Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

The bottom of the stele was the entrance to the dimensional zone where military troops were standing guard . Li Xuan took out two entrance passes before they entered .

Going down the blue-tiled stairs beneath the stele, they ventured deep underground . Zhou Wen finally knew why the people of Luoyang described dimensional zones as dungeons .

In an underground space tens of meters deep, a dilapidated ancient city connected as one with the underground world . All sorts of blue-tiled ancient architecture made it appear like a maze .

At fixed distances, oil lanterns hung on the blue-tiled walls for lighting purposes . The dim yellow light made the already dark and humid ancient dungeon appear even older .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were on a street . The buildings that stood on either side were engraved with several symbols related to Buddhism . Even the blue-tiled roofs were engraved with flying fairies .

“Trading 8-valued Strength Crystals for 8-valued Speed Crystals . Grab it if you want it!”

“One Buddha Heart Lotus Crystal . Only trading, no selling…”

“The most complete and detailed Buddha City map . With one map in hand, Buddha City is your oyster…”

There were several youths dressed in school uniforms setting up stalls along both sides of the street . Clearly, they were seniors of Sunset College .

Zhou Wen had wanted to buy a map but was stopped by Li Xuan .

“Buddha City was only recently discovered . The students here can only explore the vicinity . What value can their maps have? I have here the latest map released by the military . It’s much more useful than theirs . Let’s head over to the Lotus Pond to try our luck . Let’s see if we can find the Buddha Heart Lotus,” Li Xuan said as he walked with a map in hand .

“What’s a Buddha Heart Lotus?” Zhou Wen asked .

“It’s a kind of plant-type dimensional creature . Didn’t I mention that organ-type Companion Beasts were found here? Buddha Heart Lotus is one of them . Buddha Heart Lotus in Companion Beast form is the heart,” Li Xuan explained .

Li Xuan held the map and navigated the dark dungeon with Zhou Wen in tow . Perhaps a result of the dimensional creatures having been wiped clean, they didn’t encounter a single one .

After walking for nearly an hour, the scene before them opened up . They saw a large swath of green lotus leaves appear in their sights . They were as green as jadeite and they shimmered with a green glow .

This huge underground lotus pond was several acres in size . The glimmering green light dyed the entire underground world with a green hue and at spots relatively far from the bank, one could see huge white lotus flowers blooming .

“Is that the Buddha Heart Lotus?” Zhou Wen stared at the huge white lotus and asked .

“That’s right . That’s the Buddha Heart Lotus, a plant-type dimensional creature . However, those Buddha Heart Lotuses are too far from the bank . Unless one can fly, there’s no way of getting near them,” Li Xuan said .

“Can’t you swim over?” Zhou Wen looked at the water in the pond . It was a transparent green and resembled crystals .

“Definitely not . The water here can even melt steel beams . Humans will be reduced to nothing instantly,” Li Xuan hurriedly said .

“If that’s the case, what’s the point of coming?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

“That’s why I said we are trying our luck . If a Buddha Heart Lotus happens to bloom near the bank, we have a chance . ” Li Xuan rubbed his nose and said, “But it seems we aren’t having much luck . There isn’t a Buddha Heart Lotus blooming by the bank . ”

Just as he said that they heard galloping sounds coming from behind them . They turned their heads and saw a white horse bolt over with a cold-eyed man sitting on it .

The white horse was extremely fast, allowing him to arrive in front of the lotus pond almost instantaneously . However, the man had no intention of reining his horse in and it didn’t drop in speed at all . It rushed straight into the lotus pond .

In the next second, Zhou Wen was astonished to find a pair of snow-white wings grow out from the white horse’s sides . It leaped into the air and flew above the lotus pond .

“White-Winged Flying Horse at the Mortal stage . A very rare Companion Beast . That’s presently the only one in Sunset College . Its owner is Sunset College’s sophomore, Luo Xuan . He’s been called one of the four most handsome hunks of Sunset College . I don’t like him; he’s very arrogant,” Li Xuan said as he looked at the White-Winged Flying Horse in envy .

His Jade-Eyed White Tiger was far faster than the White-Winged Flying Horse, but it couldn’t fly . Naturally, he wasn’t able to ride on a white horse and leap across the lotus pond as coolly as Luo Xuan .

Luo Xuan rode on his white horse and approached a Buddha Heart Lotus . When he was about ten meters away from it, he suddenly saw the petals of a Buddha Heart Lotus close up on itself, turning into an oval . When the petals suddenly spread open, a green lotus seed was shot out, seemingly blasting Luo Xuan with a cannonball .

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With a stoic expression, a flash appeared at Luo Xuan’s waist, halving the green lotus seed . Only then did others notice a sword in his hand .

“What a fast move!” Zhou Wen was somewhat astonished .

“The Luo family are swordsmen . The Azure Star Sword Anthology is a rather famous sword art . It’s not surprising that he’s fast with his sword,’ Li Xuan said, feeling sour grapes .

It wasn’t that he was jealous of Luo Xuan’s sword techniques . It was just that the White-Winged Flying Horse drew too much attention . Although it was at the Mortal stage, it was cooler than his Jade-Eyed White Tiger .

Zhou Wen was envious as well . Although the Mutated Skeleton Ant was strong, it had a frightening look . In terms of looks, the White-Winged Flying Horse was on a completely different level .

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t care about looks . It was simply that the White-Winged Flying Horse’s ability of flight made it extremely useful .

The White-Winged Flying Horse swept across the white lotus pond as Luo Xuan swept his sword, slicing off the huge white Buddha Heart Lotuses .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen could only watch in envy as the Buddha Heart Lotuses were harvested by Luo Xuan .

“If I had known, I would have tried to obtain a Companion Beast that can fly,” Li Xuan said through gritted teeth .

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“Forget it . Let’s head elsewhere to take a look . There should be other dimensional creatures apart from Buddha Heart Lotuses, right?” Zhou Wen asked .

“The area ahead has dimensional creatures, but it’s a little odd there . When the military explored the area, many people died for no reason . It wasn’t an exception even with Legendary experts . It has already been labeled a restricted zone . Ordinary students cannot approach the area,” Li Xuan said as he looked at his map .

Intrigued, Zhou Wen asked Li Xuan, “How did those people die?”

“If the cause of death was known, it wouldn’t be called odd . They just died while walking . No dimensional creature was sighted, nor were there any wounds . Even when the corpses were taken back for an autopsy, it was discovered that their organs had failed and they had shriveled terribly,” Li Xuan said .

“Other than these two places, is there nowhere else in Buddha City with dimensional creatures?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

“There’s definitely more in the deeper areas of Buddha City . However, even the military hasn’t explored the area, so how would the typical student dare to venture in? It would only be courting death . We can’t risk our lives for adventure, right?”

After a pause, Li Xuan added, “In fact, the military has offered a reward . If anyone can crack the mystery of the deaths, the military will reward them with a Legendary Companion Egg . Furthermore, they will be awarded perpetual rights to entering Buddha City . ”