Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: Chapter 415 - Treasure Box

the bun-shaped boulder was about a meter tall . after zhou wen got closer, he could see the top .

there was a white jade box embedded in the middle of the boulder . when zhou wen saw that the white jade box didn’t seem particularly outstanding, he asked, “is the mythical item that you mentioned in this jade box?”

“no . that jade box is the mythical item,” the flower said .

the jade box is the mythical item? zhou wen sized it up, but he couldn’t find anything special about it . it didn’t have any extraordinary luster or mythical patterns . it looked like an ordinary box made of white jade . it was about a foot long and only about four fingers wide .

“a real treasure is right in front of you, but you can’t recognize it . you can be considered blind . based on my personality back then, i would have dug your eyes out to quell my anger . ” the flower paused before continuing . “that box is a mythical expert’s mythical item . it has terrifying power . even a mythical creature like a dragon wouldn’t be able to withstand the power of the box . this chess mountain’s seal remains because of its suppression . ”

“you mean that if i take it away, the seal on chess mountain will be lifted?” zhou wen asked in surprise .

he originally thought that the flower was trying to trick him into taking the treasure here and to achieve some hidden ploy . however, the first thing the flower said was to point out the importance of the jade box . it left zhou wen surprised .

the flower said disdainfully, “as such a weak human, you don’t have the right to take it away . even a mythical creature needs a special physique to be able to take it out . you’re still far from it . ”

after pausing for a moment, the flower continued, “but if you can advance to the mythical stage in the future, you can come over and give it a try . you cultivate in the ancient sovereign sutra, so you might have a chance to take it away . ”

only when i’m mad would i take it away . why would i allow these monsters to walk the land? zhou wen thought to himself .

the flower seemed to see through zhou wen’s thoughts as it said with a laugh, “it’s only a matter of time before the dimensional zones rule the land . even if you don’t take it, someone will take it away in the future . even in dimensional zones, this item is a unique treasure . it has killed countless mythical creatures . if you really are that great, just pretend that it doesn’t exist . ”

zhou wen was tempted when he heard that . the flower’s words weren’t without reason . when that truly happened, his choice of leaving it here would only benefit someone else .

although he knew that the flower was tempting him, it was a lie to say that he wasn’t tempted . however, he couldn’t take it now .

i’ll give it a try in-game . if i can take it away in-game, it shouldn’t affect the real world, zhou wen thought to himself .

“i’ve climbed up the mountain and got my things . i’ve also given you my phone . can i leave now?” zhou wen asked .

“up to you . ” the flower had no intention of stopping zhou wen .

zhou wen hurriedly climbed down again . it was harder to go down the mountain than up the mountain . thankfully, zhou wen had cultivated for so many years, so even if he didn’t fly, he was still considered agile .

“so… i’m really leaving…” zhou wen said as he looked in the direction of the flower, afraid that something would happen again .

“are you planning on getting me to keep you here on chess mountain for a meal?” the flower said coldly .

“there’s no need to be so polite . i’ll take my leave now . i’ll contact you when i have the time . ” zhou wen hurriedly turned around and left . the flower had an unpredictable temperament . it was best if he could leave quickly .

when i find a loophole in-game, i’ll deal with you when i come back . after zhou wen left chess mountain, he took out the phone and saw that it had already finished downloading . there was a new game icon on the home screen .

the icon was a black mountain with the name ‘chess mountain . ’

zhou wen rode the mutated stone chi back and immediately opened the chess mountain dungeon . after entering the game, the blood-colored avatar stood in front of chess mountain’s wall . there was a flower growing on it . although the cartoon-styled flower looked a little different from the real world, he could still vaguely tell that it was the flower zhou wen had seen .

although he was in-game, zhou wen held back and didn’t attack the flower because he couldn’t die yet . he headed to the underground sea every twenty-four hours to deliver a poison dragon palm at the black dragon to drain it to its death .

if it dropped a mythical companion beast, he would have made a killing . even without a mythical companion beast, it would be a huge gain for him to have a primordial energy skill crystal drop . after all, zhou wen hadn’t had the ability to kill a mythical creature yet . it was very difficult to obtain a dimensional crystal at the mythical stage .

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standing in front of the mountain wall and sizing up the flower, he realized it didn’t speak like it did in real life . it just quietly grew on the mountain wall .

zhou wen decided to wait until he killed the black dragon before teaching the flower a lesson . then, he chose to leave the game dungeon .

in a dark cave, a seductive woman was bound by criss-cross chains . the chains with runes pierced through her bones and chained her inside the cave . she couldn’t even move and could only sit on the mountain wall . her neck and legs were chained and she couldn’t move at all .

at that moment, a phone was floating in front of the seductive woman . it was the one zhou wen had placed on the stone steps .

the seductive woman’s gaze landed on the phone, but there seemed to be a pair of invisible hands that grabbed the phone and quickly operated it .

a cell phone is quite interesting . a strange smile gradually appeared on the seductive woman’s face .

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zhou wen returned to the encampment and finished grinding the game dungeons . having nothing else to do, he took out his books from the chaos space to read .

previously, during his battle with ják, he had gained a new understanding of lost country . however, it hadn’t reached the level where he could advance lost country to the evolved body stage . now, he could use this period of time to study it and see if he could advance further, allowing lost country to become an evolved body .

a life soul itself had a certain ability, but the usage of the life soul’s ability required the owner of the life soul to develop it himself . teleportation was only the most basic usage of spatial trajectory forces .

after receiving inspiration from ják, zhou wen thought of a different way of making use of spatial trajectories—trajectory control .

after the average person’s strength was projected out, it was equivalent to spending money . it was impossible for them to get it back and they could not repeatedly use the same money to buy things .

however, by using the effect of spatial trajectories, he could still control the forces he sent out . they were connected to each other via the trajectory, but this connection was different from what most people thought . it was invisible and did not physically exist .

using this trajectory connection, zhou wen could be like ják . he could set up his strength as though he was burying a land mine . with a detonator in hand, he could detonate any land mines he had buried beforehand .

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