurriedly asked .

“as a human and one that cultivates the ancient sovereign sutra, you don’t even know your race’s sovereign, suiren-shi?” the flower was puzzled .

only then did zhou wen realize that the ancient sovereign sutra was a primordial energy art left behind by suiren-shi . it was the leader who had brought fire to humanity .

zhou wen originally believed that the ancient sovereign sutra was discovered on e bo platform . it might have something to do with e bo . he never expected it to be suiren-shi’s primordial energy art .

“when you talk about changing fate, do you mean that human sovereign ultimately failed to advance to the mythical stage?” zhou wen thought to himself that if that were the case, it would be even more difficult to advance the ancient sovereign sutra to the mythical stage in the future .

“you can understand it as that too,” the flower said rather ambiguously . it didn’t continue the topic . instead, it said, “once you reach the top of the mountain, you will see a stone staircase . follow it, but do not walk around recklessly . otherwise, don’t blame your death on me . the tiny palm symbol will be engraved on the boulder at the end of the stone steps . ”

“what’s that mythical item you mentioned?” zhou wen asked .

“you’re almost there . it’s on the boulder . ” the flower ultimately didn’t answer his question .

even with the augmentation of the ancient sovereign life soul, it still took his all to just climb up . when he finally reached the mountaintop, his fingers trembled as he held them to the ground .

he looked up and sized up the mountaintop . indeed, there was a stone staircase leading to the center of the mountain summit . there was a huge black boulder that looked like a steamed bun .

zhou wen immediately saw the tiny palm symbol on the stone and couldn’t help but be overjoyed .

that flower didn’t lie to me . there really is a tiny palm symbol . zhou wen stood up and carefully approached the bun-resembling black boulder .

as zhou wen took a few steps, he felt the mysterious phone vibrate in his pocket . zhou wen took it out and automatically opened the camera app .

he aimed the phone at the black boulder and the camera automatically focused . it locked onto the small palm symbol on the boulder before producing a snapping sound . it turned into the downloading interface .

“what is that in your hand?” the flower’s voice came from the mountain wall .

“don’t you know what a cell phone is?” zhou wen realized that the mountain peak wasn’t as dangerous as he had imagined it to be . it wasn’t as terrifying as the flower had said . it was barren and he felt a little more relaxed .

now that he had downloaded the game dungeon, he could research the flower’s weakness when he got back . after he had researched it thoroughly, he could deal with it .

as long as he didn’t die here, he still had a chance to turn the tables even if he was blinded by the flower .

wait . if i’m blind, will the blood-colored avatar in-game be blind? zhou wen suddenly thought of a serious problem .

he and the blood-colored avatar shared the same vantage view . if the blood-colored avatar also became blind and he couldn’t see the screen, wouldn’t that mean that he couldn’t game?

“what is a cell phone? it doesn’t look like a treasure as it doesn’t have any primordial energy fluctuations,” the flower said .

“it’s not a treasure . it’s just a communication tool that we humans use to communicate across distances . there are also some functions like taking pictures . everyone has one . ” zhou wen tried his best to describe the phone as something rather common to prevent the flower from suddenly becoming interested in the phone .

“what does taking pictures mean?” the flower asked again .

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“it’s to record down a scene into a drawing . i can take pictures of people or scenery,” zhou wen said as he put away the mysterious phone . it looked like the flower was interested in the phone .

“is that so? take a photo and let me see,” the flower said .

zhou wen was already mentally prepared as he took out his ordinary phone and took a few photos with his phone .

“this thing is rather interesting . the drawings are so realistic . ” the flower paused and said, “how do you speak with this thing across distances?”

“it’s very simple . every phone has a number . as long as you call this number, you can call another phone a distance away . however, there’s no signal here, so there’s no way to talk . ” zhou wen realized that there was no signal here .

“what is a signal?” the flower asked again .

“i don’t quite understand that either . it roughly entails humans establishing cell towers . through these cell towers, we can transmit signals across distances . there’s no cell tower here, so there’s no way to use the phone to communicate . ” zhou wen wasn’t very knowledgeable on such matters so he just gave a general explanation .

“i understand . you have two phones . give one to me then . you don’t have any objections, right?” although the flower was inquiring, its tone wasn’t taking no for an answer .

“sure, but there’s no signal here . it’s useless even if you have the phone, right? besides, you don’t have hands . how are you going to use the phone?” zhou wen asked .

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“it’s none of your business . just place your phone on the stone steps,” the flower said .

zhou wen deleted his own information on the phone . thankfully, he didn’t use it often . there wasn’t much private information inside, so he deleted it in a few seconds .

“what’s the number of this phone and the other phone?” the flower asked .

zhou wen told the flower his cell phone number before saying, “i didn’t get a number for my other phone . i’ll only get it after i return . however, there’s communication software in there that can be used for communication . it can’t be used due to a lack of signal though . ”

“it’s alright . tell me how to use it . ” the flower was very calm .

zhou wen told the flower how to use the communication software . he still wanted to return alive, so he agreed to any of the flower’s requests .

after zhou wen gave the tutorial, the flower claimed that it understood . it was unknown if it really understood or was faking it . after all, there wasn’t any signal here and there wasn’t much use for having a phone . it was the same even if it didn’t understand . therefore, he couldn’t be bothered to say more .

“by the way, where is the mythical item you mentioned? why don’t i see it?”

“didn’t i tell you that it’s on the boulder? you can see from its side,” said the flower .

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