Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Chapter 423 - I Want a Person

you aren’t even eating an epic companion egg? aren’t you being a little too picky with your food? zhou wen thought to himself . if it were tyrant behemoth, he would have run over like a pug . yet, this fellow didn’t even bother with it .

the demonic neonate remained standing there with a cold expression, without any reaction . it was as though she only moved when zhou wen gave the order .

forget it . you will eat when you are hungry . zhou wen saw that the phone didn’t give him a hungry notification and left the companion egg in the dungeon . he could retrieve it when the demonic neonate became hungry .

it’s not a solution if this continues . i can’t grind dungeons now, but my few companion beasts need to eat, especially tyrant behemoth . if it wasn’t for the fact that i’ve hatched quite a lot of food for it and i’ve been rationing just to keep it alive, i would long be out of stock .

zhou wen failed to come up with a good solution . all he could do was wait for the black dragon to die before grinding .

a medical report about the soldiers shocked lu su .

the soldiers who had been saved by zhou wen were healed in less than two days . the scars on their bodies would only disappear after some time, however, it didn’t stop them from participating in battle .

another break-out creature appeared the day before . a large number of soldiers had participated in the encirclement attack only to have a few soldiers splashed with the bloody water . among them were three soldiers that zhou wen had saved .

red rashes appeared on the other soldiers as they fainted on the spot and were dragged into the river . however, the three of them were completely fine . they were lucky to have escaped the calamity .

lu su had someone draw their blood for tests . the test results showed that they had a high resistance against the rashes . even if the virus entered their bodies, it wouldn’t cause too much damage . instead, it would slowly die, unable to proliferate .

how did this happen? it could be said that it’s a coincidence if one or two of them are like that . but all of them are like that, so there’s only one possibility . zhou wen’s companion beast ability can really make their bodies produce antibodies . the more lu su thought about it, the more convinced she was .

this discovery excited lu su . although there wasn’t any medicine, zhou wen’s companion beast’s ability was more effective than medicine . if all soldiers could have such resistance, their battle at chess mountain would become much more proactive . at the very least, they didn’t need to worry about dropping into the blood river or fighting in it .

they also didn’t have to worry about getting infected with rashes if they stayed on duty for too long . this way, they could send more people to strengthen surveillance . it was easier to deal with any problems that cropped up .

previously, despite having enough manpower, as the soldiers couldn’t stay by the river for long, they could only divide the manpower into several groups and switch shifts . with zhou wen’s abilities, there was no need to go through so much trouble . they could set up more guards and expand the surveillance range .

this time, lu su wasn’t in a rush to look for zhou wen . instead, she went to qin wufu’s office .

qin wufu was handling official matters when he heard the guard say that lu su wanted to see him . he stopped whatever he was doing and ordered the guards to invite lu su in .

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although lu su was only in her thirties and wasn’t of a high ranking position, the medical team determined the lives of more than ten thousand officers and soldiers . qin wufu didn’t dare to be negligent .

“susu, why are you looking for me?” qin wufu didn’t have any airs . furthermore, lu su’s family had some ties with him . he always treated lu su as his junior .

lu su said, “uncle qin, i want to ask you for someone . ”

“who would be so important to have you personally make this trip?” qin wufu asked lu su curiously .

after lu su took charge of the medical team, she did not make use of his relationship to request any conditions . however, she managed the medical team well and the soldiers all acknowledged her . this made qin wufu very satisfied .

now that lu su suddenly requested someone, qin wufu was curious as to who she wanted .

“an intern doctor,” lu su said .

qin wufu found it even more strange . he looked at lu su and asked, “the medical team’s personnel are all under your jurisdiction . why are you asking for an intern doctor from me?”

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with that said, qin wufu was enlightened . “you want to recruit new intern doctors? it’s not that i don’t wish to help you do the recruitment, but there are just too few students studying medicine now . ever since the dimensional storms, the number of people suffering from illnesses has decreased every year, and the number of people who study medicine is decreasing . furthermore, being a military doctor requires medical skills…”

“uncle qin, there’s no need to hire a new doctor . i just want an intern at the encampment,” lu su said .

“an intern doctor in the encampment?” qin wufu was slightly taken aback . he knew that lu su wasn’t someone who would cause trouble for nothing . since she wanted this person, the person definitely existed in the encampment .

he’s in the encampment, but doesn’t come under lu su’s management… qin wufu immediately thought of zhou wen . he looked at lu su with an odd expression and asked, “don’t tell me the person you want is zhou wen?”

“uncle qin, you really know him . that’s right, i just want him . i hope that he can join the medical team as an official member,” lu su said .

qin wufu looked at lu su and asked, “why do you want him?”

qin wufu found it extremely odd . he knew very well that zhou wen was only an ordinary college student and he didn’t study medicine . he had also randomly filled up the document for zhou wen, making him an intern doctor . it was mainly to allow zhou wen to enter the encampment and not have to undergo training with the ordinary soldiers .

“with him, we can resolve a problem that has been plaguing you all this while, uncle qin,” lu su said calmly .

“oh, what problem?” qin wufu looked at lu su with piqued interest and asked .

“the rashes problem . with zhou wen around, our soldiers won’t have to be afraid of the blood-colored river or rashes . they can always be on sentry . they don’t have to frequently switch shifts and they can fight in the blood-colored river,” lu su enunciated each word clearly .

“what? are you sure?” qin wufu stood up in shock and asked lu su .

lu su was right . this was indeed a problem that had been plaguing him . due to this problem, the military had lost at least 40% of its combat strength . it also weakened the surveillance on chess mountain .

in the past, with yan zhen around, even though his temper was a little strange, he was able to help him resolve these problems . although lu su had the same excellent medical skills, she could not resolve these strange problems .

qin wufu was unable to contact the missing yan zhen and there wasn’t any news from the coroner, so it gave him a headache .

now, lu su suddenly said that zhou wen could solve the problem of the blood river . it surprised qin wufu . he found it unbelievable .

“the soldiers that zhou wen saved were all previously infected with a bout of rashes . after zhou wen treated them, their bodies are now immune to the blood river . this is some experimental data i gathered…” lu su handed the information she had brought over to qin wufu .

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