Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 429

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Chapter 429: Chapter 429 - I Have to Make Them Feel The Pain

Chapter 429 I Have to Make Them Feel The Pain

Just as Ják was about to release his curse, a purple beam slashed across his back . Ják’s movement froze as his raised hand stopped in midair . A head flew into the air with the splattering blood .

Not far behind Ják was a doll-like girl wearing purple armor . She was standing there with a purple-copper scabbard in her arms .


Ják’s beheaded corpse fell and the ancient sword returned to the sheath in the Demonic Neonate’s arms .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t dare let his guard down . He continued staring intently at Ják’s corpse, afraid that it would turn into a puppet .

Thankfully, the thing he was worried about didn’t happen . Ják’s corpse didn’t turn into a doll . Instead, his mysterious phone vibrated . Zhou Wen took out his phone and saw the Dead Man Tree automatically appear on the screen . He snapped a picture of Ják’s corpse with the phone and his corpse and blood vanished . The Blood Hex Clown also transformed into a red stream of light that was sucked into the phone .

On the crown of the Dead Man Tree, an additional sprout appeared .

When Qin Wufu brought his men over, he saw a huge crater a few hundred meters in diameter . Zhou Wen stood in the huge crater, but there was no sign of Ják .

“Zhou Wen… Are you alright… Where’s Ják?” Lu Su asked Zhou Wen in surprise .

“He probably doesn’t exist in this world anymore . ” Zhou Wen stuffed his phone into his pocket and said casually .

Qin Wufu, Lu Su, and the other Epic officers were shocked . What Zhou Wen said was very obvious, but they found it unbelievable .

However, the reality was right in front of him . Even Qin Wufu found it difficult to produce the results of such an intense battle and explosive strength . In such a battle, there was naturally one survivor . Since Zhou Wen could stand here unharmed, Ják’s outcome was self-evident .

Lu Su and company were alarmed when they saw Zhou Wen standing in the crater . They found it unbelievable that an infamous, bloodthirsty murderer like Ják would be killed by a college student like Zhou Wen .

Even though they didn’t know how powerful Ják had been in the past, Ják had barged into the military camp alone and killed so many soldiers and officers while he chatted casually . However, they could do nothing against his ferocious might . They acutely knew how powerful he was, but he had been killed by a student like Zhou Wen . It was truly difficult to accept the truth .

After returning to the encampment, Lu Su strongly requested Zhou Wen to have a physical checkup, but she found him completely uninjured .

Zhou Wen’s deeds became legends in the Chess Mountain’s encampment . The soldiers discussed his achievements, his bravery, prowess, and excellent medical skills .

In Chess Mountain’s encampment, Zhou Wen became synonymous with omnipotent . He was revered by many soldiers and officers .

Even when Qin Wufu reported it to An Tianzuo, he had used the most exaggerated words of praise, causing An Tianzuo’s expression to turn odd when he heard the report .

“Overseer, it’s such a waste for such a talent to stay on campus . Please make sure Zhou Wen stays in Chess Mountain . I hope he can become the captain of the special unit . ” Qin Wufu directly voiced his request through the video call .

“Do you think that with his age and experience, people will acknowledge him as captain of the Special Operations Unit?” An Tianzuo asked .

“Don’t worry, Overseer . I’ve already asked for their views . Their opinions are unanimous . They accept no one to be their captain but Zhou Wen,” Qin Wufu said immediately .

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An Tianzuo’s expression became even odder . He pondered for a moment and said, “I can’t make the decision on this matter . His surname is Zhou, not An . I’m not in charge of him . Besides, your suggestion might not even be approved by my empress dowager . ”

Qin Wufu sighed when he heard that . “That’s true . Madam Lan probably won’t let him take the risk, but it’s too wasteful to let such a talent stay in school . As long as he trains for a few more years, he will definitely be able to preside over a region in the future…”

An Sheng stood by the side in all seriousness, but for some reason, An Tianzuo felt that he was holding back his laughter .

Only after Qin Wufu hung up did An Tianzuo turn to glare at An Sheng . “What are you so happy about? Don’t you know how many soldiers were killed?”

“Overseer, I’m not laughing,” An Sheng said solemnly .

“Hmph, does the bureau really think that Ans are dead? How dare they kill the An family’s soldiers inside our military camp? They have to pay for this,” said An Tianzuo coldly .

“Overseer, how do you want them to pay?” An Sheng’s eyes turned cold .

“It’s time to nudge the nail you buried in the bureau,” said An Tianzuo .

“Yes, I understand what I need to do,” An Sheng’s eyes lit up as he said in excitement .

“Go ahead . Don’t let them wait too long . Also, clamp down the news that Zhou Wen killed Ják . Don’t let any news on Chess Mountain spread,” said An Tianzuo .

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“Even if word gets out, no one will believe that Ják was killed by Young Master Wen, right?” An Sheng said .

“Ják naturally wasn’t killed by a student,” said An Tianzuo .

An Sheng immediately understood what An Tianzuo was getting at . “Overseer, don’t worry . Ják’s death has nothing to do with Young Master Wen . He was shot dead by our An family’s army . ”

“Did I say so?” An Tianzuo glared at him .

“No, Overseer has never said anything about that . However, if others were to think that way, you can’t stop them . Anyway, this has nothing to do with Young Master Wen, and they won’t be able to pin it on him,” An Sheng said in all seriousness .

“It’s none of my business whether he’s investigated? It’s good if a troublesome fellow ends up dying,” An Tianzuo said with a snort .

“Overseer, do you mean to let him stay at Chess Mountain or let him return to school?” An Sheng asked .

“Don’t ask me about his matters . Ask the person at home yourself,” An Tianzuo said without looking up .

With Ják’s death, Zhou Wen felt a lot more relaxed . However, his mind didn’t stop working . The bureau had actually used people like Ják to capture him; it was no different from taking his life .

Although Zhou Wen’s present strength was insufficient to confront the bureau head-on, wouldn’t it mean that they could bully Zhou Wen as they wished if he didn’t do anything? Wouldn’t they send even more people without any scruples?

No, I have to think of a way . I have to let the bureau feel the pain . Although I can’t face the bureau head-on, I don’t necessarily have to fight them head-on . Just like Ják, I might be able to do something . Zhou Wen’s mind raced .

Zhou Wen didn’t like arguing with others, nor did he like to hold grudges with others . He even found quarreling troublesome .

However, he had his bottom line and temper as well .

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