Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 416

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Chapter 416: Chapter 416 - Doctor Little Zhou

However, in contrast, Ják’s Life Blast was more sinister . This was because Ják was detonating the energy of life itself . This meant that he didn’t expend his Primordial Energy . All he did was rely on the energies of others .

Zhou Wen’s method was to expend his Primordial Energy to set up a land mine . It would be a lot more troublesome and the expenditure was even more severe .

However, Life Blast was just too sinister . Every strike required the lives of others in exchange . The stronger the vital energy, the stronger the explosion would be .

Zhou Wen attempted to use the spatial trajectory he had figured out . Every trajectory link formed a string on his ring . If many of the trajectories connected, it would cover the ring with all sorts of lines as though they were incantations .

He had been studying the effects of spatial trajectories and used it as a breakthrough point in an attempt to advance the Lost Country to an Evolved Body .

Unfortunately, the advancement of a Life Soul was clearly not that simple . After studying it the entire afternoon, Zhou Wen didn’t make much progress . However, he was more familiar with the usage of spatial trajectories .

Zhou Wen felt uncomfortable reading in his room . Just as he got to the door with a book in hand and moved a chair to read at the door, an officer holding a washbasin saw him and immediately came up to greet him . “Doctor Little Zhou, so you’re staying here . I really have to thank you for saving Liu Gui’s life . Dr . Lu said that if you hadn’t handled it in time, Liu Gui would have died . ”

“It’s nothing, it’s my duty . ” Zhou Wen had treated the case as a last-ditch effort . He didn’t wish to repeat it a second time .

“Doctor Little Zhou, I’ve been to the river recently and have rashes on my body . Although they aren’t serious and will fade in two days, they are really itchy . Do you have any method to stop the itch?” the officer asked Zhou Wen .

“Of course . A single injection can stop the itch,” Zhou Wen said without any hesitation .

Doctor Darkness’s Fight Poison With Poison could restrain the rash poison . As long as the dosage was appropriate, it was easy to eliminate the rash .

“Really?” The officer’s eyes lit up as he looked at Zhou Wen with anticipation . “Doctor Zhou, can you give me an injection? I can’t stand it any longer . I wish I could tear my bones to pieces . ”

“Alright . Come over and extend your arm . ” This was a trivial matter to Zhou Wen . Since it was simple, it was only right to help him .

After all, they were stationed here and fighting dimensional creatures with their lives . This allowed the residents of the city to live in peace .

The officer was overjoyed as he hurriedly rolled up his sleeves and stretched out his arm .

Zhou Wen directly summoned Doctor Darkness to possess him . After using Fight Poison With Poison, a syringe appeared in his hand .

As he wasn’t professional, Zhou Wen didn’t use any rubber bands to make the blood vessels protrude . He directly stabbed the needle and accurately stabbed into the blood vessel, before slowly pushing in an extremely minute amount of poison .

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The officer’s face was still full of excitement at the beginning . He thought that he finally didn’t have to endure the crazy itch anymore . However, in the next second, the officer’s face turned pale .

He felt an incomparable pain that he had never experienced in his entire life . It instantly spread through his entire body, causing his entire body to spasm .

Anyone who had a cramp in their legs would know that cramps felt terrible, but now, his entire body was cramping violently . Not only his legs, even his fingers and toes were cramping, and his organs were about to collapse .

The officer fell onto the ground and convulsed on the ground like a lunatic . White foam spewed from his mouth as his eyes rolled back .

At this moment, if he still had the strength, he would have slammed himself to death . This pain was much worse than the itch before .

“I administered a little too much?” Zhou Wen looked at the officer and muttered to himself .

He wasn’t worried that something would happen to the officer because the amount of dosage he had injected was already very minute . It wasn’t enough to cause too much damage, just a little pain .

The nearby soldiers didn’t know what had happened, but they all came over with concern . Seeing that the officer was twitching non-stop, they wanted to send him to the medical team .

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“Don’t touch him . He will be fine soon . ” Zhou Wen stopped the soldiers .

One of the soldiers seemed to understand what was going on . He said to the other soldiers, “This young man is right . This is called epilepsy . Don’t touch him when he’s spasming . Otherwise, he might die . Quickly place his head on the side and use something to block his tongue . Don’t let him bite his tongue . He should recover in a while . ”

“Epilepsy, you as*!” The officer finally endured through the most painful period and sat up with a pale face .

At this moment, he deeply regretted it . Thoughts of dying had run through his mind several times just now so that he wouldn’t have to suffer such inhuman pain . If he had known earlier that it would be so painful, he would rather have suffered the itch .

“Thank you, Doctor Little Zhou . ” Although he felt regret, the officer still thanked Zhou Wen politely before leaving with a pale face .

Zhou Wen thought nothing of the matter . It had been easy to help him .

However, Zhou Wen never expected that this very simple help played a huge role that night .

As usual, the officer led a group of soldiers to patrol the river . When they were patrolling a spot by the river, a strange fish suddenly stuck its head out from the river and spat out a mouthful of bloody water at the soldiers on the bank . The soldiers dodged, but the blood covered a large area like rain . Despite dodging very quickly, they were still drenched .

The other soldiers immediately went into a coma from the poison . Their bodies began to break out into the red rashes . Only the officer was surprisingly fine, despite being drenched in blood .

Thankfully, he hadn’t fainted and was able to bring his soldiers back to the camp in time . Otherwise, if they had all fainted, no one would have realized they were dead until some time later .

The officer used his Companion Beast to take a group of soldiers back to the camp and send them to the medical team . When Lu Su saw that the rashes on their bodies had already festered, she shook her head in exasperation and said, “No, the poison has already spread to the blood in their bodies . There’s no way they can be saved . ”

The officer was stunned when he heard that . He said in disbelief, “That’s impossible . How can there be no hope? Doctor Lu, think of another solution . There must be a way to save them . ”

These soldiers had always been with him, so how could he not have any feelings for them? When he heard that they were about to die, he naturally found it unacceptable .

“They were hit by the bloody water spewed out by the dimensional creature you mentioned . The poison spread too quickly and there’s no hope for them . Thankfully, you weren’t stained by the blood or you would suffer the same fate as them,” Lu Su said .

“No, I was also stained by it . Why am I fine? Oh right, it’s Doctor Little Zhou . Doctor Little Zhou definitely can save them . Last time, Liu Gui was in a worse state than them . He was treated by Doctor Little Zhou . Doctor Lu, quickly get Doctor Little Zhou here . He can treat him,” the officer said anxiously .

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