Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: Chapter 424 - Ják“s Attack

424 Ják“s Attack

After Qin Wufu read the information, his expression turned odd .

Lu Su said excitedly, “Uncle Qin, with Zhou Wen’s ability, our strategy at Chess Mountain won’t be so passive…”

“I’m afraid I can’t give this person to you,” Qin Wufu said .

Lu Su couldn’t help but be taken aback and asked in puzzlement, “Why? Uncle Qin, don’t you believe me? I can guarantee you that the data is real . Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast’s ability can effectively form antibodies . It can make the soldiers immune to the blood in the river . The side effects are also very tiny…”

“No, Susu, you misunderstood me . I believe in your research and information and know that Zhou Wen might have such abilities . However, I still can’t give him to you . Or rather, I don’t have the authority to give him to you,” Qin Wufu said with a bitter smile .

“You are the commander-in-chief of Chess Mountain . How can you not have the power? What background does Zhou Wen have? Could he be sent by the Federation?” Lu Su asked in puzzlement .

“No, he should be considered a member of the Sunset army . However, his identity is a little special,” said Qin Wufu .

“Regardless of his identity, since he’s from the Sunset army, even if he’s the Overseer, he has an obligation to protect the lives of soldiers . He has the responsibility to contribute,” Lu Su said sternly .

“If he was the Overseer, that would be easy . Unfortunately, he’s not,” Qin Wufu said .

“Uncle Qin, who is he?” Lu Su could barely hold it in anymore .

“His name is Zhou Wen . The man Madam Lan married also has the Zhou surname . What kind of status do you think he has?” Qin Wufu said .

Lu Su’s eyes widened and she said in surprise, “Madam Lan actually found such a young husband… That age gap…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Madam Lan’s husband is Zhou Wen’s father . Zhou Wen is still studying at Sunset College, and he’s a student . He used to study under Wang Mingyuan for a period of time, so the bureau is targeting him and is attempting to bring him back for interrogation . Madam Lan placed him here because she hopes that we can protect him . Now, if I were to get him to treat those soldiers, how would I answer Madam Lan if one of the soldiers comes from the bureau and something happened?” Qin Wufu berated .

Lu Su was enlightened . “I see . However, if that’s the case, he should be more willing to help because of Madam Lan, right?”

“Nonsense . I’m saying no . And that’s final . We mustn’t let anything happen to him . ” It wasn’t that Qin Wufu didn’t want Zhou Wen to help .

An Sheng had repeatedly exhorted him not to let anything happen to Zhou Wen or interfere with his actions . If anything happened to Zhou Wen, Madam Lan would definitely pursue the matter and even the Overseer wouldn’t be able to stop her .

Qin Wufu knew that An Tianzuo was the most filial, so there was no way he would go against his mother .

Qin Wufu knew Madam Lan’s temper . Even though Madam Lan was usually easy to talk to, if anything were to really touch her bottom line, she would be an unbridled bull that couldn’t be stopped .

Lu Su wasn’t willing to give up despite being rejected by Qin Wufu . She could clearly prevent so many soldiers from dying, so why couldn’t they use Zhou Wen? Lu Su felt that Zhou Wen wasn’t a foppish scion . From her observation, she found him a very gentle person who was very willing to help others . He didn’t have the temperament of a scion .

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Uncle Qin might say no, but if Zhou Wen is willing, that’s a whole other matter . Lu Su decided to convince Zhou Wen herself .

After Lu Su left, Qin Wufu looked at the information in his hand and couldn’t help but mutter to himself, It’s such a pity for Zhou Wen . If he hadn’t been embroiled in Wang Mingyuan’s matter, his future would have been limitless . Now that he’s being targeted by the bureau, it’s hard to tell if he can live to grow .

Lu Su walked out of Qin Wufu’s office and headed straight for Zhou Wen’s residence .

Zhou Wen was reading a book when Lu Su came and informed him of her intentions .

Zhou Wen waited for Lu Su to finish before looking at her and saying, “Doctor Lu, if it was in the past, I would definitely have agreed to it without question . But I probably can’t agree to it now . ”

Lu Su sighed and said, “I can understand . After all, you have been targeted by the bureau . If you interact with the soldiers too much, it will give the bureau an opportunity . ”

Zhou Wen shook his head . “I’m not worried about my safety . I’m just afraid that the soldiers will be implicated by me . ”

Lu Su didn’t say anything else . She felt that Zhou Wen’s words were just an excuse . No matter how domineering the bureau was, it was impossible for them to bring men to charge into a military camp and kill them . So how could they endanger ordinary soldiers?

Lu Su believed that Zhou Wen was only saying this to save her dignity .

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However, Lu Su didn’t find anything wrong with Zhou Wen’s actions . After all, everyone only had one life . It wasn’t wrong to cherish their lives . Everyone had the right to protect themselves .

Therefore, Lu Su didn’t say a word . Although she was somewhat disappointed, she decided to return to try extracting the antibodies from the few soldiers that Zhou Wen had treated .

Although doing so would take quite a while, Lu Su had no other choice .

“Dr . Lu, if there’s nothing important, I hope you try not to come to my place in the future . If there is anything, it’s better to send me a message . ” Zhou Wen felt that if Lu Su came over often, she might be implicated as well .

A person like Ják was best at using someone’s weakness . As long as it could achieve his goal, Zhou Wen believed that Ják would do anything .

“Don’t worry . I won’t disturb you again . ” Lu Su couldn’t help but feel completely disappointed when she heard that .

After leaving Zhou Wen’s dorm, Lu Su was about to return to study the antibodies when she saw a man dressed in an officer’s uniform walk over .

The officer had his head lowered as he walked, his cap covering most of his face . Lu Su didn’t see his face, but when he got closer, the officer looked up .

When Lu Su saw the officer, she found him odd . The officer in front of her looked to be in his thirties and his face somewhat pale .

There were quite a number of Sunset Army officers in their thirties, but this officer clearly had the looks of someone from the West District . He was very different from the people of the East District . Although the Sunset Army also had officers from the West District, there weren’t many . Lu Su ought to know all of them, but she had never seen this officer before .

Just as she was about to ask, the officer raised his hand and pressed it against her shoulder . Lu Su wanted to dodge, but her body refused to obey . She immediately stiffened once the hand touched her shoulder . She couldn’t move . When she opened her mouth, no sound came out .

The officer smiled at Lu Su and asked elegantly, “You just came out of Zhou Wen’s room, right?”

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