Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: Chapter 425 - Who“s Surrounded?

Zhou Wen had been wearing the Truth Listener earring . Although he was still in the room, he immediately discovered a problem . He opened the door and walked out, only to see Ják standing there in the officer’s uniform .

“We meet again . Not bad . You have protected my ingredients well . ” Ják stared at Zhou Wen’s body from head to toe as though he was examining his food .

“Aren’t you afraid of being surrounded when entering a military camp so brazenly? You won’t be able to escape like the previous time . Or should I say, is this just another one of your avatars?” Zhou Wen also stared at Ják as he sized him up .

Ják gave a sinister smile . “It’s hard to say who’s being surrounded . As for this being my main body or my avatar, you can guess . If you’re right, I can let you choose how I’ll cook you . ”

Zhou Wen silently held the Bamboo Blade . He didn’t want to guess or say any nonsense like “Release Lu Su . ” To a person like Ják, those words were meaningless . Life was probably inferior to an ant to him .

To Zhou Wen’s surprise, Ják pushed Lu Su towards him .

Zhou Wen didn’t help Lu Su up . Instead, he took a few steps back and allowed Lu Su to stagger to the ground .

Lu Su was alarmed, puzzled about Zhou Wen’s actions . Why wasn’t he willing to even help her? She was just about to stand up when she heard Zhou Wen say, “Sit there and don’t move . ”

Lu Su didn’t know what Zhou Wen meant, but she knew that the situation wasn’t right . Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, she sat on the ground and didn’t stand up . She had guessed that Ják was likely a member of the Special Inspector Bureau .

“Do we call for help?” Lu Su asked Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen shook his head slightly as his eyes remained peeled at Ják .

Ják laughed . “There’s no need to be so nervous . I did plant a Life Blast on her, but I didn’t plan on detonating it . In fact, it’s not just her . In the entire camp, everyone except you has been planted with a Life Blast . As long as I’m willing, I can hold a fireworks party here at any time . Do you want to see it?”

When Lu Su heard the words “Life Blast”, her body trembled . She clearly knew what the words meant . She also knew why Zhou Wen hadn’t helped her up . If Zhou Wen had touched her just now, she might have already exploded .

“Zhou Wen, don’t bother about me . Inform the Deputy Governor . We can’t let such a person leave no matter what,” Lu Su said through gritted teeth .

“It looks like you don’t believe me . ” Ják snapped his fingers and they heard continuous explosions in the encampment .

Zhou Wen and Lu Su watched as a soldier walked over and exploded . Such explosions rang several times in the other parts of the military camp . Zhou Wen counted silently in his heart and heard a total of five explosions .

The entire military camp was in disarray . Alarms sounded everywhere . The soldiers were frantically rushing to the locations of the explosions .

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Lu Su looked at the blood on the ground not far away and was dumbfounded . It wasn’t as if she had never seen a dead person . Many people died fighting dimensional creatures, but this was the first time she had seen someone die like this .

Furthermore, Ják also said that all the people in the encampment, including her, had been planted with a Life Blast . Just thinking about how all the soldiers could explode in the same manner, Lu Su felt a chill down her spine and her body involuntarily trembled .

Lu Su finally believed what Zhou Wen had said . He wasn’t afraid that someone among the soldiers would try to harm him, but that he would implicate them .

“How did you do it?” Zhou Wen’s expression remained stoic as he asked Ják .

He had done his research on Life Blast . It was similar to his Poison Dragon Palm . It needed physical contact with a living medium to use Life Blast . Furthermore, the process was more complicated than the Poison Dragon Palm . It wasn’t as simple as a tap .

Using ants and leaves as a medium was easy, but it wouldn’t be that easy to use humans as a medium .

Zhou Wen didn’t believe that Ják had actually planted a Life Blast on everyone in the encampment . He felt that Ják was just bluffing . Perhaps only a few people had been planted with Life Blast .

Ják said with a smile, “If it were someone else asking this question, I wouldn’t bother answering . But you are different . ”

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With that said, Ják extended his hand and a purple cat appeared in front of him . It had short, purple fur and its tail was curled up . However, its eyes were black . Furthermore, its eyes had double pupils that made it look extremely demonic .

“A Mythical Hex Cat Demon . Although it’s still at the Epic stage and hasn’t really advanced to the Mythical stage, its abilities are extremely compatible with mine . After obtaining it, I don’t have to personally plant a Life Blast . All I need to do is add Life Blast to its curses . Everyone that’s cursed by it will be automatically planted with Life Blast,” Ják said excitedly .

The Hex Cat Demon and his abilities were a perfect match, greatly boosting Ják’s abilities .

“There should be a limit to the curse, right? It’s impossible that this cat can curse whoever it wishes . ” Zhou Wen glanced at the chaotic military camp and continued speaking to Ják .

“Of course there are restrictions . There is no power without restrictions . Although the Hex Cat Demon is a Mythical creature, it also has restrictions . However, this limitation isn’t a problem for me . So now, everyone in this military camp, including this woman, has become my bargaining chip . If you don’t wish for all of them to turn into fireworks, follow me obediently,” Ják said .

“Why don’t you curse me directly? Isn’t that more convenient?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“Such a top-notch ingredient naturally can’t be tainted at all . Otherwise, it will be a huge waste . Before making you into a delicacy, I won’t let you suffer any damage . ” As Ják spoke, he saw Qin Wufu rushing over with a group of Epic officers .

With such strange explosions happening at the encampment, Qin Wufu immediately imagined that something had happened to Zhou Wen . If a dimensional creature from Chess Mountain had rushed out, it wouldn’t have been completely silent . He could tell at a glance that the technique used was Life Blast .

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“Governor Qin, don’t come over,” Zhou Wen said to Qin Wufu .

If it was really as Ják had said, everyone would be planted with Life Blast—Qin Wufu and those Epic officers were terrifying bombs .

Exploding an Epic lifeform’s energy wouldn’t be at the level of those soldiers . The entire encampment would probably be instantly flattened . Zhou Wen didn’t want to be blasted to death .

“Is he from the Special Inspector Bureau?” Qin Wufu stopped and looked at Zhou Wen and Ják, then at Lu Su sitting on the ground . Finally, his gaze landed on Ják .

Although he could only see Ják’s back, he was certain that he was from the bureau . Although he was wearing a military uniform, he didn’t have the bearing of a soldier at all .

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