Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: Chapter 422 - Demonic Neonate

422 Demonic Neonate

demonic neonate: mortal (evolvable)

life providence: child of dimension

life soul: supreme true demon

wheel of destiny: one spin .

strength: 11

speed: 11

constitution: 11

primordial energy: 11

talent skill: demonic sword

companion form: none

what’s going on? zhou wen was dumbfounded, momentarily unsure of the situation . the stats of the demonic neonate were really strange .

zhou wen originally believed that he could directly hatch a mythical companion beast . after all, he had doctor darkness as a precedent, but apparently, things didn’t turn out the way he expected .

from its mortal stage and evolvable postfix, it was likely the primordial state of a mythical companion beast . even so, mythical creatures wouldn’t possess a life providence and life soul at the mortal stage . they had to slowly advance before condensing them .

however, the demonic neonate actually had a life providence and life soul at the mortal stage . there was also a wheel of destiny that zhou wen had never seen before .

although he had no idea what was going on, zhou wen still hatched her . after absorbing plenty of primordial energy, the purple copper companion egg transformed into a stream of light that fused into zhou wen’s body, turning into a thumb-sized, purple-haired baby girl symbol that appeared on his arm .

zhou wen summoned the demonic neonate . it was about forty centimeters tall—the size of a doll . it had long purple hair . it wore purple armor while hugging an ancient purple copper sword .

zhou wen saw that her face was no different from the fierce girl . however, her figure was much smaller, about the size of a baby .

he sized up the girl and the girl also glared at him with widened eyes, as though she was sizing him up . it made zhou wen feel a little frightened .

the companion eggs produced on the dead man tree just grew in oddness . doctor darkness was already shocking enough . but this recently hatched dead man tree seemed to have a mind of her own .

with a thought, the demonic neonate received his order . she carried the ancient sword in her arms and walked to a table beside him . with a light leap, she landed on the table and poured zhou wen a cup of tea .

zhou wen immediately relaxed when he saw that she was as obedient as the typical companion beast . he got her to do some more things and the demonic neonate did it according to zhou wen’s instructions .

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although it’s a little strange, it shouldn’t be a problem . zhou wen unsummoned the demonic neonate and took out his phone to enter the game dungeon . after some choosing, he chose the myriad buddha cave in dragon gate grotto . after entering, he summoned the demonic neonate .

most of the monsters in the dungeons had been killed by zhou wen . there were still some scattered golden warriors in myriad buddha cave which zhou wen couldn’t be bothered to waste time finding them . now, he could use them to test the strength of the demonic neonate .

after searching for a while, he finally found a golden warrior . zhou wen gave the order for her to kill it and waited to see if she could do it .

the golden warrior was at the legendary stage and its defense was astonishing . as for the demonic neonate, it was only at the mortal stage . logically speaking, the baby shouldn’t be a golden warrior’s match .

however, a demonic neonate had a life providence and life soul, something ordinary legendary creatures didn’t possess . zhou wen brought her here to see if her life providence and life soul could be used .

the demonic neonate didn’t move after receiving zhou wen’s order . she stood there with the ancient sword in her arms as she looked at the golden warrior .

is she afraid? as zhou wen was thinking, he suddenly saw the ancient sword in the demonic neonate’s arms automatically leave the scabbard . it transformed into a purple beam that flew out . even zhou wen didn’t see the sword beam clearly . the golden warrior was actually split into two by the sword beam . it dropped a dimensional crystal and dissipated .

the flying sword circled around before returning to the demonic neonate’s scabbard .

what a powerful primordial energy skill . it’s definitely not at the level of a mortal primordial energy skill . it’s even stronger than my transcendent flying immortal . logically speaking, it should expend a lot of primordial energy . primordial energy at the mortal stage isn’t enough to sustain such a powerful primordial energy skill . how did she do it? zhou wen was alarmed as he constantly sized up the demonic neonate .

after some thought, zhou wen unsummoned the demonic neonate and entered the extremely vast zhuolu battlefield . zhou wen ran very far in-game before finally finding a surviving chi . he summoned the demonic neonate and tried to get her to kill it .

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although the chi wasn’t as powerful as the mutated stone chi, it was still top-notch at the epic stage .

the demonic neonate continued hugging the ancient sword and coldly looked at the chi that was rushing towards them . when the chi was close to her, the ancient sword in her arms automatically unsheathed itself and slashed at the chi with the purple beam .

the chi let out a roar as black smoke condensed into a dragon life soul . it spat out black smoke at the purple glow, hoping to block it .

zhou wen had seen the black smoke’s might, but the purple sword beam directly split the black smoke, slicing both the life soul and chi into two .

zhou wen was dumbfounded as he watched the ancient sword return to its scabbard . the demonic neonate held the ancient sword, still standing there expressionlessly .

this fellow is really impressive . is this still a mortal companion beast? if she continues advancing, what kind of changes will there be? zhou wen felt that the advancement of the demonic neonate would definitely be different from other mythical creatures . after all, she already had a life providence and life soul, so it was hard to imagine what would happen when she evolved again .

will she condense a second life providence and life soul? or will the original life providence and life soul be enhanced? zhou wen was stumped . furthermore, the wheel of destiny gave him an odd feeling .

it’s a pity i don’t have a true mythical companion beast . i wonder if all of them will have something like that after advancing to the mythical stage . zhou wen wondered, but he didn’t have an answer .

humans had yet to advance to the mythical stage . only the six families had some mythical companion beasts . zhou wen didn’t have many friends in the six families, nor did he have any place to ask around .

however, it was now confirmed . although the demonic neonate was still at the mortal stage, her combat strength was far stronger than most epic creatures . with just her sword, she could probably kill most epic creatures .

“this is for you to eat . you have to work hard in the future . ” zhou wen handed her an epic companion egg that had dropped previously . zhou wen couldn’t bring himself to use it to feed his other companion beasts .

however, he hadn’t been grinding instance dungeons recently, so there hadn’t been a chance for companion eggs to drop . this was one of the companion eggs he had left inside the dungeon without picking up .

to his surprise, the demonic neonate only took one glance at the epic companion egg before turning her head to the side . the cold attitude left zhou wen depressed .

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