Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: Chapter 420 - Mythical Primordial Energy Skill

Jade Lute Crystal: Mythical .

These few words made Zhou Wen’s heart tremble and he nearly shouted out .

However, just as Zhou Wen was about to put it into his phone, a notification popped up .

‘Requires 41 Constitution . 21 Spatial stat, Spatial-type Life Providence, Spatial-type Life Soul . Insufficient stats . Unable to absorb . ’

Not only does it have a special stat requirement, but it also has a Life Providence and Life Soul requirement . I’ve never seen a spatial stat before and I have no idea where to get it, and it asks for 41 Constitution . That also means that I basically can’t master Mythical Primordial Energy Skills at the Epic stage because the highest Epic experts can only reach 40 Constitution . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel depressed when he saw this .

The Life Providence and Life Soul requirements were likely satisfied with his Godfiend Life Providence and Lost Country, but the stats were indeed a little troublesome . The requirements were too high, but he ultimately had a chance of absorbing it . Unlike ordinary people, who didn’t even have a chance .

Zhou Wen naturally didn’t plan on selling it . Since he could use it, he naturally had to keep it for himself . When he obtained enough stats, he could absorb it to gain insights into a Mythical Primordial Energy Skill . Just the thought of using a Mythical Primordial Energy Skill at the Epic stage thrilled him .

After putting the crystal into the chaos space, Zhou Wen looked at the bone lute in his hand . The crystal that the flower randomly produced was at the Mythical stage, so it would definitely be of great use . Since she said he could only use it once, Zhou Wen didn’t attempt to try it . He used his phone to snap the lute, but his phone didn’t react .

After putting the bone lute into the chaos space, Zhou Wen thought of something . The Chaos Bead had the First Order of Chaos in it, and he had gained a basic mastery of it . However, he didn’t continue cultivating it . However, this Primordial Energy Art was most likely spatial in nature . It was somewhat similar to the Godfiend Era .

Zhou Wen had too many Primordial Energy Arts and he really didn’t have the energy to study the First Order of Chaos . However, now that he thought about it, having more didn’t disadvantage him . Those Mythical Primordial Energy Skills had requirements on Life Providences and Life Souls, so it might be useful in the future .

Of course, that was just what Zhou Wen thought . He no longer had the energy to study the First Order of Chaos . He needed to condense the other Life Souls before advancing them to the Perfect Body .

If he couldn’t break through to the Mythical stage, it wouldn’t be too late to study it again .

Although he had taken the flower’s bone lute, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on using it . The flower said that the bone lute could help him against his enemy, but Zhou Wen wasn’t sure what the actual situation was . If it was the key to unsealing Chess Mountain, wouldn’t he be in deep trouble?

Before he returned to the encampment, Zhou Wen’s phone rang . He saw that it was a message from Wang Lu .

The message had been sent quite some time ago, but Zhou Wen hadn’t received it because he was out of reception .

“Do you need any help?” Wang Lu’s message was very simple .

“I can handle it . I’ll return after settling this matter . ” Zhou Wen replied .

Soon, Wang Lu replied: “I’ll wait for you . You need to make up for the breakfast that you owe me . ”

“How do I make up for this? Won’t I be always buying?”

“If breakfast isn’t enough, use lunch to make up for it . ”

“Alright . ”

After chatting a little with Wang Lu, he realized that The Thearch had actually sent a message . It looked like her phone had been charged .

Zhou Wen found it somewhat odd as he thought to himself, It’s just a flower . How did it use the dynamo?

Opening the message, he saw that she had sent an emoji .

She’s really quick to learn . She can even use emojis . Zhou Wen didn’t reply, afraid that she would just keep chatting with him . It would take away all his time from other matters .

Seeing that Zhou Wen didn’t reply, The Thearch sent a series of emojis over .

Zhou Wen naturally ignored her . After a while, The Thearch asked: “Did I use the emojis wrongly? Why aren’t you answering me?”

“Typically, people who have nothing to do will use emojis . I didn’t think it was important seeing that you just sent emojis . ”

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In high school, a female classmate had added Zhou Wen as a friend and would occasionally send him an emoji . Zhou Wen never replied because he had no idea what the expression meant, nor did he know how to reply .

“Oh, I see . ” The Thearch suddenly understood .

“Now that you have an electric generator, you don’t have to worry about not having enough power . You can go online to watch television dramas or something . It’s very interesting . ” Zhou Wen hurriedly introduced a few classic comedies to her .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, If she watches those television dramas and gets influenced by the characters and concepts in the television dramas, it would be great to have her turn into a clowning idiot . At the very least, she wouldn’t have the thought of killing humans again . I’d have done so much good .

“Alright, I’ll go take a look . Remember to pay for my number’s service . If they cut off my service, you’re dead . ”

She even knows about service payments! Zhou Wen was exasperated .

Fortunately, he had just received benefits from her, so he didn’t care about the amount of money . Furthermore, he had saved quite a lot of money on his phone previously . As long as she didn’t crazily make phone calls and used the Internet, he didn’t need to pay a single cent this year .

It was unknown if The Thearch had started watching a television drama or not, but she didn’t send any more messages . It made Zhou Wen heave a sigh of relief as he sped back to the encampment .

Lu Su came to look for Zhou Wen again in the evening, but she realized that he hadn’t returned . Just as she was about to return, she saw Zhou Wen .

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“Zhou Wen,” Lu Su called out .

“Doctor Lu, are you staying here too?” Zhou Wen walked over and asked .

“I don’t live here . I came here especially to find you,” Lu Su said .

“You are looking for me? What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen looked at Lu Su in puzzlement .

“Why didn’t you report to the medical team?” Lu Su asked .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and said, “To be honest, I’m actually not an intern doctor . This identification is only for convenience . ”

“That’s not important . Since you already have the identity of an intern doctor, you should do something that an intern doctor would do, right? I’ve been researching rashes all this time, hoping to solve this virus, but the progress isn’t that great . Can you tell me what medicine you used? If your medicine needs to be kept confidential, you don’t have to tell me the exact composition . I just want to know if antibodies will be formed after using your medicine . Are there any negative side effects? If it can form antibodies and it doesn’t have any negative effects, I hope you can produce some . I’ll apply for funds to buy it as a vaccine for the soldiers . This way, it will greatly reduce the casualties and it will be of great help for the combat situation in the future . Even if it doesn’t form antibodies, I hope to buy a batch for backup,” Lu Su rattled off .

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